Meet greet toronto jewish federation

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meet greet toronto jewish federation

If you are looking for a new synagogue home - please join us for a Meet and Greet at Beth Emeth Synagogue. Meet our Clergy and. Collection of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland .. by the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company, followed by a cast meet-and-greet. UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, Toronto, ON. 20K likes. Together we strengthen Jewish life in Toronto, Canada & Israel through philanthropic.

Toronto group brings gay Jewish men together

In many cases, there is no one left and contingency funds held in trust can run out, if they are collected at all. Here, time has stood still for decades.

The first thing greeting the visitor in Section 9, on the north side of Roselawn Avenue, is a collapsed, unusable park bench. Inside the section, which is roughly a third of an acre, one finds about a dozen tombstones lying flat before their graves; headstones that smashed from their falls; darkened markers that lean perilously; some graves hidden in a thicket of bushes and branches; and, in the back, a pile of rubble near some headstones that threaten to be swallowed up by the ground on which they lie.

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Time and the elements have smoothed some tombstones clean, cruelly masking the identities of the dead. Tiny, faded markers indicate the graves of children. For anyone who has visited small, half-forgotten Jewish cemeteries in eastern Europe, the scene is eerily familiar. The oldest graves date to the early 20th century.

Lettering on some tombstones combines Hebrew and Yiddish, with no English.

Breathing new life into ghost cemetery

Names of the dead include Gimpelson, Krown, Bassin and Carelick. However, the grass here is mowed, indicating some level of care. Roselawn, like some other Jewish cemeteries, is divided into sections.

meet greet toronto jewish federation

There are 23 sections and the Roselawn Lambton Cemetery Association oversees the upkeep of nine of them. Synagogues, Jewish fraternal groups and mutual benefit societies own and administer the rest.

meet greet toronto jewish federation

Except for Section 9: Sadowski, who said he was surprised by the discovery, is honest when asked about the reasons for the disrepair and delays: It all brings home the message to the kids. The Walk with Israel, undeterred by the protests of a few hundred pro-Palestinian demonstrators, boosted by a contingent of Natorei Karta supporters, was an impressive show of force.

When he served as the head of public diplomacy at the Foreign Ministry, he was on the ground floor of the multiyear undertaking to rebrand Israel as a country not seen entirely through the lens of conflict.

Gissin has not had that problem since beginning his stint in Toronto, enjoying excellent relations with the Jewish community and the professional organizations that he deals with on an ongoing basis.

meet greet toronto jewish federation

Two days before the Gaza flotilla became an international incident with the deaths of nine passengers, a small group of protesters were demonstrating outside the building calling for the flotilla to be allowed to pass through.

But the protest was muted and most passersby stepped away from the curb to avoid the group. In general, the media find the Middle East conflict less interesting, and 10 or 15 people carrying signs is not a story.

meet greet toronto jewish federation

Here in Toronto, I believe it is well organized, more than in any North American city. THAT MAY be in part due to the ambitious pilot project to reframe how Israel is viewed in the eyes of Torontonians that Gissin was finally able to implement after developing the concept the previous five years in Jerusalem.

That is the problem.

The History of Jewish Toronto

For me personally, the problem is not hasbara, or the level of our sound bites or the English spoken by our spokespeople. The problem is that Israel equals conflict.

meet greet toronto jewish federation