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It's been a really long while since I've done an album review. Actually, it's been . It's the popular song '우리 지금 만나' or "let's meet now". This version is one with Leessang, the rap duo comprised of Gil and Gary. Not exactly. Other Song by LeeSSang.» LeeSSang - Hexagonal Komentar untuk Lagu LeeSSang - 우리 지금 만나 (Let`s Meet Now). Feel free to share. It might have been Korean hip hop duo LEESSANG's first showcase in saw them performing two more songs 'Let's meet now' and 'Rush'.

I thought that rap was more important than dancing to do music, so I worked part time and earned some money. That was my freshmen year in college; I served in the Chunho Dong Reggae bar. I rushed to buy a CD player and some foreign CD's. I listened and practiced till death. Then inI met X-Teen and became friends - I even participated in an album. I also participated with the leader in the ' Korea' as well. He was a legend. That was about when you first met Gil, right? He was an honorary member of X-Teen in Our first impressions of each other weren't good.

The image of rappers are all very 'strong. That's when we first thought of doing music together. Once, we fought big time and didn't see each other for a while.

Then Gil called me early on a morning, and asked if I could come to a fishing place. He resolved everything for us, fortunately. Honey Family didn't last for long? We had hit songs like 'Rap-gyo' translation: Then, our concerts had around fans. But we were all young. Because we were successful, we were arrogant. We should've polished our rapping more but we were careless. As a result, our second album was below expectations and we separated. It was the second hardship in my 23rd year of life.

My third strike came when I got expelled from school. After the school's notice, I was on the bus back from Yong-In on a sunny winter day, and I felt like it was all over. I think I cried a bit too. You fell into despair once more A: I developed a fear of people. I wondered about, worrying how to live.

I even thought to learn predatory lending. But then one day, I read a book about success. I read, underlining jobs with good prospects and their monthly payments. It also said that income from music copyrights lasts 50 years after death. If I worked hard writing lyrics, there would be no reason to quit music.

So first, I bought a small notebook, and went to a local PC cafe. I researched all of Korean Hip Hop albums. I searched for music, and even analyzed the lyrics. Thinking back now, I'm really proud of myself. I would spend 3 hours every day analyzing the pros and cons of each team. For example, Drunken Tiger's lyrics has American elements. They also had a nice Korean feel. How did you develop LeeSsang's style? It's a very soft and sad song, and she said that when the song was released, the African American population related to the song and cried along.

In the end, I thought that my soon-to-be lyrics will have that kind of direction as well. I thought to write about the truth without sugarcoating about the stuff I feel while living in Korea. LeeSsang was about to take place.

That was when it was first mentioned to form a team with Gil. My nickname during middle school was 'dog,' because my eyes looked ripped and looked like a Jindo-dog or whatever. When forming my nickname, I just added 'lee' on my middle school nickname, dog [pronounced 'gae' in Korean]. We were wondering what to make our team name, but then we just decided Lee-Ssang, cuz there was two 'Lee's.

I never stepped outside of my house. Listening to music, writing lyrics and rapping was everything. I had lots of Lee Oisoo's books very famous Korean novelist. I even told my best friends not to contact me. The success of your 1st album 'Rush' owed a lot to Jung In. I was introduced to her by a noona who did music. On recording day, she came in dragging her slippers along.

I gave her the lyrics, and I lay down on the sofa when I heard her voice. I exclaimed, "What is that girl?! But we met a good CEO, and he took care of it. During our first concert, the female fans seemed to have no interest in us at all, and I was mad.

I was pretty rebellious back then too, so it must've shown on my face. The producer of the show complained big time to our CEO about how I can't do that. After the performance, I remember talking with Gil with a cigarette in each of our mouths, saying how the performance was a failure. But we still performed according to schedule.

But something magical happened. I remember we placed about 10th in the TV program. To give a sense of how successful we were, we were the only Hip Hop artist invited to perform in the opening of the comeback concerts of Seo Taiji and Boys.

Second album and on must have been smooth. Although the first went well, if the second failed, we knew that there wasn't going to be a third. Also, the way he sings is quite unique. He pronounces each syllable clearly, sometimes even putting prominence to the consonants where others singers tend to blur it all together.

And when he's singing the notes, it's very clear and more projecting? Am I making sense here? You just have to listen yourself. I sometimes find his style of singing similar to, I want to say, an older style of Korean singing. I don't think it's pansori per se. I don't know what I'm talking about.

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I've also seen it translated to "a twosome" or "another relationship" so you take your pick. This song is pretty awesome, definitely my definition of upbeat. That keyboard, man, it adds a whole new dimension to The Faces' sound.

But I think the best part of this song is possibly the music video. I just cracked up because I laugh at the weirdest things. It's basically a hand dance where hands the band members' hand mimic how performers strut on stage. Or at least that's how I see it. And the end was I suppose quite hilarious too if I say so myself.

The song, and video, is exactly that. This ordinary activity that we do without thinking is turned into a lullabye-esque song.

Let's Meet Now - Leessang Feat. Chang Kiha & The Faces | Shazam

I suppose mimicking what TVs do to some people, lull them to sleep. But it still sounds great, so who cares I say. Here's another one, and one that's quite popular. If you ever watch the variety show Running Man, you've probably heard this song a few of times. Not exactly sure exactly who wrote this song, but I'm assuming it's Jang Kiha since it's on this album. The only differences between the two is that the song verse is replaced by rap.

It's a cool song and the video is also cool. Another example of how catchy a Jang Kiha song can be. They just sound good. Mostly because, I think, there's a cathartic release kind of vibe in the way that he sings those two song. Maybe it's just me. Also, I linked the translated lyrics to each of the songs because they exist on the internet!

Didn't request it, they're just awesome and happen to have it. They're great, and if you want to request lyrics by internationally lesser known Korean artists, I suggest going there! After learning the meanings of the lyrics, oddly enough they're rather of similar topic, or at least approach to subject matter.

Not sure if it's because a lot of the songs off the album is passive aggressive or I have a tendency to pick songs that are, even though I don't even know the meaning of it.

우리 지금 만나 Let's Meet Now (feat. 장기하와 얼굴들 Kiha & The Faces)

Jang Kiha and the Faces are great and from what I can tell they've only been praised left and right proof is in the pudding of their four wins in the Korean Music Awards, which some say is the only music awards in Korea worth sniffing at. All that hype is definitely worth it. Their songs are catchy as hell.