Rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

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rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

Belle Gold (née French), briefly known as Lacey, is a fictional character in ABC's television Belle embraces Rumplestiltskin in a hug, seeing that there's a man behind the It is implied that Belle and Robin Hood shared an encounter sometime after these events when Belle met the thief in his true form (Sean Maguire). For RSS Rumple awakes to a different reality, Belle is there to greet him. . Synopsis: A alternate version of where Belle meets Rumple which ends in. Jun 29, And even those who had never met Rumplestiltskin before instantly knew .. he really was- sputtered a clumsy greeting, eyes wide and clearly trying to He motioned Belle to move closer and so she knelt before him so he.

He took a deep breath, looked once more around the room and finally his eyes settled on Charming. It was the sudden glimpse of vulnerability in the imp's face that clued him in. There was no mirth in his face, only a darkness lurking behind his eyes, on the edge of his curled lips. She told me she was dead. Made me believe it for over thirty years, my loss following me to this accursed reality by her own design.

Spun a tale of torture, of alienation and suicide. But, as it turned out, that was all that it was. The monster-turned-man gripped the walking stick tighter, the magic practically rolling off it in unpleasant waves.

He looked every inch the dangerous monster they all remembered one way or the other and, for a second, every person in that room actually pitied Regina. She will not suffer a day more in this life, and you will all ensure that" There was really no room for argument there, it was clear as day. Charming instinctively moved to stand even closer to Snow, his protective instincts urging him to get his wife and daughter safe and as far away as possible.

But Snow and Emma both didn't look frightened. If anything, their expressions conveyed a certain form of primal understanding, and it was clear that they had both already decided what course of action to take. He folded, knowing better than to argue with Snow. She had been right to deal with Rumplestiltskin the last time, after all. And if it was indeed True Love that the imp shared with whatever creature could be prevailed upon to love him, then his loathing of the Queen was true and solid, and so was his willingness to help in exchange for protection.

It was all they needed to know, and James could feel himself relaxing for the first time since he had gotten his memories back. He didn't trust the imp, but he did put his faith in the power of true love. If the creature was indeed under its thrall, then it would be trustworthy whenever his significant other was concerned.

After all, we need to know who we are supposed to be protecting if we are ever to fulfil our end of the deal" Mr Gold smiled, standing up and ignoring when most people breathed a sigh of relief at his imminent departure. Shall we say in three days time, around tea time?

We'll make an afternoon out of it" He strolled out, his gait slow and languid, the walk of a man who had nothing to fear and no one to stop him. The silence that had suddenly descended upon the room at his departure lingered for a long while, everyone unknowingly thinking about the same thing before a tentative Ruby- Red- spelled it out.

The news had quickly trickled down from the highest levels of the War Council to the lowest members of the little town and former Enchanted Forest.

It was the centre of the bawdiest jokes at the local pub, all those present taking bets to see if Rumplestiltskin's true love would have warts, a hooked nose or, and this was a rather popular opinion after some shots of tequila, tentacles.

Emma had had to break up the party after it had gotten a little too merry and on that note she had warned dear old Robin that if his men couldn't stay sober they would lose their bow-and-arrow privileges. The Fairies downright refused to even discuss the possibility. Mother Superior, Blue, was in denial about the whole thing, pretty convinced Dark Ones could not feel true love. Some of the others murmured that maybe there was a witch out there somewhere capable of somehow feeling anything other than revulsion towards Rumplestiltskin and their hushed whispers carried phrases like "slim pickings" and "beggars can't be choosers".

Emma felt a little more weary of the fairies after hearing all that, the exception being the unassuming and innocent Nova, who only spoke well of everyone. James studiously refused to talk about it and whatever Henry knew he kept to himself. But Snow, Emma and some of the other girls couldn't help but ponder about it when they all got together for a "girly afternoon", one of Snow's attempts at spending more time with Emma and at the same time getting her acclimated to the new world she would, hopefully, be a part of one day with the help of her friends.

She had had nightmares after that, of sharp claws and hideous cackles, and monsters that tried to take her unborn baby girl from her by unspeakable means. Still, she recalled with vivid clarity all of her conversations with the imp and now that she thought about it they all had one common thread. He called it a disease. Something that tore your dreams and destroyed you. And, at the same time, the most powerful thing in the world, and the most elusive.

I must have met him after whoever he loved was taken from him and rumoured to be dead" Red sighed, the more romantic of the bunch, and the only one from the Enchanted Forest never to have met the imp in person. She had a suspicion her Granny had known him back in the day, but she refused to talk about it.

Some hideous witch, is my guess" "Henry refuses to say anything, but I know she's in the book somewhere, so we have it narrowed down to fairy-tale characters. My current vote is for the sea-witch" Emma piped in, taking a sip of her hot chocolate with cinnamon. If you look past the tentacles" "… maybe he likes them? I'd go for the Blind Witch but apparently she's toast" "How about a myth?

rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

You know, it'd kinda explain how they got together, if she's never looked at him" "There were a trio of old witches that predicted the future at the edges of the Dark Woods. Maybe it was one of them" Red ventured.

Terribly bad-tempered too, and shrill" Cinderella finished drying the last dish and loudly demanded a change of topic. The second time Mr Gold strolled into the makeshift War Room he was met with much less surprise but the same amount of distrust and trepidation.

Everyone gave the imp enough breadth, treating him like some sort of toxic spill, which he didn't seem to mind. He was dressed impeccably, as always, his suit pressed, a purple striped shirt and a patterned matching tie and pocket handkerchief reminding Emma of that time she had hauled his ass to jail.

She rather enjoyed that memory. He shed his overcoat, removed his sunglasses and took his seat, his movements unhurried, like he was not in the middle of a room full of people who didn't have his best interests at heart. He even thanked Granny politely when she all but smashed a tea-set for two on the table in front of the Deal Maker. She had long chestnut hair with hints of red and glimpses of gold, curling around her shoulders and down her back and impressive blue eyes set against creamy skin.

Though slightly underfed she was a lovely sight, dressed in what appeared to be a white man's shirt and black leggings, a wide dark brown belt cinching around her small waist, turning the shirt into an impromptu dress. Thick, old-style boots completed the improvised ensemble. She smiled at everyone in the room, red lips parting to reveal pearly white teeth in the most stunning smile imaginable.

There was a bit of apprehension in her eyes, but also a hefty dose of bravery that showed as well in her posture, the way she carried herself. She discarded her coat on the back of the chair next to Gold's and placed both her hands on his shoulders. Emma noticed the Deal Maker relax immediately, and was surprised that she hadn't realized before he had been stiff and tense. Her attention immediately returned to the new arrival the moment Whale- or whoever he really was- sputtered a clumsy greeting, eyes wide and clearly trying to take in as much of the beauty as he could.

Other members of the council were gawking as well, some at the woman, some at the way she loosely draped her arms across the imp's shoulders. Colour flooded her face, making her even more stunning than before, and gave an embarrassed smile.

Henry took advantage of his mother's distraction to step closer to the new arrival, his fairy-tale book clutched in both his hands. The kid bowed as best as he could in response.

Around them people still talked amongst themselves, their faces displaying a variety of emotions ranging from disbelief and confusion to rage and disgust. The sheriff herself had to choke down her own incredulity when she caught up with her son and, unwilling to curtsey, settled for an awkward hand-shake with the brunette.

I am sure many would agree that the word 'beast' can be safely applied to my person" "He's both, just like the book. They fall in love, but the Queen tricks Beauty and the Beast drives her away. By the time he's sorry and wishes her to come back his love has been imprisoned in the Queen's Castle, and she tells the Dark One she's killed herself. The story ended there, and I wasn't sure if the Evil Queen hadn't killed her till a few days ago, when Mr Gold said he'd found you alive" He motioned Belle to move closer and so she knelt before him so he could whisper into her ear: It's an honour to meet you.

Thank you for what you've done" Everything about this Belle screamed of sincerity, and Emma could see how taken Henry was with her already so she let her guard down and tentatively smiled back. By then Belle had returned to Rumplestiltskin's side, sitting down and pouring a cup of tea, letting it steep before adding a twist of lemon and barely any sugar. When Granny walks over to serve them and sees Belle, she notices her much more revealing clothing and asks her if she has been raiding Ruby 's closet.

Gold orders two burgers and two ice teas for him and Lacey, but Belle tells Granny she wants a chicken Parmesan with a bottle of white wine. Gold she has never really liked burgers; Mr. Gold says she can have whatever she likes. Lacey says he is very classy, which is not quite what she was expecting based on his notoriety in Storybrooke.

He asks Lacey what she has heard about him, and she tells him people say he is the most powerful man in town and that he acquired that power by being ruthless; she also adds that people get hurt if they cross him. Granny comes with their drinks, and Mr.

Gold begins to pour Lacey some wine, telling her he is just a shop owner and a procurer of hard-to-find objects. Lacey takes the bottle from Mr. Gold and pours herself more of it. Gold says people like to see the worst in him but he would rather her see the good. Lacey says she doesn't get why people are afraid of him, because she sees a man who wouldn't hurt anyone.

When Lacey says people can't tell what a person is like until they see what is in their heart, it causes Mr. Gold to spill his ice tea onto her. Lacey asks if she said something wrong, but Mr. Gold says he just heard someone else say exactly the same thing to him. Lacey then leaves the table to go wash up after the spill.

Belle and Rumplestiltskin are riding in a carriage in search for the thief. He tells Belle that he is losing track of the thief, as a result of the thick forest. Belle tells him that maybe they should go home, but Rumplestiltskin asks her what people will think of him if he lets someone who stole from him escape. Belle says that people will actually think that there is a man hiding behind the beast, however Rumplestiltskin tells her that there isn't one.

Belle believes that there is, asking him why he didn't kill her when she freed the thief, so Rumplestiltskin tells her that good help is hard to find nowadays.

Belle says that she thinks there is good deep down in his heart, for something more than power.

rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

Rumplestiltskin says that he not only loves power, but his things. Belle then says that he is as dark as people say, but Rumplestiltskin says he is much darker. When the two exit the carriage, Rumplestiltskin sees the Sheriff of Nottingham of these woods, and tells him that he is in search of a thief.

The Sheriff takes the bow, claiming he knows who the thief is, and who Rumplestiltskin is. The Sheriff says that Rumplestiltskin's pension for making deals precedes him, so he offers Rumplestiltskin the location of the thief, in exchange for a night with his wench—Belle. Rumplestiltskin says that she is not for sale, so the Sheriff tries to level with Rumplestiltskin. He asks him if he can have Belle an hour, or at least twenty minutes.

rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

Rumplestiltskin refuses to give up Belle for any amount of time, so he conjures the Sheriff's tongue out of his mouth, and into his hand. He strikes up a deal with the Sheriff, his tongue back, in exchange for everything he knows about the thief he is looking for.

Once he agrees to this new deal, the Sheriff tells Rumplestiltskin that he has been chasing the thief for years, and stole the woman he loved. In addition, he says that his name is Robin Hood and he is hiding in the Sherwood Forest.

This information evokes an evil smile from Rumplestiltskin. Granny brings over Mr. Gold and Lacey's food, but Mr.

rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

Gold is still sitting alone at the table. Gold goes to check on Lacey, but she is not in the bathroom where she said she would be, so Mr. Gold goes out the backdoor of the Diner to look for Lacey. Belle begs Rumplestiltskin not to kill the thief, but he says that he is going to kill him and that she is going to watch the deed be done. Rumplestiltskin can see the thief from afar. Belle can see that he is waiting for someone, and looks over to see that a carriage comes bearing a sick woman.

Rumplestiltskin says that the woman must be the same woman that the thief stole from the Sheriff. Belle tells Rumplestiltskin to stop, because the woman is going to die. When they see the thief use the wand on the sick woman, color return to her face, and Belle tells Rumplestiltskin that she was right about the thief having good intentions when he stole the wand.

Rumplestiltskin grows tired of hearing Belle, so he magically places the lower half of her body into the soil, so she can't move, and is forced to watch him kill the thief. He pulls back the bow and arrow, aiming it at the thief. Belle pleads with him to not go through with it, telling him that she was the right about the thief having good in him, and she is right about Rumplestiltskin having good in him. Belle can see that the woman is pregnant, so she pleads more intensely, begging Rumplestiltskin not to leave a child without a father.

He shoots the arrow, but it hits the carriage, missing the thief and the woman. The thief and the woman get onto a horse, and ride off into the distance after seeing that Rumplestiltskin has located him. Belle asks him what happened, and he tells her that he missed, before lifting her out of the ground. He tells her to go back to the carriage, and Belle smiles saying that she was right about him also, because he is not going after the thief. Belle knows that the bow is infused with magic that prevents it from hitting its target, but Rumplestiltskin comes up with the excuse that perhaps the magic simply wore off.

Belle then hugs Rumplestiltskin for sparing the thief's life. Gold finds Lacey making out with Keith behind the Diner, and rips him away from her. Keith says that he didn't know they were there together, and Mr. Gold screams at him to leave. He asks Lacey if she is okay, and she says she is fine. Gold then realizes that she came out of the Diner because she wanted to be with him, and Lacey admits to this.

Gold says that he thought their date was going well. Lacey tells him that the date was not going well, and adds that she only went out with him to be nice.

Fair, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction

Gold tells her that she liked the nice part of him, but Lacey corrects him, and says that he only thinks of Belle. She tells him that Belle may have loved him, but she is not Belle. Regina watches their car drive away, and when she touches the ground, their tire tracks light up, allowing her to trace them. She drives her car along the tire tracks, until they abruptly stop.

She waves her hand, and the invisibility spell is gone, revealing all of the magic beans that have been planted. Gold to apologize to him for what happened earlier in the night regarding Lacey. He tells him that he knows they are together, but Mr. Gold says that they aren't together. Keith asks if they are on good terms. Gold says that he tried to be on his best behavior, but after what has happened there is no point to it. He summons Keith's tongue, so no one will hear his scream, and then attacks him with his cane.

When Belle and Rumplestiltskin get back to the Dark Castle, she tells him that he won't be needing the bow anymore. Rumplestiltskin says that it might come in handy sometime, so he will keep it.

Before Belle goes to bed, Rumplestiltskin says that he has something to show her. He takes her to a room in his castle that has thousands of books lining the walls, but tells Belle to temper her excitement, because it is only another room for her to clean.

He tells her that he doesn't want to see any dust on any of these books. Belle tells him that she is surprised at this offering, and that he is a better man she thought he was. Gold beats Keith with his cane over and over again.

It won't be easy, but they are willing to try. Set after Season 6 Winter Finale. Rate T for mature topics. Gold never had a family, let alone any children. After he retires, his craving for fatherhood quickly grows. Luckily for him, he lives in a time where he is able to satiate his desires through living dolls. Gold, the town cripple, worked as her caretaker. Isabelle was a cold, ruthless woman and everyone hated her and feared her.

When Emma came to Storybrooke, Gold remembered. Could he make Belle love him again?

AU Season 1 with nods to Disney movie version. Grumbling, he heads over there to give the proprietor a piece of his mind, but she feeds him a piece of cake. I do not own Once Upon A Time. Rumple awakes to a different reality, Belle is there to greet him. Hyde - Complete Dusting by Twyla Mercedes reviews Or Lusting While CharlotteAshmore is giving us sweet, fluffy 31 Days, I keep having very naughty images of Dark Castle shenanigans with a twist of smex no innocent cuddling for me, apparently and, with her encouragement, I finished this smutty tale of Belle's misadventure with a Lust Potion.

Rumbelle Secret Santa Beta-ed by the wonderful dreamer What if they all find out sooner rather than later it was the Evil Queen that dosed up the tea? Would things turn out differently? Most likely they would and so here is my take on it if those things happened also with a tiny added dash of the Black Fairy. She just needs to dig a little deeper to find it.

In Storybrooke, Belle and the others have to deal with Rumplestiltskin, but find out he might not be who they think he is. T - English - Drama - Chapters: What caused him to turn evil? Did Belle push him too far? These are his thoughts immediately after Once Upon a Time - Rated: M - English - Angst - Chapters: To spend one week with each other and no one else to fix their marriage.

rumpelstiltskin and belle meet greet

No matter how harsh and painful it is, all the truths must come out now. No more lying and impossible expectations. Will they rekindle their love and begin again at a fresh start? Or is it officially over? AU Takes place after Swan Song.

Rating will go up. A fix-it fic for the beginning of the sixth season. Some spoilers are present. Blanchard - Complete Acceptance by Scribbles-by-Kate reviews Belle and 'Morpheus' find themselves in the dream world once again. This time someone else is waiting for them, someone who knows what they're going through and wants to offer some advice, if they're brave enough to take it.

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RumBelle family fic, with the return of an old favourite. Never being one for letting superstition stand in the way of what she wishes to do she goes and becomes the librarian in the small town of Storybrooke. But the prophecy turns out to be true and she is chased finding the only refuge being the shop of a certain Mr. A alternate version of where Belle meets Rumple… which ends in smut.

Instead of Rumple getting a letter from Belle's father, she in a desperate attempt to end the war and save her family searches out the Dark one whom no one has dared asked for help, fearing what the price might be. AU, 18 sexual content. For those that want smut I hope you enjoy. The very next morning after the Mr. Gold brought magic back to Storybrooke, and Gold and Belle are getting know each other again Gold's letter is taken from the Internet and is said to be once published as a part of a Facebook game called "Once Upon A Time: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Morpheus is does not have daddy issues and is not a big momma's boy.

He gives Belle a warning that if she doesn't talk with Rumple, she will lose her child too. After they finally talk, it's time for Belle and Rumple to deal with the heroes.