The of life book xibalba and la muerte meet

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the of life book xibalba and la muerte meet

Little short stories of Xibalba and La Muerte, either before or after the She smiled innocently at him. lifting her toes up, a small kiss meet lips. So, this is my first fanfiction of The Book of Life, and I hope I made a first La Muerte and Xibalba met again on the roof of a building. "Aww. La Muerte is a supporting character in The Book of Life. She first La Muerte and Xibalba met on earth at a party where both were pretending to be human.

She glanced around, searching for any signs of the goddess. Eliza moved closer towards it and after a few seconds of hesitation, she grabbed the sheets that were covering the lump from view and pulled them back Xibalba appeared right outside of La Muerte's castle.

After pushing the doors open and letting himself inside, he glided down the halls, heading towards the throne room. But just as he was about to the main room where he had hoped to greet his wife, he heard various amount of voices, talking to each other. What are we going to tell Lord Xibalba? In the front of the group was the captain who greeted and helped the new souls find their families. W-What are you doing here? Xibalba opened his mouth to ask again, only to close it when he caught movement coming from underneath the long banquet table.

We have a small problem. The person that came forward was a young girl. She had white sugar skin that was decorated with yellow swirls and other red designs, long black hair tied back in a high ponytail and large golden eyes.

the of life book xibalba and la muerte meet

She was wearing white, blouse with marigolds along the neckline, a long, crimson skirt with gold lines trailing towards the bottom and a small tiara that had red candles on it on the top of her head. Xibalba's face became completely blank, showing no emotion whatsoever.

the of life book xibalba and la muerte meet

He didn't even blink. The only sign that he hadn't become a statue in that moment was the way his snowy eyebrows where slowly climbing towards his forehead. The Remembered souls slowly tried to make their way towards the door in hope that they could sneak out before the preverbal bomb dropped. But they weren't that lucky. In a spark of neon, green magic, the door slammed shut on it own.

Everyone flinched and turned to see Xibalba sneering at them. Once the group hesitantly came closer to him again, he asked, "How did this happen? His face contorted into a look of absolute rage; teeth sharping into fangs, wings spreading out and candles on this crown and shoulders flaring brightly. Despite the fact he was trembling like a leaf, Miguel managed to get out, " M-My Lord, please, I swear, we don't know how this happened.

Who was the first to find her like this? She cringed as Xibalba turned to look at her and then jumped as he suddenly appeared right in front of her, bending at the waist so he was more eye level with her.

the of life book xibalba and la muerte meet

Elisa froze under his gaze and she felt the strangest sensation at the god's mind probing powers. In his mind's eye, Xibalba saw Elisa entering La Muerte's room and pulling back the covers of the bed to find a smaller and younger version of her queen laying there. Xibalba blinked and the connection broke. He stood back up to his full height, pupils shifting back to their sides. This still wasn't making any sense. His wife was perfectly fine when he left.

So how could she go from fine to turning into a child in just a few hours? He kept trying to go through it in his head over and over again, but couldn't come up with an answer.

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All this thinking was beginning to hurt his head. Seeing the dark lord's frustration, Miguel came forward. Did anything perhaps happen to La Muerte while you two were out last night? Xibalba knocked on the door of the wagon with one of the heads of his snake staff. Come out here this instant! How can I help you, my Lord? She's been turned into a child! I would have used the spell on you, but I thought it would be more interesting to use it on someone you care about. I've never used it on a god before, but judging by your reaction I say it must have turned out pretty well.

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The spell isn't permanent. If your wife had been a human then my spell would have probably lasted for quite a while.

the of life book xibalba and la muerte meet

But for someone as powerful as a god, I would say it would last He opened his mouth to say something, but Serafina cut him off. Like who's going to look at the Land of the Remembered since your wife is in no condition to do so. La Muerte couldn't possible take care of her realm while she was a child. He needed to head back there now and try to straighten things out. You will pay for what you have done one way or another. The moment he reappeared back in the main hall, the skeleton folks who had been entertaining La Muerte snapped back to attention.

Miguel spoke up for the group once more. Now if there aren't any more questions, I suggest all of you get back to work. Everyone quickly scrambled out of the room to head back to their posts. Xibalba watched them leave before turning his attention to La Muerte.

The sugar skull girl, who had remained oblivious to the conversation around her looked up at him before she smiled and waved. He sighed, feeling another headache approaching. So I've been working on this story for quite a while and I finally managed to find time to finish it up. And no I'm not just going to end it the way I did.

This story is going to have another chapter since I felt like this was getting really long. So just be patient and I'll have the next chapter up as soon as I can. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. She also says that he "is not the man [she] fell in love with all those centuries ago. La Muerte is enraged at first, but accepts the idea of a betting game. This leads them to finding Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria playing together.

This leads to La Muerte choosing Manolo as her champion and blessing him to always have a good and pure heart. As part of the bet, La Muerte makes her husband promise not to interfere with the affairs of man should he lose the wager. Xibalba agrees and the wager is set. La Muerte reappears on the day Maria returns to town at the bullfighting arena where she slaps Xibalba for staring at Maria and cheers for Manolo when he appears in the arena.

She appears after the fight when Manolo sings and Maria hears his anguished song, observing that the mortal girl was moved by Manolo's words. La Muerte appears again, when Manolo serenades Maria on her balcony.

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She is not seen again until Manolo, along with his mother and grandfather, reach the Land of the Forgotten to tell her that Xibalba cheated in their wager. Upon learning of this, La Muerte roars in anger. Xibalba appears, thinking his wife wishes to see him and reconcile. Instead he sees Manolo and his relatives along with his infuriated wife. Learning about Xibalba's whole scheme involving the two-headed snake staff, and the Medal of Everlasting Life, La Muerte, along with Carmen and Manolo, demand Xibalba assist in bringing Manolo back to life.

When he refuses, La Muerte tries to persuade him by calling him "Balby", but when he still refuses she becomes angered until Manolo suggests the alternative of his own bet. Offering up the right to give the Land of the Forgotten to her husband, La Muerte convinces Xibalba to give Manolo a fair chance.

La Muerte watches as Manolo meets his worst fear in the bull arena, and is happy to see him emerge victorious, as is the Candle Maker, and, to some extent, Xibalba. The three of them then give Manolo his life back. Later, the three of them use their powers on The Day of the Dead to bring Manolo's deceased family back to help defend the town.

After the town is saved and the Medal returned, La Muerte and Xibalba reconcile on the top of the church. Back in the present day, the tour guide Mary Beth finishes her story and then leads the detention children back out to their bus. Waving goodbye, and saying one of the names of the youngest girl the guide reveals herself to have been La Muerte the entire time with the intention of teaching those children something about living and life.

Relationships Xibalba Xibalba is La Muerte's husband. They have a complicated relationship due to their different beliefs and the completely different, opposite antagonistic kingdoms, lands and realms they rule. La Muerte believes that humankind is completely good, true and pure.