Cresbard south dakota state track meet

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cresbard south dakota state track meet

Girls Track & Field Schedules. track and field Dakota Hills · Frederick Area Waverly-South Shore Faulkton Area Andes Central/Dakota Christian. in Cresbard, SD and graduated from Cresbard High School in As a Letterman in baseball, track and basketball, he was the "Outstanding Athlete" 4 years in a row. In he was elected Governor of Boys State of South Dakota. where he met his wife of 47 years, Betty Faye Bradford and attended. South Dakota State Track & Field Championships. May 30, May 31, Howard Wood Field. Sioux Falls, SD. Official Meet Website. Meet History.

Hazen and considerable other damage that we are unable to learn full particulars about at this date. Wiles was appointed by the M.

Faulk County, South Dakota

Thos Collins was assigned to DeVoe and Roanoke. Bullock of the latter charge goes to Newark. Hyde will preach his farewell sermon, at this place, next Sunday morning. Hyde and family will leave next Tuesday for St. Lawrence where they will take charge of the Methodist church.

The good wishes of many friends accompany them to their new field of labor. Gray, of the firm of Gray Bros. The advisability of putting down a new hole was thoroughly discussed by the members of the council and as a result a new contract was made between the council and Gray Bros. The new contract calls for a larger hole and will be a much better well than the old one. The well is to be finished at the top of the sand rock with a four inch pipe and at the bottom of the hole with a 3 inch pipe.

At the time the flow was struck in the old well everybody was well pleased with it and every indication was that the well would be a big success and would fully meet the expectations of our citizens. But since then a series of accidents have occurred in the way of losing the tools in the bottom of the well and other unavoidable mishaps till the hole is in bad shape and could never be fixed up to meet the requirements of the old contract. The new contract seems to meet with the approval of all concerned.

Faulk County Record, Thursday, June 27,page 1 Contributed by Harold Way Faulk county is rapidly becoming a stock county as is demonstrated by the shipment of cattle and hogs from this station. A reporter for the RECORD has been making a few inquiries among the butchers and stock men and found out a few facts that will surprise our readers and the public generally.

He discovered that there has been forty cars of cattle and twenty cars of hogs shipped from this station to eastern markets since this time a year ago. This is not a large amount perhaps, but when we consider that this county is only six years old and has had a railroad only two years and a half, it is a large amount.

It demonstrates that cattle and hogs can be raised here at a profit. It demonstrates too that wheat is not the only reliance the farmers of Faulk county have to get a living. Many farmers are reducing their acreage of wheat every year and raising more feed crops, thus showing that practical experience teaches that stock is most profitable.

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We predict that the shipment of stock from this station during the coming year will be more than double what it was last year. Many farmers throughout the county will have fully hogs to sell this fall.

Besides bunches of cattle of from one to three car loads are fattening for the market on many farms throughout the county. In other stock the people are moving in the same direction.

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Faulk county will be shipping horses by the car loads inside of the next five years. Already we have several horse farms, one with fully a hundred head, and two others with nearly forty head each and with every farmer in the county raising colts. The sheep industry is beginning to look up.

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The wool clip this spring will be fully 20, pounds from sheep, the majority of which was brought into the county last fall. Dakota is par-excellence a sheep country. The exptreme dryness of the atmesphere [sic] is particularly condusive [sic] to health among sheep.

cresbard south dakota state track meet

It has been proven that sheep can be brought here dying with the foot-rot and in a few months be in perfect health. It has also been shown that sheep will clip more pounds of wool here than where they wer brought from. One man in this county this year got pounds from sheep. Some of them clipping as high as 15 pounds. Don Gibbs, Claremont, Volz, Wemmering1: Platte Conway, Dimmitt, Sluiter, Nash3: Team champion Egan 18, Centerville Dave Chamley, Egan, Russ Nash, Platte, 4: Springfield Tjerdsma, Trickey, J.

Broderson, Elk Point, Miller, Madison Orland Team champion tie Springfield 26, De Smet 26, Hurley Neil Hofland, DeSmet, Tommy Monfore, Springfield, 2: Arlin Patrick, White, 4: Springfield Muselich, Ferwada, Trickey, Tjeersma3: Tommy Monfore, Springfield, Dennis Nelson, Hurley, Sylvester Zacher, Eagle Butte, Don McCaskell, De Smet, Fred Leader Charge, Rosebud, Don McCaskell, De Smet, 2: Bill Fairley, Gayville, 4: Richie Bright, Highmore, Burke Burr, Stoddard, Wittmus, Kelso1: Mission Zephier, Rouillard, Amiotte, Thompson3: DeBuhr, Elk Point, Team champion tie Tyndall 17, Burke 17, Centerville Ray Schamber, Tyndall, Ray Gruntman, Centerville, Rueben Quiver, Mission Todd2: Roger Schmuck, Freeman, 4: Grant Kelso, Burke, Tom Veren, Provo, Charles Sorsen, White, Jim Fero, Pickstown, Mervin Quilt, Fort Thompson, Team champion Tyndall 20, Hayti 17, Provo Dennis Anderson, Madison Beadle Guy Rhodes, Pickstown, Larry Ingalls, White River, Francis Blaze, Fort Pierre, Raymond Van Liere, Colton, Ardean Richardson, Elk Point, Frank Gruenzer, Armour, Team champion Tyndall 24, Hayti 14, Pickstown Jerald Hermanek, Tyndall, Porter Nuttal, Agar, Nyal Brings, Todd County H.

Arnold Wienk, Lake Preston, 4: Jack Elliott, Castlewood, Garney Henley, Hayti, Marvin Walz, Freeman, Larry Schmidt, Hoven, Dave Cowden, Howard, Dan Sutera, Tyndall, 2: Dan Sutera, Tyndall, 4: Lloyd Poppen, Castlewood, Carlos Kemper, Viborg, Don Boetel, Yale, Herbert Goodman, Provo, Victor O'Brien, Stickney, Roger Krell, Plankinton, Team champion Yale George Gross, Bridgewater, Bill Headley, Menno, Don Loudenberg, Canova, Barry Nelson, White, Herb Goodman, Provo, Nick Bornong, Timber Lake, Larry Weidner, Yale, Oren Smith, Agar, Team champion Edgemont Nels Jensen, Meckling, Larry Kelso, Burke, Larry Fredericksen, White Lake, Larry Rector, Edgemont, 2: Lynn Davis, Mount Vernon, 4: Gary Merkwan, Avon, Jerald Petersen, Hayti, Arden Nelson, Garretson, Larry Kelson, Burke, John Lillibridge, Burke, Dennis Pressler, Selby, Paul Russell, Marion, Larry Rector, Edgemont, Jim Kampen, Corona, 4: Lionel Brown, Volga, Terry Gillette, Menno, Darrell Tramp, Elk Point, Larry Kock, Lake Preston, Team champion tie Tyndall 19, Volga 19, Bridgewater Lionel Brown, Volga, no time listed yard dash: Marv Fluth, Bridgewater, Tom Kuck, Centerville, Jake Schlicht, Woonsocket, 2: Jake Schlicht, Woonsocket, 4: Lionel Brown, Volga, no time listed yard low hurdles: Lionel Brown, Volga, no time listed yard relay: Vern Buus, Harrisburg, Maurice Boeding, Faith, Jim McCormick, Bridgewater, Team champion Onida 20, Woonsocket 14, Selby James Breitag, Leola, Doug Schanzenbach, Selby, Mervin Bouchie, Agar, LeRoy Smith, White, Larry Tompkins, Timber Lake, Dave Fischer, Wall, Team champion Onida 20, Centerville 17, Hoven 12, Gary Mike Michels, Emery, Craig Hilton, Onida, Dave Damgaard, Centerville, Eldon Gilchrist, Columbia, 2: Art Taken Alive, McLaughlin, 4: Mike Gilbertson, Gary, Dick Hyde, Onida, John Jones, White River, Larry Kramer, Northville-Northwestern, Broad jump: Ed Babcock, Springfield, Kenneth Sorber, Colome, Team champion Hoven 18, Gary 17, Northville-Nortwestern Glyndon Knutson, Centerville, Dick Davidson, Bristol, 2: Jay Dirksen, General Beadle, 4: Gary Hyde, Castlewood, Paul Tanke, White, Larry Kramer, Northville-Northwestern, Larry Stoddard, Humboldt, Team champion Irene 25, Hoven 20, Volga 16 Individual champions yard dash: Doug Gaden, Hoven, Dennis Marx, Bristol, 2: Philip Bearface, Wakpala, 4: Tom Nelson, Irene, Gene Larson, Canova, Larry Nutbrook, Willow Lake, Claude Kraft, McLaughlin, Gene Vostad, Volga, Team champion Centerville 25, Tyndall 19, Chancellor LeRoy Hisek, Tyndall, Roger Ackerman, Baltic, Dan Randall, Dell Rapids, 2: Jerry Albrecht, Tripp, Dennis Merritt, Centerville, Tom Cole, Alcester, Ron Freng, Volin, Don Fischer, Menno, Jim Reiners, Hurley, Team champion Tyndall 27, Centerville 22, Springfield 20, Britton Mike Orthaus, Florence, Bill Jacobson, Bristol, 2: Lenny Sanderson, Claremont, 4: Ron Johnson, Willow Lake, Wayne Swanson, Kidder, Paul Abild, Wakonda, Glen Reiner, Tripp, Jim Lass, Ipswich, Wayne Forgey, Agar, Team champion Tyndall 31, Jefferson 19, Dell Rapids LeRoy Hisek, Tyndall, 9.

Wayne Ortman, Marion, Galen Bauman, Bradley, 2: Ron Kambestad, Bristol, 4: Jim Sees, Irene, Dennis Winrow, Gary, Don Peterson, Hitchcock, Tom Herker, Willow Lake, Jim Mundt, Kidder, Marty Glood, Viborg, Gene Ellis, Dell Rapids St. Jim Guthmiller, Tripp, Dale Patterson, Wall, Rich Bludorn, Florence, 2: Loren Kambestad, Bristol, 4: Joe Trudeau, Jefferson, Bernie Schuurmans, Tyndall, Tom Allard, Jefferson, Richard Vasgaard, Centerville, John Sanders, Miller Sunshine Bible, Gary Boettcher, Esteline, Team champion Jefferson 32, Onida 30, Canistota 22 Individual champions yard dash: Mike Lomheim, Onida, 9.

Mike Lomheim, Onida, Jim Olson, Bristol, No time available.

cresbard south dakota state track meet

Loren Kambestad, Bristol, No time available. Loren Cooper, Canistota, no time available.

cresbard south dakota state track meet

Roger Porch, Kadoka, Chuck Clayton, Woonsocket,no time available. Jerry Whitethorn, Ramona, Brad Schlepp, Bowdle, Eddie Edwards, Hill City, distance not available. Team champion Castlewood 22, Draper 18, Murdo 17 Individual champions yard dash: Gene Mollett, Jefferson Tracy Dowling, Draper, Ed Jackson, Murdo, Loren Kambestad, Bristol, 2: Ken Black Spotted Horse, St.

Ron Rankin, Draper, Ron Rankin, Draper,no time available. Bill Higgins, Hill City, Dan Somsen, Castlewood, Chris Miller, Stickney, Team champion Castlewood 27, Bridgewater 26, Freeman Academy Dan Graber, Bridgewater, Radel Hauge, Willow Lake, 2: Neil Howe, School for Deaf, 4: Gene Thin Elk, White River, Our partners may use the information collected to serve you with targeted advertising, both through our Services and other websites, email, online services or mobile applications.

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cresbard south dakota state track meet

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cresbard south dakota state track meet

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