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clara meet zambales

Date, time and place of the meeting of security holders: April 20, , p.m. GF Sta. Clara Estate Building, Lacson St., Mandalagan. The Zambales Ophiolite Complex (ZOC) on the island of Luzon, Philippines is one Zuluaga, Maria Clara; Albanese, Stefano; de Vivo, Benedetto; Nieto, Jose the descending crystal mushes originating from the axial melt lens meet with. Meet Clara Andrews: The laugh-out-loud romcom series that will have you hooked! (Clara Andrews Book 1) eBook: Lacey London: Kindle Store.

Cruz and Candelaria in Zambales and Infanta in Pangasinan. The mining companies were permitted by the government to haul down their illegally extracted stockpiles from the mining sites, yet the properties and the basic livelihood of the people that were lost due to the destruction of their farms, fishponds, rivers and other fishing grounds, including the sea by the mining operations are yet to be restored and the incomes lost are yet to be compensated.

The mining operations in the town of Sta. Cruz started in the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century. BNMI were the first to operate.

clara meet zambales

Both employed large scale mining operations. The mayor then, Chito Marty does not allow any business that competes with his. ShangFil has its own port. ShangFil is called phantom miner. It could mine the mining sites of other mining companies and even haul down their stockpiles. Thus, gun battles erupted in the mountains that retired Gen. Jovito Palparan was employed as a security consultant by one of the mining companies.

Because of the aggression of ShangFil, other mining companies were forced to start their own exploration of their mining sites, namely Filipinas Mining Inc.

The four mining companies, including BNMI were allowed to haul down 8. The EPEP includes the environmental programs the mining company has to accomplish to mitigate the impact of mining operations to the environment. They also have the endorsements of at least two of the three local government units. They have to have all of this prior to the issuance of Environmental Clearance Certificate ECC wherein mining conditions or parameters are indicated.

Included in the ECC is the construction of a mining road before hauling of their mining products. EMB monitors the effects of mining operations in the ambient air, the water and the bodies and the land.

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Securing permits was not that easy. Aside from complying with the written and legally approved governmental requirements and procedures, there are unwritten and unregulated procedures that the miners have to comply. Getting endorsements from the LGUs is also not that easy. However, the applicants endorsed by the barangay chairpersons of host barangays and the mayor could not be denied by the companies. Monitoring the Mining Operations.

After getting permits and certificates, the mining companies have to operate in accordance with environmental and mining laws and regulations. They have to follow acceptable national mining standards. To ensure that mining operations are not destructive to the environment and to the livelihood of the people, the mining operations have to be monitored and regular quarterly reports have to be submitted to the national government. Before the start of the extractive mining operations, a Multipartite Monitoring Team MMT has to be formed for the mining sites and outside the mining sites.

Thus, every mining company has to have at least two MMTs. Monitoring is done quarterly. Cruz, Zambales are not causing any environmental destructions. This is in contrast to your report. Inmassive environmental destruction is already evident in the whole town. The roads in interior barangays turned from concrete to dirt and the national asphalted road is dusty when dry and chocolaty when wet. The riverbanks are red and the sea water is itchy. Those who are against mining, including the businessmen and the farm owners chose to keep silent.

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The Formation of the Concerned Citizens of Sta. Cruz, Zambales Only a few brave men and women stood up and struggled against mining. It was a struggle even in the forging of unity and in the formation of the organization. On the 9th of Aprilthis few brave men and women met, discussed and decided to form a loose network which later became an organization, the Concerned Citizens of Sta. And the struggle continued.

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The few brave men and women have to enjoin other citizens and netizens. While locally other people were invited to the monthly meeting, a facebook group named Concerned Citizens of Sta. Cruz was formed in the same evening the first meeting was held to inform if not educate the netizens of Sta. Cruz from all over the world and encourage them to help in stopping the mining that s causing the bleeding of the environment.

The awareness of the local people with regards to the environment was cultivated. An environmental concert led by Noel Cabangon was organized with the support of the netizens and citizens of Sta.

clara meet zambales

Cruz and the Catholic Church. Election of Officers was held in September and the organization was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in January Evidence Based Complaints Submitted Summer ofdestruction to farmlands, rivers and roads were documented. Tubo-tubo Norte and Sur were visited and the complaints of the 56 farmers who believed that they could still get justice were gathered and documented. The much bigger number of affected farmers did not file complaint for they already lost their interest when they were told by the local officials, barangay and municipal, that they could not do anything because the mining permits were issued by the national government.

The mining effects on the health of the people were assessed. These cases were summarized and complaints were submitted to the Secretary of the DENR, Ramon Paje on the first week 5 of May during a meeting with him in his office.

clara meet zambales

Balse was performed after the lutrina a religious processionand the music that accompanied the dancers was played by the musikong bungbong musicians using instruments made of bamboo. With a fan or handkerchief, the dancers go through hide-and-seek movements and other flirting acts expressing tender feelings for one another.

clara meet zambales

There are many versions of this dance, but the hide-and-seek movements are common in all. This dance, from Camarines Sur, has been adapted by the Bicolano people and is characterized by a brush-step-hop movement.

clara meet zambales

Eventually the dance was called Escopiton. This beautiful dance originated from Malandog, a barrio of Hamtic in Antique. During the old days, this dance was a favorite in social gatherings and was performed by the estudiantinas, women who were students of private schools and colleges in Manila. They are seen holding a book in one hand throughout the dance. Typical sequences include the procession of the bride and groom's parents, lineup of the bridesmaids and groomsmen upstage, and a solo featuring the wedding couple.

A beauty enters for an afternoon promenade with her suitors.

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At the end of the dance, the lovable and charming lady cannot select from any of her suitors. La Jota lah-HOH-tah The jota encompasses a variety of Spanish-influenced dances accompanied by the use of bamboo castanets, held loosely and unstrung. There are many forms of jota in the Philippines whose names are derived from their regions of origin.

It became popular with the young people and was handed down between generations. The accompanying love ballad was written by Maestro Nitoy Gonzales when he was courting Jovita Friese, who then choreographed the graceful and beautiful habanera dance that accompanies it.