The chipmunks meet chipettes fanfiction harry

Dave and Christine's Wedding Chapter 1 RSVP, an alvin and the chipmunks fanfic | FanFiction

the chipmunks meet chipettes fanfiction harry

It was a bright sunny day and the chipmunks and chippetes were at David wasn't there (he left for London to see the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie ) but he left on a dirty They all got on David's bed and started doing it and it was a chipmunk orgy. And a bonus: He got to meet Snoop Dog!. An alternate storyline to 'Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman'. of prison and target the chipmunks and chipettes, only one man can save them all: Alvin. Their girlfriends' growth spurts, Harry marries their mom, and Dave now has a. Author has written 5 stories for Alvin and the chipmunks, Pokémon, Harry Potter, The Power of Six – Alvin and the Chipmunks (Completed: October 9, ) .. of life, a path that will take him to the places and people he never thought to meet. Summer is now on the edge for the Chipmunks and Chipettes, but after a.

He might just turn out very differently, and the world with him.

Munkwarts year one Chapter 1, an alvin and the chipmunks fanfic | FanFiction

Doing Things Differently by Blufuzzybubbles reviews Harry is going into his fifth year armed with something even more valuable than power: Dumbledore's worst nightmare is realized.

The blinders have been taken off and from now on Harry will be the one pulling the strings. Ash has nothing, but a sympathetic Erika comforts him and acts first as a mentor, then follows him as a moral support and later romance.

Ash will emerge far more victorious than ever and eventually prove his former friends wrong. But they know next to nothing about it. That's all about to change when they send two 'highly trained' agents to Hogwarts to gather all the information they can regarding this magical society.

Mystic Knight Online by jgkitarel reviews The magical world isn't as ignorant of muggles as it seems, and Lucius Malfoy has an idea on how to get Harry out of his way. Now Harry is in Japan and trapped in a virtual world of swords.

Cut off from his friends and allies, and what he knew, he has to make new ones and get used to an illusory world that has become all too real. Welcome, to SAO Harry. Do try to survive. Ideas, One-Shots, and Plot Bunnies by Lupine Horror reviews Okay, I've found that I've got a lot of ideas fighting for space in my head, so this will be my 'dumping ground' for random stuff.

Most of them, if not all, will be Harry Potter based, so that is why that's one of the series choices.

When Harry learns Hogwarts is hosting The Grand Trainer Tournament, he is excited to meet new trainers from around the world. But when someone plots to use the tournament to kill him, Harry decides to take matters in his own hands and become more proactive. This new attitude leads him to new allies: How would his journey, his team and the path leading to competing in the league change because of this?

With a deeper interest in Mega Evolution and a mouthy starter, will winning the finals be more than a fleeting dream?

Well, see for yourself.

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How will he face the challenges and rivals that await him in the Sinnoh League and beyond? Could it be just what they both need to survive in this world? Harry Potter and the Secrets of the Past by shadowchaos reviews When Harry cast the patronus charm to save his past-self and his godfather, he unknowingly did something else. Full summary inside because this box isn't big enough. A ancient prestigious Tournament is being held at Hogwarts in new form. Harry will show the wizarding world that change can be a really good thing.

And perhaps he can find a girlfriend? But what will Dumbledore do to retain his power? With his second chance, Harry makes a series of decisions that will change to course of history forever. Rated T just to be safe. Harry gets a proper introduction with some insights from an alternate self who has lived it. What does he do with this information? How would his attitudes change? Dumbledore's Next Great Adventure Part 1 by dunuelos reviews In a Universe where Albus Dumbledore responded differently, he dies as a respected figure on June 24, He then is asked to go to a new universe and fix the mistakes of his alternate.

No Pairings yet Not Canon. Sequel will come - eventually. Will Natsu help mavis and her friends to build fairy tail? Probably for the better This is the story of his mis adventures.

Dave groaned in frustration and stuck his head out the door. The chipmunks had been living with Dave for a few months now. The munks had made their selves quite comfortable, and apparently, so had the reporters. He rubbed his glasses on his sweat shirt, reviling baggy eyes.

He glared out at the cameras.

Simon never raised his squeaky voice, unless he was singing. Theodore nodded and hobbled over to the door on his short legs. The press started burgling questions and microphones at him as soon as he stepped out the door. Dave and Simon glanced at each other with raised eyebrows at the large yell the small chipmunk had produced.

We haven't gotten any sleep for weeks on account of so much press. In the bedroom doorway, steam coming from his ears, Alvin shook with anger, teeth barred. His voice went down to an angry whisper. So," He glanced at his brother's and Dave. Alvin groaned and fell to the floor, putting his hood over his head. Simon jumped on the window seal and narrowed his eyes. They, and that morning show that's been dogging us for the past few weeks pretty much make up the crowd out there.

Alvin and Brittany walked up to the fire they put there hands into the fire Alvin said Theodore "it feels like a hot bath Clair is telling the truth". Brittany walked into the fire with Alvin Brittany shouted diagon alley Alvin and Brittany disapeared in the green flames.

the chipmunks meet chipettes fanfiction harry

Alvin and Brittany spun in the fire place then they stopped to see a long wooden table and chairs Alvin and Brittany stepped out from the fireplace Alvin said "this must be diagon alley". A voice said " you are in the leaky cludron the entance to diagon alley and whom you two might be I've never seen you around here".

Alvin turned to see who was talking to him he said "my name is Alvin blazes and who are you". The guy said "my name is Teddy Lupin and did you say blazes".

the chipmunks meet chipettes fanfiction harry

Alvin looked at Teddy he said "yes my last name is blazes why I only learned it today". Teddy said "hi profsser Wilson".

Clair looked around she said "hi profsser Lupin". Teddy said "Clair are these two with you". Clair said "yes they are". Teddy said "Clair did you know this chipmunks last name is blazes". Clair said "yes I knew" Teddy. Teddy said Clair " does he know about Vinny Blazes". Clair said "no Teddy he does not know I will tell the Blazes story".

Simon said Clair " what do you know tell us please". Clair said simon "ok I will tell the legend of Vinny Blazes vs Amber Waters it was a big battle twenty seven years ago the Waters had been a part of the death eaters they were a group of pure blood witches and wizard that were bent of taking the muggle world by force but harry potter defeted voldermort and thus ended the second wizard war but some death eaters went into hiding and one of them was amber waters she lead what was left of the death eaters but it was Vinny blazes that fought against amber waters and the death eaters Vinny had won against the death eaters but when she fought amber they killed each other in combat".

Alvin said "now I know why I dislike Brittany so much it was her mom that killed our mom".