Guided meditation meet higher self

Two Meditations to Contact The Higher Self

guided meditation meet higher self

Have you ever had a date with your Higher Self? Your higher self is the real you, the soul consciousness that is so, so much more than the physical form you. MEET YOUR HIGHER SELF, RECEIVE YOUR ANGELIC SOUL NAME, Guided Meditation, Aurora Ray - YouTube. Learn a simple technique for connecting with your Higher-Self and developing an Higher Self Guided Meditation. Guided Imagery Script Download . I have been facilitating an AA meditation and prayer meeting and have.

Preview the Theta Meditation. You visualize a ball of light gradually moving up your chakras and traveling along your astral cord towards your higher self. You see your higher self as a beautiful angel, sitting on a throne. You realize that this is who you really are. You may ask your higher self a question or two — or simply enjoy the experience. And we all have unique triggers that set them off. In this meditation, you are provided with the opportunity to face and release your fears in a gentle and safe space.

You see a water fountain with an angel statue in the center. You continue to walk along a path and you see a huge sandstone mansion. It feels somewhat familiar to you. As you approach the mansion, the front doors magically open for you.

You walk along the corridor and you feel drawn to one of the doors. You call the assistance of ascended master Saint Germaine to accompany you into the room to face your fear.

guided meditation meet higher self

You call upon the violet transmuting light to transform your fears into light. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences that we have multiple different existences that we can perceive of, but why we are alive here. We only perceive of this one life that we are connected to a greater source of energy and that are our natural state of being is unconditional love and bliss. That's who we really are, but when we come here, we forget that because then part of the game of life is to remember who we are.

Something else that I found interesting that Dolores cannon got out of thousands and thousands of people was that many souls are here right now because there is a collective consciousness shift happening.

More and more people are remembering who they are, remembering this connection to source, remembering this connection to their higher self and therefore there is a transition of consciousness happening right now on the planet. This is the place to be right now and that's what threw thousands of transcripts and thousands of different people I've been interviewed have said. The soul decided to come here and there'd be people asking questions, so they would ask Dolores. When I'm in this subconscious mind type state, I want to ask why did I incarnate or I want to ask the question of, uh, why did I have a life experience with this person because I had a lot of pain with this person.

Why did this happen in my life?

Hypnosis for Meeting your Higher Self (Includes healing)

All of these things and the answers will just come through. Well, this person chose to have this kind of lesson, this kind of experience because there's such a strong soul that they could deal with it because then they come out even stronger.

On the other side, there's so many people that have said that this is the time of the planet to be here right now. That's why I believe there's 7 billion people and so many people want to be here because there's this wave of transition that's happening and if our soul is here right now, then we're about to go to the next octave.

We're about to feel a shift in vibration and then shifted consciousness. So this is about understanding who we are at a greater level and that we are so much more than we can possibly imagine. Now, from a higher, the reason I'm sharing all of this stuff is because from a higher level of consciousness, I believe that we are asleep. Dreaming that we are here, we are dreaming, that this is who we are, that this ego structure that I interpret through these five senses that I could taste, hear, touch, smell, all of these things, they appear very real, but my interpretation, my senses are interpretations of vibration and what quantum physics shows us is that everything is vibration.

And the reason I say all of this is because this is not the true reality. Is this something Elon Musk said as well? Elon Musk said that he believes that what we experience as real, he thinks there's a less than one percent chance of one percent chance. That that is actually the baseline reality, which implies that we live in a form of simulation. Now this to me was like, I had to think about that for a minute, but I thought about it and this is what resonates with me and this is also something that as many other physicists that speculate on this idea, and this is one of the only ideas that is called a big theory of everything that explains everything.

Scientists can figure out little things, biology, this, that, but they to piece it all together. There's not a semi. There's not a unified form theory except for this one is one of the ones that resonate the most and one of the ones that scientists are actually taking seriously the now. It's been around for a while, but it's this theory of understanding that we live in a simulation that we are so much more than we can even imagine, but we are dreaming that this is who we are and that these senses that we interpret things with are just interpretations of vibration.

But at a higher level of consciousness. We are so much more than we can imagine, but we have this temporary dream where we're all collectively going through this transition and where we can remember who we are. There's a couple purposes of the stream. One of the purposes of this dream may be that we transcend lower vibration.

We transcend lower emotional states of consciousness that we remember that that's not who we are. We are not the shame, the fear, the guilt, the anger, any of these lower emotions are not who we are. We are so much more than we can possibly imagine and that as we become aware of this, we upgrade our level in the game. The more we become aware of how we can deliberately choose what we want, the more we become self-empowered.

Click to Tweet We become more aware of how we can deliberately choose what we want. When we become aware that our thoughts correlate with what we experienced, we can then direct our thoughts in a way that we prefer. This is where we become self-empowered and we realized that there is so much more than we can prior. I want you to know that you are so much more than you can imagine. Now, how do we tap into that of our higher self?

Well, one way is we observe our thoughts because our thoughts come from our ego. When we think are most of our lives, this is who I am.

This is my ego. When in actuality that is one perspective of a part of who we are. Some people will say that ego is the enemy. The EGO is bad. The Ego is still something that we have to have a physical experience on earth so it can be bad, but I don't believe that we should believe that we are bad. I believe we should observe the ego, be aware of the ego, not identify solely with the ego, and then we use it in a powerful way versus fragmenting ourselves and thinking that a part of us is bad, which is a dualistic type nature which implies polarization.

This Meditation will MERGE you with your Higher-Self

I believe that we are at a higher-level immortal, spiritual beings that live in higher states of consciousness, of love, of bliss that are dreaming that this is who we are, but the way that we transcend back into that higher level of awareness is we simply become aware of what we are thinking of.

We observe the thoughts that we have without identifying with them and as we observe them, we start to shift our perspective automatically into the space in between what we are thinking or saying because there's this spaciousness that is also us. You see our body, while it appears to be solid, has an energy field that goes all the way around.

Our body goes far out and when we identify just with the body, we limit ourselves, but when we understand that we are connected to everyone else. So what quantum physics shows us so as sacred geometry shows us.

When we understand this, we begin to expand ourselves out. Now imagine that a higher self-version of you exists right now and the way that you connect to this higher version of you is by following your passion, the vibration of passion. Once you can feel as passion is your body's translation of a connection to your higher self.

It is the carrot on a stick of your higher self-saying, Hey, go in this direction. When I make a video, I can do a flow state. This is my higher self-telling me, hey, go in this direction. This is who you are, and I keep following that.

So, the main part of this blog is you knowing that you are so much more than you can possibly imagine, that you are always connected to your higher self.

guided meditation meet higher self

The key is merging and acting as if the higher self, by observing the thoughts, not identifying with them and knowing who you really are, you are an immortal, spiritual being, limited temporary human experience.

You exist in higher states of consciousness. You're simply dreaming that this is who you are. Maybe you lived most of your life experience thinking that you are this limited expression of yourself, but now that you are waking up to it, you are merging back with your higher self. So this meditation we're about to do, it's going to solidify that, but now that you're aware of it, you're already starting the process. So, it's something that continues to compound from here.

guided meditation meet higher self

What I encourage you to do right now is to take a deep breath in, deep breath out, listening with his headphones. If you can feel yourself relax with every breath that we take and just allow yourself to merge with who you really are. If we have tried one style of meditation and it doesn't seem to resonate for us and is difficult to do, the best thing may simply be to try another style.

There are many meditation approaches in this issue of the magazine, and not all of them require that we "sit still.

Higher Self and Spirit Guide Meditations

For many of us, recorded, guided meditations can make our practice both easy and rewarding - providing that we resonate with whomever is speaking them. One way of finding out what to do has always worked really well for me and my clients, and that is simply to ask for it! If we ask to be led to the appropriate meditation process for us at this time, and then pay attention for a few days, I have found that it will always be given to us, and that there will be no doubt in our minds when we have received our answer.

The Rule of Three seems to operate here: Spirit gives us three "impossible coincidences" to point the way. Gauging Our Meditation Experiences Sometimes in our meditations, once we begin practicing, we will find that we "go out. Time has passed - minutes, perhaps even hours - but we are absolutely certain that we were not asleep. This is a universal experience for people who practice meditation on any regular basis.

For some, it happens only very rarely - perhaps even only once or twice a year. For others, it happens a lot. But the state of mind in which we want to practice Higher Self meditations is that place of heightened awareness that comes when we seem "superconscious" rather than "unconscious. So in doing Higher Self meditations, it's a good idea first to go through whatever practice we are using to quiet the mind and body.

Then, select one of the processes below, or another that seems attractive there are many books and websites devoted to this subjectand see how it feels. How much time do you have? As far as I know, raising our consciousness is not an optional part of the human curriculum, but we are free to put it off for as many lifetimes as we like. My personal experience of "putting it off" is not all that pleasant.

If a process feels good, even though we do not have the sense that we have "made contact," we might want to just keep at it, simply allowing whatever is to be.

I had a very close friend once who meditated faithfully twice each day for seven years without achieving any feeling whatsoever that anything was happening, much less that she had made contact with her Higher Self. But then "it" happened. And when it did, there was no looking back. From that moment, contact with her Higher Self was ongoing. She had become One with that level of consciousness, and could access this Oneness at any time, simply through intention.

Also, we can be in this level of mind without realizing it - it can just feel very natural. For nearly a decade, without knowing it, I had been going into this mind space myself while consulting with people. Then one day my son, who had overheard a couple of sessions in our home, said, "Mom, do you realize you're not the same person when you do that stuff?

Quite a departure from my everyday personality, believe me! So the truly wonderful connections often happen at the point where we have stopped expecting and striving and are just "doing" or "serving".

It is then that the Higher Self is able to find an opening to communicate with us. The length of time that's needed to achieve this is different for each person. But as Jesus the Christ said, "Seek and ye shall find.

No one is ever disappointed. Love Comes First That said, if we truly want to make connection with the Higher Self, we need to learn to place ourselves in a loving space. This is why I had contact with my Higher Self when working with others in a spirit of service, but could not do it for myself.

guided meditation meet higher self

My self-love was blocked. Until we are able to feel love for ourselves, we are not going to be totally happy or successful with our spiritual practice. Drunvalo's Unity Breath elsewhere in this issue is valuable in learning to allow the Divine Love to flow both from and to the Self.

Another practice that I've seen to be effective is in our April article titled Relationship In wanting to make contact with the Higher Self, we are asking to have a relationship with this level of our Being. If loving ourselves is important to earthly relationships - and we all know that it is - doesn't it make sense that loving ourselves would be vitally important to creating strong and abiding spiritual relationships?

guided meditation meet higher self

Two Meditations for Contacting Higher Self Both of these practices are conducted with eyes closed, and begin after we have achieved a state of mental quiet and physical relaxation. I personally find it helpful to call upon my guides to be with me and assist me through any process of this type.

Meet Your Higher Self | Insight Timer

In previous millennia, meditations of this type were the exclusive province of high-level adepts, and were kept secret from the "masses. Imagine that you are a very tiny version of yourself located within your own head in the area of the pineal gland; but you are a "higher version.

See or feel or imagine yourself moving down your spine, down through your body toward the part that's called by the Chinese the "tan tien" - an area a couple inches-plus in diameter whose center is just a bit below the navel exact measurements are not required - you can sense the size and shape for yourself. There's a little room there, and you enter it. Here, within this room, you suddenly find yourself clothed in robes of white, and notice a red, spinning field developing beneath your feet.

It seems like fire, but it does not burn. It spins faster and faster.