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Why Brittany Murphy’s cause of death still intrigues us

Meet the Parents is one of my favorite comedies ever, so she'll be Polo's sister in Meet the Parents, has died of causes related to pneumonia. IN LATE , Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy was found dead in her In both cases, pneumonia and anaemia were listed among the official causes of death. natural causes, persistent rumours prompted her estranged father Angelo The screenwriter met the star in , and they started dating. Cause of death, Pneumonia. Alma mater, Putnam City HS · Carnegie Mellon University. Occupation, Actress. Spouse(s), Ari Palitz () (her death). Nicole Renee DeHuff (January 6, – February 16, ) was an American actress. After Meet the Parents, DeHuff had a regular role in the TV series The.


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