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team fortress meet the idiots voice

Stephen James Merchant (born 24 November ) is an English writer, director, radio . For television, Merchant and Gervais also produced An Idiot Abroad. In , he reprised this role as the voice of the Ap-Sap in Team Fortress 2, . " Petite Olivia Munn is dwarfed by lanky Stephen Merchant as pair meet for drinks at. Jun 10, Medic voice commands "My skill is VASTED on zis team! Translation: "Idiots! . Meet the Medic · Results Are In · Surgeon's Squeezebox. Sep 6, For the voice responses associated with the Carnival of Carnage and the Scream Fortress VI Halloween Event, see .. "The enemy team's reactor is almost online!" "No! . "Meet your champions! "As you idiots say, 'GG'.".

So I played ton shit of pubs Theoretical Spy: Trust me, you can ignore any highlander thoughts swipez: I never played highlander until last year swipez: I was a pub spy swipez: For a long time swipez: But the thing is swipez: Where else was I?

team fortress meet the idiots voice

And how did I meet my sensei swipez: But I want you to keep it private. Then the community changed name to "-USE-" swipez: I'll tell you where I saw him the most swipez: That is exactly the vsh map where we met Theoretical Spy: And it's an unreal community map swipez: And it's still active today swipez: Gosh the freaking memories man Theoretical Spy: I'm going on a nostalgia trip swipez: I see a lot of images from that map swipez: I remember a lot of things swipez: That x-mas feeling swipez: The holiday punch was added swipez: My sensei had a lot of rich items swipez: He had festives swipez: Were popular that time swipez: He had festives all over the classes swipez: He had expensive hats swipez: Also, the vsh server swipez: Was an enhanced one swipez: With x10 attribute swipez: So the more your items are expensive and rare swipez: The more stats you have swipez: Secret was a good medic as well swipez: He'd save you if you'd get single-raged by Hale swipez: He was never, ever replying to any idiots, any person who was trolling, cursing him or being negative swipez: He'd almost never talk in the chat swipez: He was a silent person swipez: But he chatted with me a lot in steam swipez: He was an admin swipez: A high one swipez: If someone would micspam, spam, or just generally annoy everyone swipez: With racism, insults etc swipez: He'd instantly mute swipez: He was a straight and severe one swipez: So why he inspired me?

team fortress meet the idiots voice

I was still a newbie swipez: And I'd look on a good example swipez: I saw him play spy swipez: I still remember his set swipez: And he'd always use the same set swipez: Enforcer, Strange knife, dead ringer swipez: Backbitter's billycock hat swipez: And nothing else swipez: It is a flechette gun, however, so its projectiles travel at a slower pace than a bullet. The decreased velocity of the round causes a notable drop in the trajectory of the syringe.

team fortress meet the idiots voice

For this reason, it is required to aim above and ahead of your target known as 'leading' a target for the syringes to hit their mark. The Bonesaw, due to its serrated edge, has a marginally higher chance at a Critical Hitmaking it the best melee weapon in the game.

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The Syringe Gun, while difficult to adjust to both the speed and arc of the projectile, is extremely effective when backpedaling away from enemy Pyros and, occasionally, Scouts if they give chase to your retreat.

Used in this manner, a skilled Medic can frequently kill Pyros as they try to get the Medic in range of their Flamethrower.

team fortress meet the idiots voice

Also, because the Syringe Gun fires slightly to the right of where it is aimed, it has proven useful in taking down Sentries lurking around corners or behind obstacles, while the Medic is still safely out of harm's reach. As for the Blutsauger, the Medic's updated Syringe Gun, it's very effective in terms of combat. This is handy when being constantly shot at when making an escape for the field.

Team Fortress 2 update: "Meet Your Match". *Fix patch is out.*

You maintain your health while making a break for safety. Although a good weapon of choice, it won't necessarily save you every time. It is also quite weak, so use it when you really need to defend yourself. When using the Medigunthe Medic is vulnerable to almost all the other classes, relying entirely on his heal-buddy to defend him.

While healing teammates, it is generally best to constantly remain in motion, as this makes the Medic slightly less vulnerable to both Spies and Sniperswho love stationary targets.

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This also allows the Medic to use their team member as cover while they heal them.