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meet the presidentiables latest

This was the reaction of the panelists of GoNegosyo's Meet the Presidentiables series with Duterte in Makati on Thursday night, February 4. Go Negosyo Talks: Meet the Vice Presidentiables. Nation BY: Jeannette I . Andrade. Next. Don't miss out on the latest news and information. Follow us. Go Negosyo had its first of the three part Negosyo Talks: Meet the Presidentiables Series last Thursday with Vice President Jejomar Binay.

So he really needs many consultants to help improve our economy," Lapid told Rappler after the forum. Fighting crime is a good start But with Duterte promoting peace and order, Concepcion said it is a good start for a better business climate.

Duterte still best bet for president in - businessmen "When you fight crime, you have a peaceful nation.

meet the presidentiables latest

Then all the other things happen. You can see that he is against corruption and he lives a very simple life. For his part, Ramon Lopez, GoNegosyo's executive director, said Duterte has good intentions for the Philippine economy.

In fact, I asked him earlier what drastic changes he can do to support entrepreneurship. He said something different, like speeding up business registration process. Good intentions Although the presidential candidate has no firm actions on improving business climate now that it is part of a borderless regional economic community, Lopez said his motives will guide him in the right path.

So I think that is what he wants to replicate here: Solving corruption, fighting criminality. This only means that he and his team had to work with a budget relatively smaller compared to the other presidentiables. After seeing his campaign materials, most especially his television ads which are mostly testimonials type, we can say that their limited funds were put into good use. In building brands, the importance of positioning is very essential.

Duterte: The Right Brand at the Right Time « Go Negosyo Blog

One has to look at the current climate in the market to see and to develop how to uniquely position the product. But more than the climate, the product itself must be believable and acceptable by the consumers. You cannot position a product on whatever position that you want if it is not believable and has no credibility.

When former President Cory Aquino passed away, the emotions were so high that we saw millions of people grieving altogether.

Is Duterte good for business? GoNegosyo panelists answer

The need to solve the corruption gave way to a new face. Then Senator Noynoy Aquino, who was quite a low profile politician was propelled to presidency because of his strong position to fight against corruption and promised that he would carry the legacy of his parents.

So it all just fell into place. That is why people say that presidency is a destiny. And just like a brand that has the momentum, it was difficult to stop.

meet the presidentiables latest

Similarly, in this recent elections Mayor Duterte won the presidency with good positioning. He is known in Davao as a strong-willed leader who made substantial achievements in solving crime and corruption. He is quite a street smart in the sense that he does not over analyze things and just gets things done on the basis of gut feel.

meet the presidentiables latest

This is important in brand marketing. While research is equally important, I see many successful people who do not even use research but do extremely well based on gut feel. But gut feel can only be successful if one is exposed to the right market. This has been the case for Mayor Duterte since he had been exposed in Davao as mayor for so many years, people have accepted his character.

Meet the Presidentiable : Mar Roxas

From his appearance to the way he talks and answers questions. His cockiness and rough attitude.

meet the presidentiables latest

The way he dresses — folded sleeves or barong over maong jeans. No make up during debates and his simple hair style portrayed him as the product that can deliver on what he promises even without the glitz and glamour. For all marketing experts, he is a product that matched the calling of the time. His leadership has led to many good things such as financial stability, better governance, and less corruption which resulted in the generally upswing trajectory of the market and property prices.

But undeniably, many of those in the bottom of the pyramid would say that they have yet to feel the gains of economic growth.