Dreamworks characters meet fanfic

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dreamworks characters meet fanfic

Till We Meet Again - Character Outfits by xxMeMoRiEzxx (Frozen AU FanFic art) Hans x Elsa Frozen Comics, Elsa And Hans, Disney And Dreamworks. Elsa and Anna head to college and meet Rapunzel, Merida, Jack, Kristoff, Hans, and Hiccup And don't panic, character relations will change. Disney And DreamWorks: 30 Crossover Relationship Pictures That Are These characters have will never meet in cannon Disney and DreamWorks are . which is a joy to experience, be it through art, fanfiction, or playlists.

Once the three males get outside, Puss is soon bombarded with questions. He's used to being taken aback and shocked by Donkey, but nothing has hit him this hard.

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Sure, he's a lover, but he does stand on ceremony. He and Kitty wouldn't talk about kittens until after they're married. If they even get married…. I'm a gentleman and respect Kitty's boundaries. Besides, we aren't even married yet! A lot of couples I know had kids before they were married," Donkey tells the Spaniard. I rather wish to not talk about this! I'm so happy for you! Uh, just a question, though.

How are you going to propose?

Disney And DreamWorks: 30 Crossover Relationship Pictures That Are Too Sweet For Words

Then, I'll have Kitty cut the first piece and she'll get the ring. By the time she turns around, I'll be down on one knee," Puss reveals his plan.

dreamworks characters meet fanfic

My culinary skills are impeccable! What can I do for you, mi amor? I'm ready to go to the Poison Apple now," Kitty says with a yawn as she grabs Puss' paw. See you tomorrow at the castle," Puss remarks. Christmas Day arrives early the next morning in the kingdom of Far, Far Away.

Kitty and Puss rise with the sun since both of them are early risers. They head for the castle where King Arthur and Lillian, Fiona's mother, are holding Christmas for their rather unique family. Five ogres, two cats, one donkey, one dragon, five donkey-dragon hybrids, and two humans are in attendance for this particular feast.

As soon as they arrive, Puss gets to work in the kitchen to prepare his special surprise. It takes him about three hours, but the Spanish swordfighter finally gets it perfect, just in time for dinner. He brings it into the dining room on a golden platter and sets it in the middle of the table. I thought I would make something special for our first family Christmas," Puss smiles as he passes the shrimp.

dreamworks characters meet fanfic

When it is time for dessert, Puss puts his master plan into action. As Kitty starts to cut into the cake, Puss silently slips out of his chair and onto the floor beside Kitty. The tuxedo she-cat notices a shiny metal circle in her piece of cake. She turns to Puss, her blue eyes shining. Puss in Boots is kneeled down on one knee, a goofy grin on his face. His green eyes sparkle out of love for Kitty. Kitty Softpaws, I love you with all my heart and soul and will love you all my life.

Mi amor, will you do me the honor of marrying me?

dreamworks characters meet fanfic

Of course I'll marry you! Puss scoops her up in his arms and spins her around. He holds his hat in front of them for some privacy. The two lovers share a passionate Christmas kiss behind Puss' hat.

dreamworks characters meet fanfic

I hope everyone enjoyed; please leave a comment with what you thought. Don't worry, there will be plenty more of Puss X Kitty in later chapters.

Now, Shrek in the gang might pop in the story every so often, but it won't be for much of the story. There were times when another school, like Illumination Preparatory, would give them a run for their money, but on the whole no other school could hold a candle to these two.

As a result of this the students had adopted an animosity towards each other. You went to Disney you were supposed to hate DreamWorks and vice versa. So whenever there was an event where the two schools were up against each other both student bodies came out in force to show their support. Like this day, on the DreamWorks football field, in the middle of a game, the winner of which would go to the play offs.

Even though it was a home game for DreamWorks you wouldn't be able to tell, since Disney's supporters had taking over half the stands in a sea of black, white and red. Their red and black was a sharp contrast to the other side of the stadium with the mass of blue.

Disney was ahead by fourteen in the fourth quarter but DreamWorks' had the offensive.

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He'd just sent Sully, Disney's linebacker to the bench and was knocking down the other plays like they were nothing.

The Ogre knocked aside Kristoff and Aladdin and crossed into the end zone. The groan from Disney was drowned out by DreamWorks screams of joy. On the side lines Anna buried her face into her pompoms while Jasmine turned away. At the opposite end of the field DreamWorks's own cheerleaders launched into a cheer lead by Fiona and Eep. The commentators, Tulio and Miguel were quickly discussing the last play. Most people looked into the stands to where a freshman was leaning so far over the side her friends had to hold on to her hoodie to prevent her from tumbling over the side.

Ain't that right Ralphy! From the field the largest boy wearing the Disney colours shot her a thumb up. This reenergised the Disney supporters, and then their cheers only grew when Kristoff and Aladdin both got to their feet. The two teams lined up again getting ready for the next play. As the whistle blew the ball disappeared in the scrimmage then suddenly Guy broke out from the pack the ball under his arm. He was making a 'b-line' for the end zone. Then we have Marina, the ambassador turned pirate from Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas.

She wants to see the world, he wants to live a good life. Maybe they meet while she is on a diplomatic mission to Paris - maybe he is her guard.

dreamworks characters meet fanfic

The love story is writing itself here. In the original 80's Voltron series, these two were the endgame couple. In Legendary Defender, things are a little different, but that doesn't stop kallura fans from shipping. It is so easy to imagine them dancing like this at one of Allura's balls or a diplomatic event. It would be a little awkward, thanks to Keith's lack of dance skills, but Allura would guide him through it.

This art just feels like two classics coming together - it's magic. Rather than seeming reluctant to be married, Hiccup and Merida seem confident and secure in each other and their decision.

She would bring out Hiccup's courageous side and he would ignite her passion for the outdoors and exploration. The joining of their fierce tribes would be an alliance to reckon with. They would probably sneak off and practice archery and riding - I bet Merida would love to ride a dragon. They both have mythic creatures as pets, are sassy to the max and have a great goth aesthetic. While Hades is more of a 'stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours' kind of guy, Eris is way more mischievous.

While they would have a cheeky relationship, it would be better for humanity if they did not get together. She wants to be free of her royal restraints and to see beyond the palace and happens to have a thing for street rats. He is a street rat turned pirate, stealing precious goods from all over the world and selling them to the highest bidder. These two would have a sensual and fun relationship sailing across the horizon together.

It's the stuff movies are made of. Second, these two would be an intriguing pairing. Jack and Astrid are both stubborn thrillseekers who just want to prove themselves to their peers. They would challenge each other and have a competitive edge to their interactions. Respect for each other's skills could slowly turn into something more. This image shows a softer sweeter side to these two that just makes you want to grab someone and hold them close, preferably under blankets.

Proteus is the prince who exchanges his life for Sinbad's in order to let him return the Book of Peace. He loved Marina, but ultimately let her go when he saw how much she cared for Sinbad and being on the open ocean.

Megara has been burned in love before and is cautious around men, always expecting the worst. These two meeting under moonlight and bonding over their wounded hearts is such a bittersweet idea.