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gangster girls meet hot boys wattpad search

Driving me crazy trying to find this book: it was a romance, Historical I think. The girl went to the river/ hot spring near the cabin and the guy tells . So, the girl dressed up, pretending to be a boy and went to meet he was part of a gang and attacking them was part of his initiation. It's from wattpad. Read hot and popular stories about #thug on Wattpad. Terra is bigger than most girls so she is Insecure about herself, Until she meets a guy name Rari. Read hot and popular stories about #BADBOY on Wattpad. girl. teenfiction. unloved. +17 more. The Nerd and the Bad Boy by randombutterfly_ #

A friend of my sister had it and loaned it to us. I think it was supposed to be part of a series but never heard of it again. They fall for each other and the boy starts to get her same exact wounds.

gangster girls meet hot boys wattpad search

The girl is stuck in a time loop and she was killed toward the end of the year I believe and the boy tries to keep the cycle from continuing by stopping her killer. The family is looking for him and according to a witch whom the older sister is employed by the brother traveled over a bridge guarded by a troll that appears every once in a while. One other thing I remember is that the little brother had a pet worm that he kept in his pocket. As well as the older sister used the money she got from work to buy some candy for her little brothers and sisters.

Then the witch put a magical spell on them where they all became lined with little candy wrappers and tasted all different and amazing. She shared them with her siblings and her two little sisters would not share them with her little brother so her little brother stole the candies and ran away. Please let me know the name!! I know the series of book was based on a girl and her family but follows the girl growing up.

gangster girls meet hot boys wattpad search

The book front page has the outline in silhouette of family linage and each book in series shows them getting older and added to family as events occur.

The setting I think is civil war and they live in south but the have slaves but treat them well or pay them. I know there house burns down. In the end the girl grows up and Marrys a northern but her dads best friend! Think there is like 8 books or so in series. It started off with a new girl at school who used to walk home the same way as this guy and he tried to walk slower to start conversation.

They became good friends and then bf and gf their parents were part of the story. There was a shop they used to go too. It was about a group of boys that escaped from a boys' camp and each one had a specific hat.

These hats symbolized their inner struggle or something like that. They each had a specific hat that symbolized their inner struggle or something. A mother I think wrote this book about her son and his desire to live in communes. In the book she had alot of problems with drugs and such but had went to rehab and gotten better. I cant remember the name of the book at all.

I cant remember the name for the life of me. I have tried countless google searches with no luck. It's a fiction book about this kid who lives in a super old abandoned town because everyone is moving to the big new city.

They city is growing by itself everyday. The kid has powers and can levitate stuff and there are these twins that are super strong and good at athletics. The kid goes to the city and he has a girl with him and they play in these athletic games or whatever and someone kills someone else with a metal ball on a chain.

The cover of the book or one of them is a floating building. I think one of them due but I can't remember, please tell me the name if you know the book!! If anyone can remember the name is really appreciate it. I read a book series? For the life of me I can't remember anything else about these books and it's driving up a wall.

Her step father who she didn't get on with features heavily. Be is dead but pops up in her dreams. Before he died he was making a labyrinth in their garden with her mother.

Eventually her grandmother joins her as she also dies. Driving me mad, what is the name?! I read a book, possible series, in late 90ss early 00s about a girl who escaped a facility where she was GMOd, she has a barcode tattoo and possibly a dolphin necklace?

I read a book as a tween late 90s. It was a series im pretty sure, it was about a chick with a barcode tattoo, a dolphin necklace, who had been GMOd as a warrior who escaped facility and then went back to save the others. I think it was called spelled or enchanted or curses and the cover had two hands reaching towards eachother with green fire wrapped around them.

They were detectives and their boss bound then with a spell that wouldn't let them more then a few feet from eachother.

gangster girls meet hot boys wattpad search

I just wish I could remember the name or at least the author so I could find it again! This was pretty much like the modern version of Snow White. Anyways, the stepmother, when younger, had red hair and a big nose, the kids called her a witch and ugly.

The stepmother gained magic from another lady down the street which made her be beautiful. The stepmother revived a bird, which scared her classmates.

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Back to the main character, the girl plays in the school play and ends up falling in love with one of the cast members. However, the guy is super short and pessimistic.

Together, they have to fight the stepmother who brainwashes the father of the main character. I believe it was about three children that are in an orphanage. They are the only kids in there.

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The rest of the kids are sent to the person who literally puts them in holes before Eating each of them. The kids escape the orphanage and run somewhere. It's a Christmas time romance clean. A woman loses her daughter one Christmas and the following Christmas the child is looking down from heaven wishing her mother would smile again.

Forgive me if I do this wrong, I am new at this. I read a book about a year or so ago unfortunately, I cannot remember if it is one I got at the library or what. I cannot remember the title or author and can only remember a couple of scenes. I want to say it was in an anthology but I am not sure. It starts off with the heroine sneaking into a guy's house to return something or maybe retrieve something as a favor to a friend.

Her friend is the mistress of the guy who owns the house. She is caught by a different guy hero who is staying there I believe he is the guy's brother or something and I believe she convinces him that she is the mistress because he was drunk.

Next, she runs into him and is introduced to him at a party. He recognizes her and she recognizes him and they end up in a discussion and kissing in a dark room. She is daring and willful. I have been trying to figure out this book for over a year now. He is now a famous businessman.

Name That Book cont. Part II

He came to buy a product. The heroine also wants to buy that product. She is known as a ruthless CEO and her career depends on that product. The hero is the heroine's sister's friend. They meet at the sister's engagement.

When the hero was here he used to be a rouge. The heroine always had a crush on him. So when she was in college she created such a situation that they had to spend the night in a hut and she had previously planned that she'll lose her virginity to him.

Later like always the hero plans not to call her but when she doesn't call he does. He calls for a week she never picks up. He thinks she ditched him because he is poor and she doesn't pick up because she knows he'll break her heart This thought drives him to the top. I can't remember the name but it's kind of bugging me right now. I read this book years ago it was about a French heroine she's living in France and she happens to meet the hero by chance they spend a night together and she finds out that she is pregnant.

The hero has already left at this point I think he was in the military? He was British though.