Bitsaa global meet conference

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bitsaa global meet conference

I am Coordinator of Radioaktiv and BITSAA Cell Pilani and the founder of at BITSAA Global Meet in Hyderabad, India and PyCon in Montreal, Canada. I will soon be presenting at Augmented Human , ACM Conference. PGi is the global leader in web conferencing, online meetings and GlobalMeet elevates your audio, video and web meetings and increases productivity. BIT Sindri Houston Chapter Meeting ( ECE) and Ashutosh Dutta (89 Prod) provided updates on campus, BITSAA International and BISAA NA.

How does it operate? Please describe the technology involved. It uses the latest and greatest technologies in video-conferencing using telepresence. Telepresence is substantially different from video-conferencing, which has ignored the human factors of communication.

bitsaa global meet conference

True telepresence is a multidisciplinary art and science that integrates engineering, psychology and the television broadcast art. Four classrooms — each with a capacity of students — will be equipped with telepresence equipment.

With a inch projection screen and four big plasma screens, the instructor will be able to see the remote classrooms. Every desk will be equipped with a gooseneck microphone, which will be connected to control systems.

Connected Universities: Much Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

When a student asks a question, a camera will autofocus on that student, and his video feed will be transmitted to all locations automatically. How do you decide which programs are suitable for this delivery model?

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One specific problem that exists in India is shortage of quality faculty at the graduate level. BITS aims to increase the Ph. In order to achieve this, and to increase the level of research, BITS has to hire qualified faculty in a number of areas.

Are there any other uses planned apart from course instruction?

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The other uses include using the seat conference rooms equipped with telepresence equipment for administrative meetings and research group meetings; remote recruitment: There are many more uses that will evolve. The set-up costs are in low single digits of millions of dollars. Operating costs are primarily the bandwidth costs of dedicated network interconnectivity between the four campuses and the data center, and software licenses.

They are in low single digits of crores of rupees per year. How will you determine the success of this program? What are the key metrics? The simplest measure of success will be the number of hours the facilities get used. We strongly believe that connecting faculty, students and alumni together will lead to a better university.

Interview – Dushyant Sridhar

We hope to see faculty on one campus mentoring Ph. We also hope to see an increase in the number of graduate-level electives offered, faculty collaborating more closely with researchers across the globe and doing joint projects, an increase in the number and quality of companies offering placements to BITS students, and qualified guest faculty and alumni from the industry tapping into the campuses for research.

The rest is history. Some Questions and Answers: Each country keeps its identity but unites in the common purpose of world peace.

bitsaa global meet conference

Similarly each Alumni Association entity chapter or subchapter chooses to unite for the common purpose of uplifting BIT Sindri. The politics descended and engulfed the leaders and degraded the sense of public pride. The leaders were too occupied in divisive maneuvers for narrow selfish causes. And, in spite of deteriorating infrastructure, the Jharkhand Govt doubled the enrollment overnight — unwittingly making the matters worse!

Construction work has started. As of June there is a new 3-story hostel. Campuswide wi fi is to be completed by December There is a plan to bring back the glory, and progress on the model of IIT Kharagpur. Position of Director has been advertized. Faculty positions are to be advertized soon. Is there any example of alumni and students making a significant difference?

It is now subsumed by the Master Plan. But the Alumni House will be renovated. Student body representative would be blessed by the Director.

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We are approaching the chapters in India. Bangalore chapter has expressed interest to join. He attends major meetings of most chapters in India. Global Alumni Meet at Sindri in November We met with representatives of major chapters in India. Prof Raj Dubey from Canada was there. There is a plan to have a representative from all chapters worldwide. We have just started our website www.

We are reaching out to all alumni and well wishers.