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meet renee paquette

Contact information for Renee Paquette in Blezard Valley, Ontario (ON), Canada is the most reliable tool to find and connect with Renee Paquette and . Read Renee Young Meets Dean Ambrose from the story The Lunatic Fringe & His Queen by As Jon turns around the corner, he was met with a bump. +. Renee Young, born Renee Jane Paquette in Toronto, Canada, took one I would go meet with different talent agencies and different modeling.

It is thought that this was Triple H bantering with the star because he is also aware of her strange foot issue. At least we know Renee has a sense of humour and can laugh along with the boys.

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If you can't act then you can't be a wrestler. Wrestlers need to sell every move they deliver or take and if they don't then it ruins the whole match. It comes as no surprise then that Renee always wanted to be an actress. She trained and worked hard to be a part of the industry before she was signed by WWE in Obviously, her skills come into play a lot when she is acting like she is unaware of the outcomes of matches or who she thinks will be challenging next for championships.

meet renee paquette

She even plays a good character in the current storyline with The Miz so technically she has achieved her dream already. She is now a part of E! The couple is fast becoming one of the best attractions on the show and many fans have stated that they hope they return for a second run with the series this could change due to Ambrose and the fact that he is not entirely comfortable with the series.

meet renee paquette

Renee has somehow gone from being an unknown person behind the scenes of WWE to a WWE "Diva" in the past few years, without having to step into the ring. The annual awards are handed out at the end of every year and they are given to the most deserving stars in their own categories. Renee won the award when she was part of the JBL and Cole show a few years ago. The duo have been shown on Total Divas for the first time as a couple this year, but are otherwise very private with their relationship.

The show airs Tuesdays at 6 p. If that isn't groundbreaking in itself, add to it the very likable Paquette, who credits public school pals for spurring her interest in pro wrestling, which has a reputation for being less than mainstream.

I went to an event -- my dad used to work at the Rogers Centre for a little while. Tombstoning each other on their parents' lawns, which is probably very dangerous I can actually confirm that it's very dangerous," she quickly added with a chuckle.

Renee Young & Dean Ambrose’s Relationship: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

That and chokeslams all over the place, Sharpshooters, I remember being put in a Sharpshooter quite a bit as a child. As Aftermath blazes a TV trail for wrestling analysis shows, Paquette is a trailblazer herself.

meet renee paquette

You won't find too many women who will talk wrestling even in public, let alone in a starring role on TV. I'm glad to be in that situation.

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For Paquette, being part of the popular show has been a blessing. I love, love, love doing Aftermath. The best part of my job is being able to do that. She's witty, bold and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with her co-hosts. But is that, she was asked, an on-screen gimmick, like in wrestling, or is that simply Renee?

meet renee paquette

It's pretty close to what I'm like. I make the worst, gross fart jokes and tell stupid stories.

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  • Renee Young & Dean Ambrose’s Marriage: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

I like being able to do that and I like being able to relay that through social media site Twitter as well, especially with wrestling.