Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet again youtube

Theme Resolution in Applying Scripture

steadfast love and faithfulness will meet again youtube

Bible substitute more common English words such as faithfulness, unfailing love, mercy, or good favor. All of these are viable substitutions, but, as with many Hebrew words, checed has Lovingkindness is God's kindness and steadfast love for His children, especially evident in His condescending to meet our needs. When our circumstances are telling us otherwise, we have to go back to the The goal of worship is not an expression, it is love and obedience toward Jesus. Set aside space to meet with God // Set aside time each day to spend time with . week our worship team will be creating Spotify and YouTube playlists for you to. God will send out his steadfast love and his faithfulness! Psalm Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss.

I had been living a life of sin. He also forgave me when I confessed my horrible sins and restored me to His loving presence, from which I had been fleeing for years!

April 10, at 9: Praise the Lord for His great love and His compassions that are new every morning.

steadfast love and faithfulness will meet again youtube

And as always — Thanks Liz for sharing your gift with us! Lauren April 10, at Thank you for breaking it down so beautifully. My two word summation of the Bible… but God. We could not… but God could. I am a sinner… but God.

Song of The Captive V Restore Us Again 20160514

Thank you for food for thought this morning! Shelly K April 10, at I love your summation! Betsy P April 10, at I am not wiped out, I can focus on His outpouring of endless love,flowing! I need His flow of mercies today! Kathleen April 10, at In my brain I cannot begin to understand why He loves me but He does. He just loves us… If I share what is going on in my life …. His presence is constant … that is so wonderful in this ever changing world. My favorite word in the whole Bible, in the whole world!

Michele Morin April 10, at 1: Debbie Salmonson April 10, at 2: All of us need to chew on this thought that Lauren brought up, but God……. Cj April 10, at 3: As his love unfolds, I want to praise his name above all names. He is my creator, He sees me and cares, He is the almighty, He is eternal, and He is my provider. Janet April 10, at 4: There have been times in the last year or so when I have felt overwhelmed. Thank you, God, for Your love that protects, heals, and brings us hope, new hope, every morning and in every season.

Erin Pascal April 11, at 7: It gives me pure joy, happiness, and inspiration. Thank you very much for sharing these verses. I really appreciate it. May God bless you! Donna April 11, at 8: I am soso grateful for that. And His love never fails, it never runs out it never says sorry i am tired of your mistakes and failures He loves me anyway all the time.

steadfast love and faithfulness will meet again youtube

When are you coming back to Memphis? Kathy April 11, at 8: This verse means so much to me. When we found out our pastor had a brain tumor, we were in prayer interceding for him and The Lord gave me this verse.

It has so ministered to him and his familyand our church. That was 4 years ago, we are still believing for new mercies every morning. Karen April 11, at But not because of what you might think.

You see, my father used that word as part of a ministry title for years. In fact, it was a part of his email address. And then he betrayed my mother and my family in the worst way possible. He continues in sin today. For the past two years God has worked on helping me forgive my earthly father and trust Him to be my Daddy, my Abba.

The 20 Verses You Love Most: #20 Unfailing Mercy - Liz Curtis Higgs

Any residual hesitations I have to trust Him, because of the choices my father made, have been gently nudged away through His faithfulness. Today I confidently approach a loving Father who I know will never let me down. How amazing is that?! Bonnie Brown April 11, at We decided to do this study of 20 Verses with you when we meet each week. We are excited to be sharing this unique experience with all of you.

Thank you, Liz, for this fun new way to have Bible Study. Looking forward to verse 19! CarolAnne April 11, at 4: Their hopelessness led to suicide attempts. My heart broke in a million pieces and my helplessness made me so angry. Truthfully, that would have been fine. There are lots of full songs, choruses, bridges, verses, etc. Even though it took about a dozen or more writing sessions, four different verses, three different choruses and two versions of the bridge, all in various combinations, the song did eventually get finished.

The 20 Verses You Love Most: #20 Unfailing Mercy

I think we need to rework that. At one point or another, we each questioned whether or not the song would get finished. I wrote a version of this song at my house about worshiping like heaven. It was just OK. We wrote and wrote and wrote and finally here we are. Just like Almighty One though, sometimes it takes writing, and writing, and examining, and reworking to really mine out the heart of something.

Writing songs for the church is an interesting thing. The original seed of a song that would eventually become Almighty One was very much a product of the mundane.

steadfast love and faithfulness will meet again youtube

Sometimes I sit with a guitar and try to put melody and words to the things I feel like the Lord puts on my heart. More than a year later, after much effort, the help of a dedicated community and choosing to believe that this thing the Lord had spoken was actually something valuable, what began as a product of the mundane the Lord turned into something beautiful.