Life is like a track meet today

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life is like a track meet today

Most places we go look like this I will be talking about my last track meet. So here we Now. I don't now the exact score, but our guys win by a big margin. Our girls slide by. We remain I hate life waiting waiting waiting Ok it's time. Life ain't a track meet (no) it's a marathon. . round the clock, but (1) any hour I now work over three hours, I feel like I have just entered hell. I really like this because it's so true #tracknation #heptathlete. TRACK AND FIELD shared by NICOLE on We Heart It. Girls track and field: Salpointe, Thompson dominate .. Oh heck yeah! I'm finished with that part of my life now its .

Depression is not sadness. It is weeks, months, years of inescapable darkness. It is restlessness and exhaustion at the same time. It is isolation from the world, a suffocating weight, sleepless nights, mental games, and inexplicable, constant tears. It is suicidal thoughts, because what could be more unbearable than this horrible feeling?

Running in the Dark: A Division I Runner's Struggle With Depression

It is incomprehensible unless you've seen and felt it. And to those who haven't, it's just sadness. I sat at my desk looking down to avoid being embarrassed by my tears. My mind was too busy racing with anxiety and fear and anger and disappointment. The pressure of a scholarship dangled in front of my face day in and day out was sickening. Progress destroyed due to injury was unbearable. I decided to reach out to school counseling for depression, but that quickly became a nagging session of "you runners are too skinny; we need to monitor your eating habits.

life is like a track meet today

But that is not the case. Depression is not a weakness, and sharing your feelings with others and reaching out for help shows strength. Four years of running were darkened by painful shadows.

But I saw graduation as the light. My mind was unable to think in any other way. I crossed the finish line nearly in last place, ran to my parents, and ripped off my singlet.

Running in the Dark: A Division I Runner's Struggle With Depression

I was overwhelmed with relief. Never had I felt so exhilarated to leave behind something I once held so close to my heart. Nearly a year later, when I look back at my collegiate experience, I still feel regretful, upset, and confused. Being an athlete does not define you. Growing up, I was always identified as "the runner. While it certainly feels like that at the time, there is so much more. I am a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I hope to one day be a wife and a mother.

Mental health is always more valuable than a race, or a time, or points. It is more valuable than a scholarship. Athletes need to know that, and coaches need to preach that. When running is not going well, remember that life is much bigger. It is not worth sacrificing. Never feel like you are the only one, and never feel embarrassed to tell someone you trust.

Sometimes it simply will have its WAY. Years ago, I noticed a thing I do. When I am trapped in a pain spike that knows no bounds, I will get a snippet of a song on a loop in my head. No discernible reason for the particular song. On Wednesday, this started: Tic-tic-boom Hear me banging down these back streets Bumpin' Blackstreet, treated like a athlete Life ain't a track meet no it's a marathon. The tune on perpetual repeat?

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But I am jumping forward in the timeline. A day in the life, if you will…or four days, since I saw you last. Wednesday, December 13th 9 am Appointment with Ms. Medi-Cal After receiving my second opinion from Dr. I had given considerable time obsessing on how to do this. If you want coverage elsewhere, you have to foot the entire bill, so everyone I know just goes with it.

life is like a track meet today

The first year I was on it, I was in grad school and so not making much money at all. However, the irony is: Plus, what effect does a cancer diagnosis have on insurance when you switch plans?

And what effect does the switch have on your treatment? So I would have to see my social worker, Ms. Lin, to see if I would get reassigned to Medi-Cal or kicked off and onto the exchanges. If they are giving away the keys to the kingdom, why do most people look so miserable. This was not the scene. The people here look like they have the full weight of the world on their shoulders. Even though each one looks different from the other, everyone has this faraway look in their eyes where they seem to be attempting to solve a problem which just eludes them.

Resigned to their fates while waiting on broken chairs under flickering fluorescents.

[1 HOUR] Joey Trap - Sesame Street

After about a ten minute wait, I was called back to meet with Ms. A tiny woman with kind eyes and a sweet smile. She shook my hand and apologized if she had mispronounced my name. I told her I apparently made too much money last year and I should be looking for insurance on the exchanges but since I was just diagnosed with cancer, my hours had diminished and I would soon be out of work for the foreseeable future, I was uncertain what to do next.

Her expression turned pained. Her whole manner was soothing. She was a born social worker. She told me she had lost a life long friend this year to cancer and that her heart was broken. I took her hand. I thanked her and wished with all my heart that her grief would lift, just a little.

As I walked out, I tried to smile at every face I saw, regardless of their ability to see it. He performed beautifully and got me to White Memorial in time for my hard-won appointment; however, I did not anticipate White Memorial has a dearth of visitor parking. It took a few minutes, but I found a spot.

A spot too small for Ultrastretch, but we made it work. I had a little trouble finding an entrance to the hospital. The intake person in the ER made a couple of calls to ensure he was sending me in the right direction and off I went.

life is like a track meet today

I was a little winded. Also my pain meds had started to wear off. Five minutes into my ten minute walking search of the tall building facing Cesar Chavez, Ice Cube started to sing to me: All the time, baby. The sweet girl at the reception desk got me some water.

life is like a track meet today

Then she got me another cup.