Michael phelps swimmer diet before the meet

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michael phelps swimmer diet before the meet

Michael Phelps started swimming when he was seven years old, and is now the most He has relatively short legs for his height, which gives him an additional. michael phelps Phelps says that for most Olympic athletes, a fast food cheeseburger is . “[But] I don't see myself at a swim meet again.”. Ploughing through the calories: Michael Phelps' eating regime is almost as When in full training, the record-breaking American swimmer "It's been pretty much pizza and pasta every lunch and dinner for the last four or five.

Also his knees are double-jointed and his feet can rotate 15 degrees more than average, allowing them to be straightened fully so that his mighty feet act like flippers.

These genetic advantages help him to kick off the wall and propel himself dolphin like 10m before actually have to swim. He started swimming when he was seven years old, partly because of the influence of his sisters and partly to provide him with an outlet for his restless energy.

Michael Phelps Swimming Workouts and Diet

He also produces only one third of the lactic acid that the average swimmer does, meaning that he does not suffer from muscle burn during intensive exercise like his competitors do.

He says that after a race his lactic acid levels are the same as a person who is at rest. Michael Phelps Diet Michael Phelps consumes a staggering 12, calories each day.

An average man only needs calories a day, and powerlifters consume in the region of calories a day. Michael Phelps is a real powerhouse of fitness.

michael phelps swimmer diet before the meet

His breakfast typically consists of three fried egg sandwiches topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise, toast, an omelette, porridge, three pancakes and two cups of coffee.

This breakfast could easily feed the average family. Sounds like he is on an egg diet. Phelps lunch usually consists of a pound g of pasta, with two ham and cheese sandwiches and approx.

For dinner Michael Phelps has more pasta, another pound of it, with a pizza and more energy drinks. In addition to this he will take protein supplements to keep his muscles in top condition.

michael phelps swimmer diet before the meet

Supplements for Swimmers According to some web sources unverifiedPhelps takes a supplement stack that consists of Megadrox and Testadrox, along with protein supplements that claim to boost muscle power and testosterone naturally. These are both legal performance enhancers. However, there is nothing official from the Phelps camp on this. Phelps trains for six hours a day, six days a week, without fail.

michael phelps swimmer diet before the meet

Even if Christmas day falls on a training day, he does a full day of training. Total dedication to his training program has made him a world champion. He swims approximately 50 miles 80km each week, which is over 8 miles per training day. He has two massages everyday and also takes ice baths to help his body to recover. In the Athens games he won 6 gold medals, winning the m individual medley, m butterfly, m butterfly, m individual medley and the 4 x m freestyle relay.

In Beijing he not only won each race in which he has competed, but has also broken the world record in each case. Some people have been critical of the claims that Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all time, as swimming provides an opportunity to win a lot of medals. Decathlon athletes have to excel in 10 events to have a chance of winning just one medal, and boxers, judoka, archers and road racers all only get the one chance.

Here's What Swimmers Can Learn from Michael Phelps' Pre-Race Routine

However, there is no denying that Michael Phelps is the greatest swimmer not only of the Beijing games, or the greatest swimmer of the 21st century, but so far the greatest swimmer of all time, and certainly the greatest Olympian of this millennium. If you wish to take up swimming as a sport, then contact your local swimming club. Swimming clubs are a great way to improve your swimming abilities and many actively encourage club members to compete in local competitions.

OK, so how does Michael Phelps train? Michael Phelps Strength Training Workout A swimming exercise program needs strength training as well as pool workouts.

Swimmers can improve their performance by building their upper body. Broad, powerful shoulders are essential to a swimmers physique, as the help to propel the swimmer through the water. Michael Phelps is an excellent example of this, as his upper body is actually more developed than his lower body. To help build muscle to improve speed and stamina in the water, you should focus on the following three weight training for swimmers exercises. This is not a daily routine, weight training of this nature requires rest days to allow the muscles to recover.

Standing Dumbbell Press Aim to perform 3 sets of repetitions of this exercise. Swimmers need to develop muscular endurance, not hypertrophy. For the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps, a pre-race routine was fundamental to helping him feel in control, stay calm in the face of insane amounts of pressure, and remain laser-focused on his own performance.

To fuel himself for the grueling days of competition, Phelps started off each day eating the same race-day breakfast of eggs, oatmeal and four energy shakes. When he arrived at the pool he would do the same well-worn stretching routine that limbered him up to help feel ready while warming up.

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And not that different from what most of us mortals do in our own meet warm-up. And then a series of 25s at race pace to wake up his nervous system and get those fast twitch muscles primed. After that he was out of the water, wrestling himself into his racing suit.

Michael Phelps reveals his 12,000-calorie diet was a myth, but he still ate so much food

By having a set procedure to follow he could box out what was happening around him and focus solely on executing his best possible performance. Combine that with Phelps being a hyperactive and anxious child, and you can see how this could have gone far differently. His long-time coach Bob Bowman, having recognized the talent inherent in the gangly kid from Baltimore a decade earlier, knew that strong mental habits would be the real game changer for Phelps.

michael phelps swimmer diet before the meet

Phelps describes walking out for the final of the m IM: I stretched my legs on the blocks, two different stretches, one a straight-leg stretch, the other with a bent knee, left leg first.

I took the right headphone out. Once they called my name, I took the left headphone out, the parka off.