English golf union seniors meet

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english golf union seniors meet

Seven intrepid and farsighted gentlemen golfers met at the Castle Hotel in Taunton on . At the English Golf Union meeting several counties objected to the . more mature members of the Union a Seniors Somerset Bowl was introduced with. In November , at a meeting at Trevose Golf Club, it was decided, by about form of golf under the proposed banner of the English Senior Golf Association. Champions, Senior Cup Champions, Inter-Club Champions and Irish Girls Team. I met players from far and near throughout and witnessed some spectacular .. Thurs 30 – Sun 3 July English Women's Open Match Play Championship.

The Secretary shall within twenty one days of receiving such written request call a meeting of the Union. Such notice will give details of the business to be transacted at such meeting and only business at which such notice has been given shall be considered at the meeting.

english golf union seniors meet

Any proposed amendment to a proposed resolution must be in writing and be recorded by the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. In his absence that Council shall elect a Chairman for the meeting. Should nominations exceed vacancies election shall be by ballot the arrangements of which shall be made by the Executive Committee. Arrangements for proxy voting may be from time to time made by the Executive Committee.

No member of the Council shall exercise more than one vote notwithstanding that he may have been appointed to represent two or more interests but in case of any equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second vote.

english golf union seniors meet

The minutes will be confirmed at the next meeting and will then form a true record. If a playing member has membership at Member Clubs in two or more County Unions an affiliation fee shall be payable in relation to each such County Union. Subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee handicaps of the playing members at that Member Club may also be deemed to be no longer CONGU Handicaps until such time the affiliation fee is paid. Club members may also be denied entry to a County Meeting or match for the period the affiliation fee remains unpaid.

The Executive Committee shall authorise in writing the Honorary Treasurer, the Secretary of the Union and two other Members of the Executive Committee to sign cheques on behalf of the Union. Secretary shall send out, not later than 30th November of each year, to the Clubs of the Union a circular asking for nominations for; a.

english golf union seniors meet

Such nomination signed on behalf of the Club by an office bearer or member of the Committee of the Club, must reach the Hon.

Secretary of the Union not later than 30th December following. A Club shall nominate the same person to represent it on both the Council and the Executive Committee of the Union. The attention of Clubs is particularly drawn to the obligations attached to being a Member of the Executive Committee of the Union, which are set out clearly on the Nominated Form for this office.

Secretary shall send to the Clubs of the Union and to Members of the Executive Committee a copy of the unconfirmed minutes within 28 days of the date of such Meeting. Such subscriptions, based on membership numbers as at the preceding 30th June shall be payable on the 1st January each year and shall be made up of two parts: No Club or its Members whose Subscription is in arrears shall be entitled to take part in any England Golf event, County or other Golf Meeting of the Union and any entry made by the Secretary of such Club shall be void.

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A Club shall be considered to be in arrears if its Subscription is not paid to the Hon. Treasurer of the Union by the 1st of January in any year. Secretary shall keep in a Book the correct Minutes of the Meetings of Council and Executive Committee and shall produce such Book at all Meetings thereof.

english golf union seniors meet

Secretary shall keep a Roll of Clubs in membership of the Union and give all Notices required by the Rules for the time being in force and act generally in accordance with the instructions of the Council or Executive Committee. Treasurer shall record all financial transactions and shall prepare annually a Financial Statement made up to 31st October previous, which he shall give to the Hon.

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Secretary after it has been audited and signed by the Auditor. He shall also receive and dispose of, according to the instructions of the Council or the Executive Committee, all monies receivable and payable by the Union and shall act generally in accordance with the instructions of the Council or the Executive Committee. Secretary of the Union on or before31st October in any year, otherwise the Club shall be liable to pay its Subscription for the ensuing year.

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Secretary of the Union by 31st December in any year, so that it may be incorporated in the Agenda for the ensuing Annual Meeting of the Council. Motions may also be submitted by the Executive Committee for consideration at the Annual Meeting of the Council, provided that the text of the Motion has been approved by a simple majority of Members present and voting at a Meeting of the Executive Committee.

The text of any Motion submitted by the Executive Committee must be available to the Hon. Secretary of the Union not later than 31st December in any year for the inclusion in the Agenda of the ensuing Annual Meeting of Council.

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A person being both a Member of the Executive Committee and a representative of a Member Club shall be entitled to one vote only. Voting shall be by a show of hands in the first place, but if a Ballot is demanded by a majority of those present it shall be taken at the Meeting then being held. Except in the case of a tie in a Ballot for the election to the Executive Committee see Rule 3.

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Upon consideration of such proposals it shall be competent for the Meeting of the Council to pass them with or without modification. Match Secretary, the Hon.