The closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

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the closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is the commanding officer of the LAPD's Major Crimes Division The Closer Cast · Major Crimes Cast In Season 3 of Major Crimes, Fritz tells the team she's considering a new job in Washington, DC. The Human Relations Medal is awarded to officers who have in their day‑to‑ day. Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (portrayed by Kyra Sedgwick) is a fictional character and She heads the Major Crimes Division (formerly the Priority Homicide Division) of the Fritz knew about Brenda and Pope's relationship in D.C. When Brenda and Fritz are selling their house and they get a bid for $20, And then the funniest quote of the episode, when Provenza is.

Mama, is this someone I've even met? No, I just ran upstairs and I'm out of breath. I don't know where Santa Clarita is. It's just north of here. Can you spell the last name?

Mama, I have never met this woman before in my life, I swear Well, what's wrong with her? Oh for heaven's sake. If she's been in a coma for two years, how much worse can she get? Look, I can't talk about this right now because I'm about to, um, interview a serial killer who just stabbed 30 people to death. So, he's not in his room. And where'd you get that shirt anyway?

Your ex-wife loved it.

the closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

Said it was easier to unbutton than anything you ever wore. Put your glasses on, old man; turn around and take a gander. Ari's right over there playing blackjack. And there's two open seats next to him. Now I say that we put him under tight surveillance for an hour or so.

You're kidding me, right? There's an ATM next to the cashier, and I am feeling luck-eeeee. I'd heard Xavier had an alibi. Oh, it'd fall apart in a dryer. I just want to make sure I understand why you're bringing Det. I want to question him.

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Because I need more answers. Did you ever ask him where he was last Saturday morning when the murders were committed? Because I looked into it, and he was at home, on the phone for two hours. Well, his line was busy. That doesn't mean he was on it. I'm trying to help you here, Chief. Xavier has an excellent record, and yes, Tim Martin, he might have been a womanizer, but if you can't tell how much people respected him around here, you're not looking.

If you end up smearing a man who gave his life to the badge I have factored your concerns into how I'm dealing with this case. Just trying to be of assistance. If you're gonna treat me like a criminal, shouldn't I have an attorney? Oh, we'd get in such trouble if we gave legal advice.

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I was trying to get you in and out, but if having a lawyer would make you feel more comfortable, you just call one, and we'll wait. That's the nice thing about working for the government. You get paid for just being here.

That's how you're treating Tim's death? As an overtime opportunity? Well, I was going to ask you some questions What do you think I could know? Well, I'm not sure, ma'am. But there was a third person in that warehouse and we're trying to figure out who that could've been. I'm only bringing it up because you were the first person to report him missing, and you are licensed to carry a handgun.

And I carry a handgun because it is my constitutional right to do so. And I have an ex who is also a cop and likes to drive by my house sometimes at night and flash his brights in my window.

the closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

He even knocked on the door at Tim's one night. Are you talking about Lawrence Xavier? If he intimidated you, why didn't you report him? Because Tim talked me out of it. He said he'd put a stop to it, and he did. And I only got one more call from Lawrence complaining about how much money he had wasted on our dates. He cashed it, too. We'll talk about this This reluctance of yours, it has nothing to do with what's going on with Pope, does it? What's going on with Pope? His wife served him with divorce papers last Friday.

the closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

What do you do for a living again? And I'm not your maid, ok?! Why don't you calm down, Buzz? I can manage this. Why don't you head on home? Something you'd like to know, ask me. Well, I didn't think it was any of my business. I heard you were getting a divorce, that's all.

I'm not getting a divorce. Estelle's getting a divorce. The job, the hours.

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She's seeing someone else. She doesn't want our kids because he doesn't want them. And y'know, at some point it will Like gettin' a new phone, for one thing, because you couldn't answer mine when my parents called.

That really isn't a And I can be just impossible. I like that you're impossible sometimes. Well, what if you stopped? If I was gonna stop liking you, I would have done it already. Well, look, I haven't had a lot of success living with guys, and it could just ruin everything. Yes, but if, uh, we're trying to sort of become closer, more like full partners, living together would give us a chance to see what that would be like. Provenza, are you eatin' chocolate in here? I thought we'd agreed to keep snacks with processed sugar out of the murder room.

If y'all have to have candy please do so in the hallways or the electronics room.

the closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

Or you could try givin' it up. Since I stopped eatin' all that crap I have more energy. And I'm sleepin' better too. Are my nuts allowed in here? Do they have sugar on them, Lieutenant?

Brenda Leigh Johnson

Well, there's your answer, then. Yeah, I can't talk about this now, I'm sorry you feel that way, but we've just lost a year veteran in a shootout and that's actually more important than you are at the moment. I got 98 of them back, sir. And where is Det. Xavier is waiting in Cmdr. Taylor's officer with the murder book and the informant packet.

So unless you'd like to start collecting your pension tomorrow, Central had better back off and allow Priority Homicide do its job. Captain, I'm so sorry, but we're gonna need all of these flyers, because otherwise That's good enough for me. Ninety-eight percent is fine. You understand that this is not a picture of the informant Det. Martin was working with. I don't want to talk about this anymore. The reason I left Det. Martin lying there is that police officers are trained to fire in bursts.

And Martin only put one shot into Barak. And the bodies were lying close together. And what was Martin doing there in the first place? Now, he and Det. Xavier were working with an undercover informant and I need to question him. You can't release the informant's name to law enforcement. Well, how am I supposed to talk to him, Will? What if he's not just Why is it you can never do your job without constantly complaining about everything?

The informant was guaranteed anonymity. Now I've upheld your authority with the entire department looking on. But when a police officer is killed, we expect closure quickly and completely. Your attitude, however, is a complete mystery. Provenza, summin' up what we know so far.

Alone and on his day off, Detective Tim Martin enters an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles 30 miles from his home in Long Beach. Barak, a murder suspect in a double homicide Martin is working happens to enter the same warehouse. They both draw their weapons and fire at the exact same time. Fatally wounded they instantly drop dead where they stand. What would you say the chances are it happened like that? And you're on duty.

Well, give me the afternoon off. My mother is married. Relax, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh. I don't date women over You can have her back by 7: I brought this back from the funeral for you.

Since you're off sweets. You got your mistrial. It's not my mistrial; it's my arrest. You'd think people would be happy to put a genuine killer behind bars. Aram Asourian is the leader of a mob family. Well, maybe next time you can pair him up with a crime he's actually committed. Personally, I always feel better about the justice system when it matches up murder charges with the right person.

Then it's too bad Vahan didn't confess to killing the juror, too. Well, maybe he didn't. But Bela Rose didn't die a natural death. And thanks to Lt. Flynn's determination, which I know you in the L. If you had his girlfriend, you'd be in there all day, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by. How goes your motion for a mistrial? I expected better of you. I have been reviewing the transcripts of this trial and in presenting your client's defense, you never once brought up his son, Vahan. And it looks like he's the one who set the fire. Asourian won't let me mention the boy. Nobody's seen him in years. I keep wondering how wonderful it would be if Vahan were suddenly just to turn up.

You'd get your mistrial and preserve your sterling reputation. All sorts of good things could happen. Yes, well, Asourien won't let me mention the boy, though. He's very serious about that. Well, maybe we'll get lucky and someone'll just turn up with an untraceable tip that'll lead us to Vahan. And this can all end. They'll find weapons of mass destruction in Baghdad first.

Mama, I'm so sorry, but I'm not gonna be able to take you to this funeral after all. I wish I could but I have this murder I have to investigate. Oh for heaven's sake, there are murders every day of the week.

And your Aunt Floetta will only have one funeral. That is not a good look. I can't believe I left my mother with Fritz for the whole day.

I'm not worried about my mother. We need them to talk to us, so don't tell them you're from homicide; just say LAPD. When people see you at their door and you say homicide, you lose them and any chance of learning something useful.

Ask if anyone else is there, just in case they pass out when they hear the news. When the hitman discovers this, he fatally shoots the FBI agent in question in the murder room by grabbing Detective Lt. Provenza's gun out of his desk and taking him hostage. During the resulting standoff, Det. Sanchez shoots the mob informant four times, fatally wounding him.

While Brenda is on administrative leave, her squad is taken over and basically dismantled by Commander Taylor, a character with whom she has had a difficult and quarrelsome relationship. She is contacted by an old CIA friend to investigate secretly the death of an Arab teenager, due to potential links to terrorism and a possible traitor within the CIA. She solves the case and recovers her squad. Brenda is wary of her very Southern and traditional parents finding out about her living with Fritz.

One way that this is shown is by her and Fritz maintaining separate phone lines. In season 2, when Brenda's mother comes to visit, Fritz is forced to wait until her mother leaves before he can move in with Brenda, and both have to constantly hide their relationship. Finally, as Brenda's mom is about to leave, she reveals that she knows of the relationship and approves, but won't reveal it to Brenda's father.

In season 3, Fritz accidentally picks up the wrong phone and ends up talking to Brenda's father.

the closer brenda and fritz relationship quotes

Brenda is furious and fearful of her dad's reaction, especially because he will not talk to her and says that he sent a letter. Brenda mentions that the last time she got a letter from her father was when she got a B in college. Her character responds emotionally when she finds out that her dad's letter is of forgiveness and happiness for her, not anger.

Medical history[ edit ] In the third season, it is revealed that Brenda is ill, which alarms her squad and Fritz. Her symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, nausea, cramps, and dizziness. Her cases and her reluctance keep her from seeing a doctor immediately, despite Fritz's attempts to make her go. Finally seeing a doctor, she is given a preliminary diagnosis of menopause. In the emotional upheaval that follows, Fritz proposes marriage.

The following episode reveals that she actually suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndromeso she undergoes more tests to ensure that it is not cancer. Finally, she is told that her condition is reversible by means of ovarian drilling and that she will be able to have children, much to the excitement of her parents, her mother in particular. Brenda is also attacked with a cattle prod in the third season and held captive, escaping after she shoots the suspect.

In the next episode, the department psychologist deems her unfit for active duty after Brenda shows no concern about her attack, her parents' impending visit, her and Fritz's recent engagement, their search for a house, and her medical problems.

In that same episode, she is caught in the crossfire of an assassination of an investigative journalist. The journalist is killed and his cameraman badly injured, but Brenda and Sgt. Gabriel escape relatively unscathed.

Brenda's unclosed investigation[ edit ] By the end of season four episode 4. On their hands, they have Chris Dunlap, a thirty-something year old who was found hiding in a tree on the night of the murder. When Brenda nearly gets a confession, she is interrupted by the arrival of Dunlap's attorney, Phillip Stroh Billy Burke. After being caught in several of Stroh's tricks, such as being forced to open up her case to him by Deputy District Attorney Martin Garnett, Brenda gets Dunlap to confess to being the accomplice in the rapes.

When she learns that Dunlap never participated in the crime and asks him who was committing the crimes, she is shocked that he accuses his lawyer, Phillip Stroh. Brenda is outsmarted by the clever attorney and doesn't get a confession from him; moreover, the warrant put on Stroh's home serves no good leads, leaving the case open.

When Brenda becomes overly obsessed with her only unclosed investigation, she starts to have terrifying nightmares of Stroh breaking into her apartment and attacking her, episode 5. Brenda's free time is committed to solving the case on her own, which crosses over into the time that Fritz would like to spend with her. In the series finale, episode 7. The culprit chases and struggles with one of them teenaged survival sex prostitute Rusty Beckwho pulls off the culprit's mask and uses his john's cellphone to dial to report the crime.

Brenda and her team find the body and use the clues found at the serial killer's burial ground and through the phone call to track down the two witnesses and tentatively identify the culprit as Stroh. To positively identify Stroh and close her final case, however, Brenda must employ nontraditional means that cost her her job and come close to costing Beck and Brenda their lives.

Brenda lures Stroh to reveal himself by publicizing in the media pictures of Beck wearing the serial killer's mask as a hat and phoningalong with the audio and transcripts of that call. Stroh takes the bait, approaching Beck on the street, and is hauled into an investigation with MCD. There, Brenda threatens that she has his DNA, and Stroh, revealing he closely follows every detail of her life, taunts Brenda about her mother's recent death.

Brenda attacks him, drawing blood and skin fragments that she and her friend at the DA's office convince the crime lab to match against DNA taken from Stroh's mask. That evening, when Fritz has left for Washington, D.

Brenda shoots him, but - although tempted as well as urged by Beck to kill Stroh - she is haunted by memories of the Turrell Baylor case and her own conscience and calls an ambulance, instead. Stroh offers a confession, but Brenda uncharacteristically does not want to hear it.

This reflects a new kind of "closer", reflecting that she has learned from her mother's death and from Beck's comments and life story and must instead focus on the living, not the dead.

While his efforts to have another serial killer kill Beck fail with some help from Fritz and the FBI, Stroh eventually escapes and is on the loose again. After Stroh apparently returns in late season 6, Brenda is stated to be put under police protection in "Sanctuary City, Part 1" due to Stroh likely killing again. In "Sanctuary City, Part 2", DDA Hobbs states that due to the lengths Brenda went to take Stroh down, if his trial resumes, her testimony could be considered prejudicial and Rusty Beck's testimony holds greater importance in the trial as a result.

In "Conspiracy Theory, Part 4," its confirmed that Stroh has indeed returned and resumed his killing spree. Brenda remains under police protection with her protected state being part of a staged argument by her former squad for Stroh and his accomplice in "By Any Means, Part 3.

After Stroh's death, Fritz tells Rusty that Brenda is having a hard time processing the news that Stroh is finally gone.