The x factor meet don philip

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the x factor meet don philip

Update: Annie's full recap is live. Here's Britney Spears' duet with year-old vocal coach and X Factor contestant Don Philip. On Sunday, Don arrived at "The X Factor" auditions in San Francisco, and Britney recognized him immediately, lighting up with a "huge smile. Britney Spears' team bans alcohol backstage at the X Factor Meet the [But] I'm tired of hearing, "Don Philip, the guy that did the duet with.

Roger DaltreyPete Townshend [or] monkey in a lab coat. The Sound of Silence Award: On Damages series finale, Patty Hewes loses everything: Her son Michael is killed, she drops the McClaren lawsuit when her star witness disappears, and Ellen walks away from Patty — and the law — for good after she learns her choices got a witness killed.

the x factor meet don philip

After Patty and Ellen meet again in a flash-forward, Patty envisions Ellen thanking her for everything she's done for her. But it's all a dream. Instead, Patty is left in the utter silence of her limo with nothing to hold on to but her next case — a somewhat tragic ending for this iconic character. Little kids playing dress-up is not unusual. But it is a bit odd read: He thrives on pate.

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It's the moment Covert Affairs fans have been waiting for: Annie and Auggie kiss! Too bad the whole scene — which features the two of them dancing in a red gown and a spiffy tux — takes place in a comatose Annie's subconscious.

But with Auggie having spilled his feelings to Annie right beforehand, this is definitely a dream we can see someday coming true. After dealing with her overbearing parents and her outspoken brother Max, Parenthood 's Haddie seems more than ready to move 3, miles away to start college at Cornell. Although she plays it cool at the airport — giving her mom and her dad hugs and simply waving goodbye — she pauses before she can get through security check, turns around and walks back to Adam and Kristina with tears welling in her eyes.

She embraces them both in a big hug as she starts to cry. The Bravermans — can't live with them, can't live without them.

the x factor meet don philip

After lying to herself for much of Glee 's season premiere, Rachel finally cuts the crap and tells Kurt she feels lost in New York and her new dance teacher a deliciously fun Kate Hudson wants to ruin her life. Right when Rachel tearfully complains to Kurt on the phone that her horrible roommate is also sleeping with the entire school, she turns around to see him standing in front of her.

the x factor meet don philip

She runs toward him and the two share a long-anticipated embrace. Sons of Anarchy 's fifth season premiere introduces gangster Damon Pope guest star Harold Perrineauand things really start to heat up. Pope quickly kidnaps Tig, who killed Pope's daughter in the Season 4 finale, and forces him to watch as Pope and his associates burn Tig's daughter alive.

Tig's heartbreak is gut-wrenching to watch, but the message is clear: Pope isn't someone to trifle with.

the x factor meet don philip

In her judging debut on The X FactorBritney Spears gets a shocking blast from the past when Don Philip, a singer she once did a duet with intakes the stage to audition. She quickly recognizes him and her jaw drops to the floor, but the reunion is pretty much squashed as soon as Don opens his mouth to belt out a very shaky rendition of Beyonce's "Halo.

When tallying the votes before a results show, a team of lawyers reviews the stats with a fine-tooth comb, making damn sure that each vote is recorded exactly the way it was cast. There's no quicker way to sink a vote-driven show than to game the votes, so we simply don't do it. But there are ways to make sure the viewers vote the "right" way.

You can thank some old, out-of-touch executives using the magic of emotional manipulation. For example, one week, they crafted a bullshit fluff piece about how decent and down-to-Earth good ol' Stevens was, because some higher-up decided that he was what the world wanted. The way they presented it, voting for anyone else meant that you hated children and probably ate live puppies.

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Continue Reading Below Advertisement Meanwhile, Fifth Harmony who were way more talented and wound up becoming famous anyway were portrayed as five ditzy girls who couldn't believe they were still in the competition.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Not shockingly, the voting public often runs with who they've been told is best. But word-of-mouth is the true measure of popularity, which is why One Direction and Fifth Harmony survived, while Tate Stevens is probably punching a time card at Subway somewhere.

'The X Factor': Listen to Britney Spears and Don Philip's 1999 duet, then weep for humanity

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Our severe litigationphobia also explains why any time you hear a former contestant claim that their auditions were tampered with to make them look or sound stupid for the sake of TV, it's probably not true. Remember Jessica Whitley from earlier? It's like a jump scare for your eardrums.

Shortly after this aired, she claimed that Idol " manipulated " her, editing her audition to make her look worse, and possibly even altering her voice to make her sound like Kermit the Frog being tortured by Jack Bauer.

She backed up her claim by citing a waiver she had to sign which gave Idol the legal right to do anything they wanted to her appearance and voice. She further backed herself up by singing again and sounding much, much better: Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement But even with that waiver, show lawyers aren't willing to risk even the threat of a lawsuit or bad publicity by T-Paining contestants just to laugh at them.

After auditioning thousands of people, I can honestly say that if somebody sounds off-key, it's because they were. It doesn't make them bad singers Jessica, for example, clearly has a powerful voice ; it simply makes them not ready for prime time.

After we turned him down, the man said, "you know Luckily for us, the grenade was deactivated, but security still enthusiastically removed him from the premises.

Despite the admittedly memorable stunt, he didn't get a callback. Though I'm sure TLC could find a spot for him. Note to future contestants: This is the kind of Grenade we prefer. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Then there was the time a contestant tried to seduce me. I asked for her name and any interests or talents she might have, to which she responded, "Oh, I have many Knowing this was only about to get weirder, I said "Okay As you might imagine, any physical contact with the contestants is a huge legal issue, so I had to cut her audition short and let her know that, although we appreciated her time, everything she had done wasn't really what we were looking for on a family show.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Not that we successfully filter out all of the creeps beforehand. We once had a contestant who was both a fan favorite and had a solid voice. But what the voters didn't see was how scary he was.

He would grope the wardrobe team, text producers that he wanted a "taste" of them, and would even try to make them stop by his room for some "extra rehearsal.