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Duncan Fowler-Watt is a Housemaster at Bryanston School where he has been an outstanding teacher of Classics for a number of years. Duncan is a hugely. How to contact staff. Parents should direct queries to their son or daughter's tutor or hsm in the first instance. Please see our contact form if you wish to send a. Sarah Thomas. Head - Head's Office/Classics. Back to Top. You Are here: Home · About · Meet the staff · Head's Office/Classics.

One-to-one attention for the individual is at the heart of creating this and of all we do at Bryanston. Learning to learn With its particular focus on the individual, the Bryanston model aims, above all, to ensure that a pupil at 18 is a more mature learner than at Breadth and depth Key to a Bryanston education is enjoyment in learning, in relishing every available opportunity, in discovering talents and interests and exploring them to the best of one's abilities.

The Abundant Life "This school is filled with creative and social activities over and above the academic and athletic pursuits As academic departments, art, drama, music and design and technology all enjoy a strong profile in the school. Space to flourish Whenever Old Bryanstonians return, they have clear, strong memories of the people with whom they spent so much time in their formative years.

The place itself also figures vividly in their minds and it is little wonder. The Bryanston Family We call this school a family and we mean it.

meet the staff bryanston portal

It is evident in the way pupils support, encourage and care for each other and celebrate each other's achievements One-To-One Bryanston is a vibrant family full of interesting individuals, in which the sense of mutual respect between all is both evident and strong. Before arrival at Bryanston, each pupil is assigned a personal tutor.

meet the staff bryanston portal

The tutor, who is a member of the academic staff, takes care of the pupil's academic and extra-curricular growth throughout their time at Bryanston. Pupil and tutor meet one-to-one on at least a weekly basis and this provides the model for the relationship between adults and pupils in the school as a whole.

As they progress through the school, pupils also spend increasing amounts of dedicated one-to-one time with their individual subject teachers, alongside the time spent with them in the classroom.

Meet the staff

A depth of understanding develops between teacher and pupil which enables pupils' learning to prosper and informs the teacher's subsequent teaching of the whole class. But most of all, the one-to-one approach encourages pupils to be articulate about what they are learning, to engage with adults in a productive and increasingly mature way, and to know how to take responsibility for their own academic, and other, development.

It allows a pleasingly broad church of pupils to achieve their potential; to fulfil, and indeed surpass, expectations. We want our pupils to be able both to learn independently and to thrive upon it. In order to deliver this, over the course of their time at school, teachers and pupils work together to develop the skills required for a successful career both at Bryanston and beyond. However, we don't expect pupils to 'ride the bicycle' at once or without the right support. Pupils are introduced to methods of learning and research by their subject teachers and through the provision of weekly assignment periods.

meet the staff bryanston portal

From D, the first year at Bryanston, teachers and tutor act as 'stabilisers', as the pupil learns the proper confidence for learning independently. By the sixth form, pupils spend as much time outside the classroom - in one-to-one discussion with their individual subject teachers, undertaking their own research in assignment periods and working in prep time in the boarding house each evening - as they spend in the classroom learning with other pupils. Balance between teaching and learning is critical to individual achievement.

Our rigorous support system, via the use of our online weekly assessment charts, encourages pupils to be successful independent learners both in and out of the classroom as soon as they are ready to do so, and certainly by the time they leave for study at university.

In the first year the curriculum is broad, allowing everyone to try the widest possible range of academic subjects before choosing a programme of study for GCSE and IGCSE.

Deciding upon the right subjects comes in collaboration with parents, through the hands-on approach of the tutorial system, and with guidance from other appropriate expertise.

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The sixth form presents further choices, not least between A levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Each has its merits and the decision as to which to study is dependent on the interests, abilities and intentions of the pupil. For all sixth formers, the extra-curricular element of school life remains important, and there is added academic 'fizz' in the form of Masterclasses, societies and discussion groups. We take the same care in providing a breadth of sporting opportunities. Sport is at the very heart of Bryanston life.

The minimum expectation is of healthy exercise three afternoons a week; the maximum could be much more, leading to selection for Bryanston teams across the whole range of sports and from there to regional, national and international recognition.

But whether your aim is to win Olympic Gold, to enjoy and learn the value of being part of a team, or simply to try something new, Bryanston offers excellent coaching and facilities, inspirational role models within both the school and the wider Old Bryanstonian community, and some of the most beautiful countryside in England in which to play.

Carey has a special interest in Mindfulness-based practices and was invited to present her research at The First International Conference on Mindfulness in Rome in Carey has 10 years of teaching experience across all ages and grades, and this is her 10th year in practice as an Educational Psychologist. In her spare time Carey enjoys cooking new recipes and travelling when possible. She lives with her partner Carlo and son 10yrs and daughter 7yrs. During her last five years at St Stithians, Megan has grown the academic support programme significantly.

She has a passion for inclusive education and academic support, and promoting this on a systemic level.

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Megan works with students, parents, staff and fellow professionals in order to support students experiencing barriers to learning, on both an individual and systemic level. Megan assists our students in building resilience, learning effective coping strategies and developing the independence to apply their strengths and achieve to their best potential.

She also chairs the Campus Academic Support Committee, which manages the support practices across the five St Stithians College schools. Megan has previously worked in pre-school, primary school and high school settings as well as in special needs education. Megan enjoys unwinding by doing Pilates and baking delicious treats in her spare time, and is looking forward to visiting Croatia with her boyfriend in August.

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Carolyn taught English to students between the ages of 11 — 18 in a range of schools in Cardiff, Buckinghamshire and London before moving to South Africa. During the past five years Carolyn has been dedicated to providing specialised assistance to all students, helping to address their needs for support and enrichment. She sees students at breaks and after school for individual sessions that usually include a focus on study techniques, time management, comprehension and language skills.

Carolyn teaches study skills and organisational support to the Grade 8 classes during their academic timetable.

meet the staff bryanston portal

She has taught in the Life Orientation and English departments, and currently teaches a Grade 8 and Grade 9 English class, which she loves. Carolyn is a dynamic and enthusiastic personality who is always ready to assist. She is a dedicated mother, wife and runner, but currently appears to be spending most of her time watching her sons play soccer!

She transferred to a school environment in when she began at Trinityhouse Pre-Primary as a receptionist, and was quickly promoted to the position of school secretary at Trinityhouse Preparatory in Little Falls. Zanele gained extensive experience in school administration and personal assistance and provided integral support during the opening of new Trinityhouse campuses.

She is our central support person and unfailingly provides us and our clients with all kinds of administrative assistance; always with a calm and service-oriented demeanour. Zanele holds the fort and is the first person to contact should you wish to see anyone at the Wellness Centre or simply require a time-out or cup of coffee! Zanele is married with two children; a daughter 21yrs and son 12yrs.

meet the staff bryanston portal