Meet dave funny scenes for two

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meet dave funny scenes for two

Meet Dave is a American comedy science fiction film directed by Brian Robbins and . As of early June, they were filming scenes at the Statue of Liberty in New York City. There was also It was nominated for two Razzie Awards, Worst Actor (Eddie Murphy) and Worst Screen Couple (Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy). In "Meet Dave", Murphy's prodigious physical and comedic talents are on . and Dave, especially during a scene in which the two are conversing about one of. Eddie Murphy stars in a sci-fi comedy that re-teams the longtime comic . There are some funny moments in Meet Dave but still it's an odball.

She first cooperates in the command change but later agrees with the Captain's view on humans. Both are caught by Number 2 and they are expelled from the spaceship. In the meantime, Number 17 Kevin Harta young, fun-loving alien, jumps out of the "ship" while drunk from the alcohol Dave has imbibed. The Captain apologizes to Number 3 for ignoring her. He admits that he too loves her and wants to be with her. Back at the police station, Dooley discovers Number 17 in his coffee and interrogates him to find out where Dave is going.

Number 2 takes Dave to the harbor, where he tries to throw the metal orb into the ocean, but is stopped by the Captain and Number 3, both of whom managed to gain reentry back onto the ship.

They convince the rest of the crew that the real Captain is in charge again. Reinstated, he orders Number 2 to be stuck in the ship's "butt" forever.

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The metal orb meanwhile slips out of Dave's hand and rolls into the ocean. The Captain attempts to retrieve the orb but is told that they only have enough power to either retrieve it or return home.

The Captain decides to save the Earth and the rest of the crew agrees. The ball, thrown in the ocean by Number 2, is retrieved.

meet dave funny scenes for two

Dave powers down while Dooley and his partner catch up and point their guns at him. With no power, Dave's shields are disabled, leaving the crew defenseless. Josh tries to tell the police officers that Dave is harmless but is ignored.

meet dave funny scenes for two

He then grabs Dooley's taser which he uses on Dave, recharging him. The Captain and Number 3 reveal themselves to the police officers who stand down.

The Captain says goodbye to Josh and Gina saying he now understands love.

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Number 17 is then returned to Dave by Dooley. About to fly away, a team from the FBI arrives and throws a net over Dave. While the FBI agents wrestle the body down, "Dave's" crew evacuates to one of the ship's "lifeboat" shoes, activate the engines, detaches the shoe and heads home to Nil, leaving behind both the ship and Number 2.

meet dave funny scenes for two

While in the lifeboat, the Captain asks for Number 3's hand in marriage. The film has quite a lot of wit and intelligence in some of the ways the gags are set up and prepared.

meet dave funny scenes for two

There's quite an attractive supporting cast. I laughed a lot and surprisingly found the ending quite poignant. Meeting Dave was actually a delight. The impressive list in US Dollars includes films such as: But long before Murphy became 'Big Dave' and 'Little Dave', screenwriters Rob Greenberg and Bill Corbett came up with the idea of a world of little people within the bigger world of a ship that takes human form.

The two had met in college at the Yale School of Drama before going their separate ways, each enjoying success as writers: For years they discussed working together, and then they met 'Dave'. Greenberg and Corbett spent a lot of time fleshing out the premise, and making it as real as possible within its comedic and far-out context.

Dolittle' which of course, starred Eddie Murphy. And it kept surprising me.

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I knew that we had to be involved and do whatever necessary to get it made," Komarnicki offered. But the Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Murphy "Dreamgirls" had, and the actor who began his career as a stand-up comedian twenty five years ago and at the age of 19, joined the cast of "Saturday Night Live"was spurred to move quickly. Robbins remembers Murphy coming up to him and asking: Second to that, we wanted to give the movie a sweetness and emotion.

Then you have Dave out and about in the 'real' world. I was nervous at first, wondering how I was going to make all these elements mesh. These are all things we take for granted, but Eddie as Dave makes them seem new and wondrous," Komarnicki notes. We created the spinal column as an elevator shaft to go from different levels of the spaceship.

You get off at any floor and are at a certain rib cage.

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They must navigate the strange, foreboding; and to them, jumbo-sized world known as Times Square. Once again, Murphy who made his bigscreen feature film debut alongside Nick Nolte in the film, "48 Hrs" rose to the occasion. But I have never worked with someone who is more in control of his body than Eddie. I mean everything he does is so carefully planned and executed: The filmmakers say, she was worth the wait. He is the first person to meet Dave. Josh, who is not very popular at school, makes a fast friend with Dave, introducing the strange newcomer to some local delights, like a local street fair at which Dave participates in a Hot Dog eating competition.

Helms had a lot of fun playing the micro-sized but macro-ambitious 2.

meet dave funny scenes for two

And what were 3's official shipboard duties? The city is a key element of the story, so as producer David T Friendly pointed out, critical scenes had to be shot on location in the Big Apple.

For starters, he seems remarkably out of place and uncomfortable in his own body. That's not even close.