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There is a shop where the three streets meet, where you can find lots of stuff Furthermore, the ice attack spells will help against fire mobs with high fire ressistance. . Most wizards choose the sun school because your spells will do you to level 50, complete the main quests, and give you starting gear. It is the final dungeon for this world, accessed via the quest Tall Enough to Meet the Sun. Wizards will encounter a twisted rendition of a familiar. This guide discusses how to get training points in Wizard, and it also through the main questline to reach new worlds faster, because you will need . The Walruskberg Polar Rose is to the right side of the Inn of the Midnight Sun. .. so you could wait for those to do it for free if you're high enough level.

Khrysalis Khrysanthemum Locations Click thumbnail to view full-size From the entrance to Silent Market, go to the ledge to the left of the bridge, overlooking where Zarina the StoneStepper sits.

You will find the Khrysanthemum on that ledge. From Bastion, go up the right set of stairs and look behind the big rock on your right to find the Khrysanthemum. To find the sparkling red Khrysanthemum in the Moon Cliffs, find the ramp near the entrance to the Last Woods, and go all the way up past the Broodmother to the end.

Go to the right past the Flame Legs, and right past the Blue Razors, to find an empty clearing. The blue Khrysanthemum is on the north side. First find Zeke's Khrycket, then go out the tunnel and up the ramp to the left.

You will see Ugor. Go up through the tunnel past him and you will find the Khrysanthemum at the very top.

This Khrysanthemum can be found by going from the teleporter around the Devil's Flowers to the southeast end of that wedge. This Rose is on the far side of the ship stuck in the ice in the southeast corner of the map.

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This Rose is by a tree to the left of Baba Yaga's house. To find this Rose, turn right as soon as you enter the River of Frozen Tears and go up the hill. This Rose is behind the tree that is furthest north on the map.

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This Polar Rose is in the upper left tunnel, past the entrance to the Mine Lift Chamber, on the right side of some minecart tracks. To find this Polar Rose, from the teleporter stick to the right wall and move forward. The Rose is to the right of a Titan by a wall covered in runes. Mirage Cactus Blossom Locations Click thumbnail to view full-size Go to the northeast branch of Caravan and you will find it to the right of a tent.

This Cactus Blossom is on the right side of the entrance to the Overlord's Ossuary. To get there, look for a gigantic statue head peeking out over the dunes, and head towards it.

This Cactus Blossom is right next to the carpets that you fly in on when chasing Ali Baboon through the desert, on a ledge overlooking the entrance to the Thieves' Den.

This Cactus Blossom is easy to find. Just look behind the Tower of Babble.

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When you enter the Aeriel Jungle, go past the fireflies and head to the clearing to the west, and you will find the Crown Empyreal next to some Lightning Bugs. This Crown Empyreal is behind the Leisure Dome on the far side of a plot of oddly shaped trees. This Crown Empyreal is near Haemish the Strong, behind the big column in the middle of the map. This Crown Empyreal is right next to your wrecked pod at the entrance to the Stomach.

He has a series of three quests that give the player training points, and these quests are unlocked every 2 levels from level The first quest, The Special, requires the wizard to retrieve some ingredients to make a special sandwich for Ogden to remind him of home.

Hilariously, these ingredients are pet snacks, as the street vendor you talk to points out. The nettle root, medium fish, golden squash, and stinky cheese can be easily bought in the bazaar back in Wizard City. The second quest is Me And My Arrow. Ogden, an anthropomorphic dog, owns a non-anthropomorphic dog named Arrow, and he is worried that Arrow is getting lonely at home without him.

He asks you to bring Arrow a collar from the Wizard City Pet Shop, and deliver it directly to his door. This quest is very easy with no battling or buying or crafting required. The third quest, Time for Tea, requires you to be at least an Adept Crafter, so do all the crafting quests before the one in Dragonspyre to be able to complete this quest.

Ogden feels terribly uncivilized without his tea, and needs to feel like a proper Marleybonian, so he asks you to craft a Tea Set. The recipe for this tea set can be found at Torald Wayfinder in Northguard, in the world of Grizzleheim. The fossils and red mandrakes are going to be the hardest part of the recipe; either find them in the bazaar or look for stone blocks and red mandrakes in areas like Dragonspyre and Nightside and mutate the stone blocks into fossils the reagent transmutation seller is near the entrance to the Survey Canp in Celestia.

Once you have crafted the tea set with your Housing Crafting Station, bring it back to Ogden and exchange it for a training point. Ogden Peake is near the entrance to the Floating Land, waiting to give you several quests that reward training points.

Instead of picking one single secondary school to spend your training points on, I would recommend picking multiple useful spells from various schools and spending your points towards them. There are several spells I consider essential for success in the later worlds: Ice to Tower Shield - 5 training points Death to Feint - 7 training points The sun school damage spells - 6 training points Spirit or Elemental blades and traps, depending on your school - 2 training points Reshuffle - 1 training point Aegis and Indemnity - 2 points Tower Shield Tower Shield is useful because it can protect you from any attack, no matter what school.

This can be trained from Lydia Greyrose. It is particularly helpful for multiple-school bosses you may encounter later on, and it is also extremely helpful in pvp, especially if you have bolstered ward to stack shields of different strengths.

Feint Feint is a sometimes risky spell with a great reward. This will be your ticket to big damage on high health bosses, or a great way to help your friends hit harder. The spell fuel is useful if you want your damage over time effect to do damage. I would usually stack up on blades and elementalist blade you get in Krokotopia. Once you reach Celestia, there are three additional schools.

As I mentioned before, there is the sun and star schools. There is also the moon school, but it isn't useful during the majority of battles. Most wizards choose the sun school because your spells will do additional damage. The star school will give a small boost to certain effects for four rounds. Make sure you have the training points for the school.

Gear wise, I would recommend you to using anything you want. Once you get to level 30, head to Olympus for the Zues and Senator loot. This gear will definitely help you a lot. I don't focus much on daggers, athames, and rings, but I usually buy mine from the bazaar olde town. I also find them from drops I randomly get. After level 30, you're going to be buffed until level 60, which will contain even better gear.

Fire starter set from waterworks is one of the best sets in the game, period. At level 70, you have a choice between critical and damage. If you choose damage, you keep the fire starter set.

Wizard101 Training Points Guide

If you choose critical, you choose the poseidon set, which is located in the Garden of Hesperaides. After that, darkmoor, a level dungeon, contains good helms and robes. I don't specifically remember what is needed for a fire wizard, but usually the darkmoor robe is on the majority of wizards I face. Friends, yes, are useful on your journey.

After reaching Colossus Boulevard, you're faced with a 1v2 situation. If someone joins in, it becomes a 2v3. Once the fourth person joins, no more monsters will join in, creating a 4v4 situation.