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infj meet

When two INFJs find each other, they're lucky. After all, only one in one hundred people is an INFJ. INFJs have many desirable personality. You guys are apparently very rare. Where would I would such people like you, I read somewhere that my natural partner is you, so I figure we. INFJs (introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging) and INTJs (introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging) are suited to each other in many ways.

INFJ User Guide – Like An Anchor

INFJs are incredibly committed to their theories and ideals. If both INFJ partners see things the same way then there is no problem.

INFJs have a history of projecting lofty ideals onto their partners, whatever the type, ultimately resulting in their being accused of having unattainable or unreasonable standards when those ideals fail to be met.

And this behavior has been the culprit behind many a failed INFJ relationship. And they expect a lot.

How To Be An INFJ

They may fail to consistently enact their own theories or advice. In other words, if one or both of the INFJ partners is looking to the other to complete the Se piece of the equation that they lack, the relationship can and likely will fail. This is where learning to let go of S outcomes, along with showing grace is extremely important.

Both INFJs must understand that they share the same strengths, but along with that comes the same weaknesses. They cannot expect their partner to pick up where they fail.

5 Ways to Meet an INFJ

This may cover everything from finances and budgeting to other pragmatic concerns like remembering to have the car serviced or bills paid on time.

A final word of caution: INFJs already intuitively know that, generally speaking, the world undervalues their special brand of know-how. Here are the most common ones: Challenges INFJs face 1. We think there is something wrong with us.

infj meet

We think there is something wrong with us because we act differently. We feel broken, like a car ready to be carried away for repairs.

infj meet

We are more lonely than other introvert types. For INFJs, there is no middle ground. This is why loneliness hits INFJs so hard. We want to connect deeply with the right people. Of course, there are also many advantages to being such an authentic diamond. We also have awesome listening, and organizational skills. I can go on, but we will focus on the primary INFJ personality strengths here. We gladly sacrifice our own plans and time in order to help someone. When an INFJ opens up to you, know that you are special.

infj meet

We notice all those little details that everyone else misses. We notice everything, and I mean everything. Our empathy, and emotions are other-worldly. Our intuition is so strong, even our fellow introverts are caught off guard.