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meet the sandvich tf2 wiki

Oct 27, On June 20, , Meet the Medic was confirmed by the TF2 Official the Sandvich, three bottles of Red Shed beer, the BLU Spy's head. Meet the sandvich!TF2. Edit If the issue persists, please submit a bug report with links to this wiki and any other relevant pages on the RailWAM talk page. Conheça o Sandvich Meet the Sandvich Titlecard.

When eaten, it will gradually replenish an amount equal to the Heavy's maximum health over a four second duration with no overheal. While the Heavy is eating, he makes a loud munching sound and the player is forced into the third-person view.

As eating the Sandvich is considered a taunt, it cannot be consumed in instances when taunts can not be used, such as when underwater.

meet the sandvich tf2 wiki

The Sandvich will not have to recharge if the Heavy is already at maximum health, allowing it to be continuously consumed for leisure. Critical Sandviches have no additional benefits.

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Players can right click to drop the Sandvich onto the floor. A dropped Sandvich appears on a rotating plate and acts as a medium Medkit that can be picked up by both allies and enemies.

Weapon Demonstration: Robo-Sandvich

The Heavy cannot use his own dropped Sandvich to heal himself; picking up a dropped Sandvich will simply reset the cooldown timer. A dropped Sandvich from another Heavy, whether friend or foe, can only be used to restore health and will not reset the cooldown timer.

It is not possible to have two sandviches from the same Heavy dropped on the floor at the same time, the oldest will simply disappear as soon as the second one is launched.

meet the sandvich tf2 wiki

The recharge time for the Sandvich is approximately 30 seconds. What the videos do is give ways for people who don't even have Team Fortress 2 yet to get some entertainment from the game.

And that may turn them into TF2 players and customers. Game writer Eric Wolpaw said creating the series "helped everyone on the team get a little bit more in tune with who that particular character was, so we just kept knocking them out and they kept on being popular".

An example of the series' influence on the design of the game was the Sandvich. According to Walker, the item "came almost directly out of the movie We felt the movie had justified and created a way for us to have a 'Sandvich' in the game and have that action [of eating it] make any kind of sense in our game world".

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Another item to be introduced after its appearance in the series was Jarate which was added after its debut in Meet the Sniper. The series also assisted in the development of game technology.

Valve used Meet the Heavy to test the facial animation system the studio was developing for Team Fortress 2. According to Walker, the new system "allowed our characters to have a much greater range of expressions than we were able to do in Half-Life We wanted a test case for that".

Meet the sandvich!TF2

The resulting technology produced in the creation of the Meet the Team series now appears in the game when played on the highest graphical settings. Walker recalled that team's pleasure about "the expression on the Heavy at the end when he's shooting and screaming" was not fake, and was not just "this thing that the coolest bit in [the movie] was something that would happen in the game.

The short was also shown to a user from the Steam Users' Forum upon his visit to Valve 's head offices in Bellevue, Washington.

meet the sandvich tf2 wiki

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