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Meet the Mormons is a American documentary film directed by Blair Treu and produced format and will be translated into 10 languages. American singer -songwriter and actor David Archuleta sang the track "Glorious" for the film. An Adventure in Mormon Theater in West Yellowstone. establish a summer theater where young LDS actors could get acting experience free from the Every Monday through Saturday at P.M. the group meets at the theater in costume. The Legacy Theater at Joseph Smith Memorial Building shows free film viewings every Monday-Saturday. Watch Meet the Mormons. View the schedule.

It began in when four Ricks College professors decided to establish a summer theater where young LDS actors could get acting experience free from the worldly atmosphere that often surrounds summer theater.

The result, more than ten years later, is a board and batten building topped by a dutch period windmill and flanked on one side by tall pines. And what happens inside that little green building is even better than what they hoped for; the infusion of gospel principles into a theater setting has produced a unique spirit of brotherhood and unity between actors and audience—the kind of unity portrayed between the blind girl and her volunteer hero from the audience.

Today Brother Lynn Benson of Rexburg, Idaho, is the sole owner, producer, and director, and he feels and acts more as a father to the group than as a teacher or boss.

The approximately 15 players are often selected from as many as 80 applicants. When the players arrive in the middle of May the town is only beginning to realize the summer. There is snow on the ground, temperatures dip well below freezing each night, and shop proprietors are still finishing up paint jobs and storing the last of the shutters and storm windows. As soon as the actors are installed in their cabins near the edge of town they go to work preparing three different shows—usually two musicals and a melodrama—in time for the tourist boom in July and August.

They begin in June with one production on stage and another in rehearsal and then progress to two alternating productions on stage and a third in rehearsal. During this period the actors put in six hours of rehearsal every day in addition to the production each evening.

By midsummer all three shows are on the boards, and the pace slows somewhat. They use a lot of those free mornings to make friends with nature, traveling into the park, hiking, picnicking, and swimming in the Firehole, a river with a deep swimming hole complete with Tarzan rope at the base of a chain of rapids.

In most theaters the actors and the audience keep the footlights and the orchestra pit safely between them, contacting each other only professionally and only between the opening and closing curtains. The Playmill crew rejects this businesslike approach.

Goosebumps at the Playmill

Every Monday through Saturday at 6: After a prayer for protection and guidance they pile into the back of a barely-together pickup and take theater to the people. Following a preplanned route around West Yellowstone, the group stops at restaurants and motels, singing, dancing, passing out flyers, and just plain talking to people and making friends. As their singing drifts into curio shops and service stations, a line of people forms along the sidewalk, singing along, stomping their feet, and applauding.

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The whole street becomes one huge stage, big enough for both actors and audience. When customers arrive at the Playmill they find the personal touch once again.

As soon as you walk in the door someone is on stage presenting a spirited solo performance. After the vaudeville show comes intermission, and the players become refreshment vendors with an enthusiasm that makes it the favorite part of the show for some spectators. The actors ham it up, exhorting, inspiring, begging, and cajoling the group to buy.

A player appears in one aisle hawking soft drinks. Another appears in the opposite aisle with popcorn. A sarcastic gleam comes into his eye as he appraises the audience carefully.

The 2018-19 Season

The process is so successful that patrons have even been known to buy the sucker tree when all the suckers were gone. By the time the curtain goes up on the production, the audience is alive; they know the actors, and they like them.

They are in the mood to have a good time and they do. The productions are excellent, honed by long hours of rehearsal. The players really care about the audience, and they feel a real responsibility to them. A tired but triumphant cast forms a reception line in the foyer to say goodnight. The customers are so caught up in the spirit that total strangers often come out talking to each other as if they were old friends, and they almost invariably want to stay and talk to the young people who have entertained them.

They want to learn all about the cast—who they are, what they are, where they are from, and what it is that makes them different. When they first walked in they sometimes looked unhappy or bored or tired, but when they left the show they were so happy and enthusiastic that you knew they had been impressed. It brings customers back to the Playmill year after year and brings new customers in by word of mouth advertising.

Many families plan their entire vacations around the Playmill productions each year, and others stop by in mid-vacation for just one show and change their whole itinerary to stay for all three.

One summer a vacationing family from California stopped to see one of the performances and then continued on toward El Paso, Texas, as planned.

But as they traveled south, all anyone could talk about was the Playmill.

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Finally, somewhere in New Mexico, they made a U-turn in the middle of the highway and headed back to West Yellowstone, where they spent the rest of their vacation. Another man who was driving two nuns to the west coast came with them to a show.

Joel would like to thank his family, friends and the team at Marquee Management for their continual love and support. After relocating to Australia inhe made his debut performance as Marty in the Australian premiere of Dreamgirls with StageArt. He thanks Nicholas Renfree-Marks for training him to become a better singer and the staff at Working Management for supporting him in his first professional role in Australia. Augie dedicates his performance to his wife and son and would like to thank his family and friends back home for always encouraging him to chase his dream.

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Shauntelle Benjamin Ensemble Shauntelle is a British born actor, writer, and singer who graduated from Actors Centre Australia in When not on stage, Shauntelle is a psychologist working towards a Clinical PhD, one clawing step at a time.

She thanks her husband Liam and dog Puck for all their love and support. After cutting his teeth in several productions in the Canberra and area region, Billy relocated to Brisbane to study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, graduating with a Bachelor of Music Theatre in Billy is thrilled to be joining the cast of The Book of Mormon. Originally from New York, she is excited to perform and travel to another new place.

She would like to thank her family and friends for their endless support, Cynthia and Danny George, and the entire Growing Studio family. Tom has recently made his television debut in the mini-series Hoges Fremantle Media, Network 7.

Amanda Foote Ensemble Amanda is ecstatic to be part of the Mormon family. While taking a three-year hiatus from musical theatre to complete a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland Marketing and Commercial Lawhe trained extensively with Frances Wilson Fitzgerald at the Auckland Opera Studio, where he was a member of the NZ Opera chorus for three years.