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meet the orchestra bbc sport

A tale of two cellists: Meet Laura van der Heijden and Sheku Kanneh-Mason Kanneh-Mason agrees: "I had a lot of time to play football at school, . has said her ultimate goal is for the orchestra to make itself obsolete. Grant Llewellyn, conductor of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales introduces the strings section of the orchestra. The instruments that make up the strings. But she notes that in other European countries, orchestral musicians "the musicians in seven orchestras across the UK to reach its findings.

He was elected mayor of Yala ina year before tensions bubbled over in the three southern provinces that are home to two million people.

meet the orchestra bbc sport

Members of the region's Muslim majority burned down government schools they saw as symbols of an oppressive Buddhist Bangkok administration. Attempts to tackle the violence aggravated the situation and Pongsak grew concerned about the effects on youth in his city. Across the wider Yala province, there were more than 5, violent incidents including shootings and bombings from toaccording to monitors from Deep South Watch.

meet the orchestra bbc sport

He set up a youth orchestra, made up of children from both sides of the sectarian divide. Investing public funds in music was controversial when people were most concerned about security. It meant sending teachers for training in Bangkok and the first instruments were the cheapest available.

meet the orchestra bbc sport

But students applied to join. The first performance was held on the birthday of the then King Bhumibol Adulyadej in Decemberand thousands of people filled the hall to watch.

Meet the disability-led ensemble Resound

Yala people saw it too. It was a phenomenon that the people of Yala had never before experienced. I had tears in my eyes. Among the players is trumpeter Kasidach Chatree.

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He recalls one day, as a young boy, when he heard what he thought were firecrackers outside his house, in an upmarket area of central Yala. It turned out to be an attack that left his aunt, who had been cycling to deliver alms to local monks, with a head injury from flying shrapnel. But then I became used to [the attacks]," says Kasidach, now I don't know who does these things and why.

meet the orchestra bbc sport

One of his Muslim colleagues is year-old cellist Awatif Hayiwani. Especially when we play together, it's like creating harmony within the orchestra and everyone has to listen each other," she said. Jason Derulo - Colours Fifa World Cup The American singer released this year's official song on Friday afternoon and - no surprises here - it features catchy lyrics and an upbeat rhythm. Throw in a reference to waving flags that echoes the World Cup song "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan, include some soccer references with layered meaning "hands up for your colours" and we suspect Derulo has a classic tournament anthem on his hands.

SEN Music - the strings section of the orchestra

Derulo also sings the lyric "We all together singing, look how far we come". But just how far will England go in Russia? Nobody who's heard this tune will ever forget John Barnes's now iconic rap.

And while we don't want to take anything away from New Order, whose signature sound was all over the song, the lasting memory will always be Barnes And this wasn't his only football anthem You can be slow or fast, but you must get to the line.

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Scotland were managed by Ally McLeod - the Ally in the title - and the song featured lyrics like "We'll really shake them up, when we win the World Cup" - but McLeod's extraordinary optimism wasn't matched by the team's performance. Scotland went out at the group stage.

It also included the line "England cannae dae it cause they did nae qualify" - a line Scots fans have been reminded of after their failure to qualify for many subsequent tournaments.