Weasley twins meet the prewett

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weasley twins meet the prewett

Fred Weasley, along with his identical twin George, were born to Arthur a son of Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley (née Prewett), brother to Bill, Fred first met Harry Potter in his third year at Hogwarts, when Harry was. "Gideon and Fabian Prewett" Molly Weasley sat in her kitchen at the Burrow. Nicole is the eldest, then Bill, Charlie, Percy, the twins Fred and George, Ron and I'd like you to meet your nephews and nieces” Molly said as she made the. A member of the first Order of the Phoenix who was killed by Death Eaters. His gold watch was later given to Harry Potter.

We were going to announce it at the family dinner tomorrow. Have Bill watch the boys, he's old enough. Fabian walked back over to where Harry sat and knelt down.

If anyone can make sense of this, it will be him. He looked back at the younger man, wondering why he had been sent back to their time and why to their house. He looked to be no older than about seventeen or eighteen and had what looked like battle scars all over his arms. This was no innocent boy, though; when he had looked into his mind, Gideon had seen things that no teenager should have ever seen. He's handsome as hell, though, thought Gideon.

I've never seen that combination of hair and eyes before I wonder if Lily's pregnant yet. Too many people died in the final war with Voldemort" Gideon flinched slightly, "and I guess that she thought that I would be the best one to come back and change things for the better.

If you change one wrong thing, you could end up killing yourself. There are too many things that can go horribly wrong with it. I don't know why she thought this would work Now is not the time to finally decide that you're gay, Gideon Like if this boy is really who he says he is.

Gideon blinked, clearing his thoughts. He looked around, noticing that Fabian had left, most likely to get the Potters and Dumbledore like he said he would. I think we have juice somewhere, but I'm not sure if it's still good. She had muttered the words so fast, though, that all he could remember was Me Ad One more word, but he hadn't heard it; he hadn't been prepared for her to cast the spell right then.

He had thought that they were going to talk more about what she thought he ought to do when she sent him back in time. He missed the concerned look on Gideon's face as he left the living room to get the tea. Fabian had brought Lily and James Potter back with him and then had fire-called Albus Dumbledore to come right away. Molly and Arthur had apparated into the living room just as Albus stepped through the floo. James hadn't taken his eyes off of Harry from the moment he had seen him sitting on the sofa and Lily was glancing back and forth between the two with a very confused look on her face.

Albus walked up to the sofa and sat down next to the young man. He gently lifted Harry's head and asked, "Would you please look at me? Albus, you know what the healers told us. My chances of fathering a child are between slim and none. How can he be our child? He already knew just how far in the future Harry had come from, he was just concerned about the effects of him being here now.

He said that he was sent back by a friend to change some things They all stared him in horror Only the boy and two others here would live that long? Who were they and how would the others die?

Albus shook his head to clear it; this young man had just thrown a rather large and heavy problem directly into his lap. What the boy was telling them seemed incomprehensible. Do you want to know who's first? Her eyes widened and she shook her head vehemently. She hates anything to do with magic. Who would place you there? Everyone followed the movement and Albus realised that this was something he couldn't allow to happen. He knew about Petunia Dursley's hatred of her sister; he couldn't imagine that she would like to raise her magical nephew.

Although, even with her hatred of anything magical, he didn't honestly think that Petunia would harm a child. As I grew, I was made to do most of the chores, like gardening, mowing the grass, washing the floors, cleaning everything I could reach, sometimes even things I couldn't reach.

Once I was able to see over the stove safely, Aunt Petunia taught me how to cook, so that she didn't have to anymore. I did the dishes, the laundry and cleaned up after their son, who was a smaller version of Uncle Vernon. Do you want more? It was like being a house elf.

If I got better grades than Dudley, I was punished; if I did the slightest thing wrong, I was punished. I didn't know my name was Harry until just before I started primary school; I thought it was Boy or Freak.

The life his son had lived was absolutely awful; he couldn't imagine anyone treating a child that way. Good, the man's worried, thought Harry, and he ought to be Harry stood and slowly removed the button-down shirt he was wearing, turning to place it on the sofa behind him. Gasps and dark mutterings filled the room as everyone saw the scars on his back, from his neck to the waistband of the denims he was wearing.

He felt gentle fingers trace down the length of one of the scars; he spun around and met the luminous green eyes of his mother. Lily had tears streaming down her cheeks from the description of her son's life and the sight of his scars. She looked into the eyes that were so much like hers and made him a promise. Tell me what I have to do.

Fred and George Weasley

They were going to find the horcruxes now and destroy them before Voldemort had a chance to make Harry a horcrux at fifteen months old. Albus had been horrified when Harry had told him about the horcruxes and that he had been one as well. Harry knew where they all were, so destroying them now should be easier than it had been eighteen years in the future.

Gideon was worried about Harry; he seemed to drop into depression at the oddest moments and none of them could figure out why. It always seemed to happen when Fabian was around, so he decided to corner Harry. He was sitting in the kitchen, going over the plans they had made, when Gideon put up a privacy bubble; Harry's head shot up and he stared.

Why do you keep getting depressed when you're around Fabian? He didn't want to make Molly hyper-protective of her children this early either It will only worry people unnecessarily and I don't want that to happen. The wall will collapse on top of him, killing him. Every time I look at Fabian, I see Fred I couldn't do anything to save him and it just about kills me every time I think about it. You are not to tell Fabian and you sure as hell are not to tell Molly; is that understood?

If there's one death I want to keep from happening, it's his. He didn't deserve to die and I want to make sure he doesn't the second time around.

He and Fabian hadn't planned on becoming that involved with the destruction of the horcruxes, but now He would talk to Fabian later about helping with the horcruxes, but Harry needed comfort now. He slid his arms around Harry from behind and let his chin rest on the younger man's shoulder, not even imagining Harry would feel the emotions that he kept hidden from everyone except for Fabian.

Harry relaxed into the embrace for a moment. He felt the comfort that Gideon intended, but he also felt attraction flare between them. He knew he shouldn't get attached to anyone in this time; he couldn't stay here, so getting romantically involved with Gideon Prewett was out of the question.

His body, however, seemed to have other ideas. He had known for a couple of years that he was gay, but because of the dangers involved with the fight, he had kept himself from becoming close to anyone. He slowly pulled himself out of Gideon's arms and stood, keeping his back to the man. No matter what I want or what you want, this can't happen I can't stay here.

Once I've done what I need to do, I've got to find a way back to my own time. I don't know when it happens or how it happens, but I'm going to die, so why not enjoy ourselves now? I can stop what's going to happen; I've got that ability now. If we can find and destroy the horcruxes, I can keep all of you from dying. I don't know exactly what this is that I'm feeling, but I can't give in to it.

Your life, Fabian's life, my parents' lives Hell, even my own life depends on me and what I do! After stiffening for a moment, Harry gave in to the sensations of finally being kissed by another man. He brought his hands up to frame Gideon's face and he returned the kiss, snogging the man for all he was worth.

Neither of them realised that they had an audience until the sound of a slight cough pulled them apart. Fabian stood in the doorway, watching his slightly younger twin kiss Harry passionately. Gideon had talked to him about his attraction to Harry just the night before, but he wasn't surprised that his brother had acted on it this quickly; that's just the way Gideon was. Fabian knew that Harry was worried about changing too much about the future and possibly ending his own existence, but he really thought that he and Gideon would be good for each other.

He gave a small cough to alert them to his presence and then continued into the kitchen; Gideon cancelled the privacy bubble with a quick wave of his wand.

Albus said that he would go, but I don't know if he will be able to be away from Hogwarts for that long. How long did it take you to find the horcruxes in your time? After a moment of thinking, "About 8 months total I don't think he has her yet in this time; I think she came later.

The other one I really don't want to talk about. Yes, I don't want to talk about it because it IS me! You don't know what hell I went through once I figured that out! Do you know what it's like to have your soul possessed by a homicidal maniac? It's not something I ever want to repeat Have to stop it now, before it happens! He has to be truly dead before then. The only problem is how to destroy the horcruxes. The first one, the diary, was destroyed by basilisk venom.

There's a basilisk that lives in there and her venom is what will destroy the horcruxes. Fiendfyre works too, but it's too dangerous to use. How are we going to kill a basilisk? Do you know anyone who has one? She doesn't keep them in my time.

weasley twins meet the prewett

I wonder why she stopped? Maybe I'm already starting to change things, he thought. Fabian had sent an owl, telling him to expect them but not why.

As the three men walked through the doors, Albus joined them and led them to his office, casting curious looks at the rooster in the cage Harry was carrying. I was expecting to be summoned to your house. As he was telling his tale, he became aware of Gideon's hand resting on the small of his back, giving him reassurance.

Albus saw the movement of the Prewett boy's hand and realised that more was going on than he had thought. Even though Harry had told them what would happen in the near future, those things weren't written in stone; they could always be changed by circumstance He was going to take the man he had begun to have feelings for and that man's twin brother down into the Chamber of Secrets to try to kill a basilisk He had tried to convince them to stay with Dumbledore, but they wouldn't listen to him.

Albus was going to speak with his new spy, to see if they could get their hands on Riddle's diary. Harry had no idea who the new spy was, but he knew it was not Severus Snape. Dumbledore had said that the day after Harry's arrival, this man had come to him, begging for asylum for himself and his newly pregnant wife; Snape wasn't married. He knew, from personal experience, that Dumbledore could, and would, lie with ease and no one would be the wiser; something about this new spy was preying on his mind, though, like he should know who it was.

Harry paused beside the sink with the snake engraved on it. Their eyes widened more as the sink opened up to reveal the passageway to the Chamber. Harry conjured a set of stairs so that they wouldn't have to slide down the pipe and they cautiously descended them. He felt a hand groping for his and grabbed it, pulling Gideon to his side as they reached the bottom. He turned to look at them. The basilisk will kill you if you look into her eyes, so keep your eyes on the floor; look at my shoes if you have to.

Once we can get the rooster to crow, she will die. He heard the hissing and slithering of the basilisk as she left her hiding place and slowly came toward them.

He prodded the rooster, to make it crow, but it stubbornly remained silent. Gideon poked at it with his wand, but it only caused the rooster to peck irritably at the wood.

The whole time, Harry was aware of the hissing coming closer to them and became worried that they weren't going to be able to make the rooster crow in time. Fabian decided that he'd had enough waiting and really didn't want to die down in this dank hole.

He raised his wand and cast a slight stinging hex at the rooster, startling it. He had to trust that Harry knew what he was doing and that it was what he said it was. He looked up from the book at his newest spy. The man was horribly nervous and obviously wanted to be anywhere but there; Albus had asked him to stay, so that they all could confirm that the horcrux, if it was one, had been destroyed.

The spy sat straight in his chair when the door opened; pressing his back against the back of the chair as he saw the Prewett twins traipse into the room, followed by a young man who looked remarkably like James Potter.

As the young man looked at him, he realised that his eyes were the wrong colour Harry sighed heavily as he recognised the man sitting in the chair. Did you bring the diary? Harry looked at Albus, who nodded, before he answered. I will be born next year. I've been sent back from the future to make sure that Voldemort doesn't survive. By destroying his horcruxes, he will become mortal again and I can make sure he's gone.

The man has made horcruxes? He wants to rule over the world with an iron fist. His plans include killing all of the muggle-born witches and wizards he can find. I'm not really sure about the half-bloods, but since he's a half-blood himself and won't admit it, he probably wants all of us dead, too. Why is he always going on about blood purity then? If he's a half-blood, why does he want to kill them? Gideon scooted back from the jar slightly, not wanting to overturn it and have the venom burn a hole in the floor, or worse There's too much inbreeding in the pure-blood lines.

He doesn't want anyone around who could possibly defeat him. Voldemort doesn't want any more wizards like Albus or myself to be born.

I was sent here to keep the future from happening the way it did. When I left my time, both of my parents were dead, along with Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, both Prewett twins and a good friend of yours. I won't let that happen! How do we stop him? Take him out and some of my work will be done. The man turned dead white. He can't be trusted; he is a spy for Voldemort and he has to be taken care of. If he could do anything, other than provide that book, then this would be it.

He would get rid of the spy.

weasley twins meet the prewett

Harry turned to Albus and held out his hand. Harry opened the diary to the middle and, holding the jar carefully, poured a little of the basilisk venom onto the open pages.

He quickly stoppered the jar and stepped back. They all watched as the book twitched and then emitted a sound very much like a scream as black, blood-like ink bubbled up out of the ruined pages. Am I right in thinking that his brother Regulus has died?

That's what you were told, to make you believe that Voldemort knows everything.

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If he's dead, his body is in a cave by the ocean. The horcrux he tried to destroy will be hidden, but I know where. I need to speak with him right away.

This thing is what his brother died trying to destroy; he would make sure that it was truly destroyed He turned to the young man that looked so much like James and handed him the ornate locket. Opening the jar of venom, he poured it onto the locket and stepped back. The locket trembled and tried to move, but the venom was quicker.

A cloud of acrid black smoke came from the locket, followed by a gush of bright red liquid. The scream that pierced the air was one that Sirius hoped never to hear again. He didn't quite believe that the young man in front of him was James and Lily's son; they had told him that they wouldn't be able to have a child because of an episode with James' accidental magic right before he started at Hogwarts.

However, he looked too much like James to be anyone else's son Sirius was extremely confused, but, if Albus Dumbledore said that it was so, then, it was so. Everyone would be one step closer to being completely safe, once they were.

Harry looked up at Gideon, Fabian and Sirius. She was Tom Marvolo Riddle's mother. Several attacks by Death Eaters had delayed them because Gideon and Fabian were required to fight. Harry had gone with the Order, but had stayed underneath James' invisibility cloak; Dumbledore hadn't wanted anyone to see the young man and wonder who he was.

He had spent most of his time casting shields over the Order members so that they all stayed alive. Harry turned the ring over in his hands, noting the symbol of the Deathly Hallows embedded in the stone. He turned to Albus and showed him the ring. This ring is part of what killed you in my time. Like the locket, a cloud of black smoke rose before it burst apart, spraying the tree behind it with blood.

Once again, the scream that they had heard when Harry destroyed the locket rose into the air to be carried away by the breeze. Helga Hufflepuff's cup is in there. The goblins aren't about to allow anyone in who doesn't belong there. Most likely you're lying. If you do, use it on me. Griphook blinked; no one had ever asked him to essentially torture them before. He needed Ragnok for this; this request was beyond his training.

I will be right back. After what I've been through, a little torture by the goblins will be nothing. Harry stood, separating his hand from Gideon's. After silencing the room as well, the second goblin turned to Harry and made a gesture. Pain began pouring throughout Harry's body as the goblin ruthlessly went through his mind.

Once he found what he needed, the pain stopped and Harry collapsed to the floor. The goblin version of Legilimency was more direct than the wizarding version; the goblins didn't like to waste time by being nice. I feel much pity for anyone who gets in his way. I want it out of here today. Now, do with it what you will. We don't want to see you again until you've gone back to your time. He opened it and poured the venom into the cup, watching as the cup shook and filled with blood.

The goblins covered their ears when the cup shrieked right before melting into nothing. The two goblins stared at the black spot on the floor in awe. Potter, you have done what no one else has had the guts to do; Lord Voldemort won't take kindly to someone crossing him as you have.

The Goblin Nation wishes you luck in your endeavours. Harry returned the bow stiffly. I don't need Voldemort to find out about this and make another horcrux. Again, thank you and may your gold multiply. I don't think I'm up to apparating back to your place yet. Once we get a room, go back to your house and get Fabian.

What the hell was he thinking? I've never seen anything like that; he didn't even make a sound. What's going to happen when he has to go back to his own time? Where is that going to leave you? You know Mum always told us that we wouldn't be able to help who we fell in love with.

This just proves that she was right. You're my brother and I care about you. Gideon slid into the bed and wrapped his arms around the younger wizard, trying to give him comfort.

Harry broke out of his hold and sat straight up in the bed, breathing hard and looking around him in panic. Both Gideon and Fabian could feel the intense crackle of magic all around them and they realised just how powerful Harry was, if he was able to keep all that hidden.

You were dead and there was nothing I could do about it! It wasn't real; I'm right here next to you and Fabian's here, too.

You destroyed that horcrux in your time Harry took a deep breath and slowly released it. He knew they were right; he couldn't have the connection with Voldemort because he hadn't been born yet in this time. Usually when something was that real, it was a vision from Voldemort. But you're right, I haven't been born yet, so that link between me and him isn't there. Do you think you can go back to sleep? I need the three of us to swear that we won't tell anyone that the cup has been destroyed. I don't want to make a mistake and do this too quickly.

I'm fairly certain that Voldemort has felt something each time a horcrux was destroyed, but I don't know what he felt. I'm going to have to speak with either Lucius or Severus to see if either one of them was with Voldemort when I destroyed one; that will let me know if he felt something and what it was.

Neither one of us is going to say anything. If the three of us are tied into the oath, you'll keep me from saying anything to Dumbledore or the others. I want everyone to think that we haven't gotten past the goblins yet. Poor Ron, traumatized by his favorite stuffed animal suddenly growing eight legs and eyes, could never look at spiders the same way again.

A detail that tends to get lost in this anecdote is just how young the twins were. The cranky relative who loans Fleur her goblin-made tiara for the wedding but complains about everything the entire time? Everyone probably has a relative they think of when they read about this character.

Fred and George managed to tick her off so much that she wrote them out of her will. Since goblin-made anything is pretty expensive in the wizarding world, we can assume that Auntie Muriel is living pretty well. Writing them out of her will was supposed to hurt. What did they do to deserve such punishment? Apparently, they let off a Dungbomb under her chair at family Christmas.

Auntie Muriel never returned for Christmas time with the Weasley family, a fact that no one seems to mourn. In both the books and the movies, you can find the famous joke shop at 93 Diagon Alley.

Okay, you might be thinking, but why should I care what the address of their joke shop is? She did that a lot. When you add together their address numbers, 9 and 3, you get a significant number in the Potter world -- They test their new experiments on themselves and their enemies throughout the year, before finally setting up their very own store.

Our first hint is in Goblet of Fire, in a scene that was cut from the movies. His tongue grows so large that he nearly chokes on it before Uncle Vernon lets Mr. Weasley make it right.