Meet single crossfitters be like meme

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meet single crossfitters be like meme

On datememe use this and other search filters to find like-minded crossfit Were you told that there are thousands of singles, but couldn't seem to find any?. Find Funny Crossfit Ladies From Kisii Signup Now. Announcing for type b. On datememe use this and other search filters to find like-minded crossfit ladies. you are really looking at 25% of white men in the age group you want to date. So, what you are really.

I do not know about you, but any cave structure I have been in is usually a cold, dark, moldy, and miserable kinds of place and are not all that pleasant. Did Mongo and his tribal kin live in caves? In all fairness though when you think about it from a common sense perspective, apart from a potential handful of cave rich areas worldwide with Swiss cheese looking hillsides, how fucking common are caves that can fit people in them that you will be able to find EVERY night you get to a new location while following the aforementioned migrating herds?

Probably not too common right? So if not in caves, where did they live? Mobile communities typically construct shelters using impermanent building materials.

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And it is this inherent resilience of caves that is precisely why Mongo and his kin are called cavemen. This is the Caveman Effect. Much of our understanding of prehistoric peoples comes from caves, such as cave paintings made nearly 40, years ago.

If there had been contemporary paintings on trees, animal skins or hillsides, they would have been washed away long ago. Prehistoric people are associated with caves because that is where the data still exists, not necessarily because most of them lived in caves for most of their lives. Those of us in and around the fitness and health world have probably heard jokes like this thrown around for years. I would hazard a guess that the reason these jokes are so common, is because they are based on stereotypes that bare some validity due to our personal experience with people from these communities causing them to resonate with us.

However, this is essentially a selection bias.

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This is a perfect example of the Caveman Effect. This is the exact same fucking concept that applies to ISIS! This issue is magnified due to the fact that our brains are hard-wired to create stereotypes to categorize people into large groups. We categorize people based on identifiable differentiating factors such as skin color, religion, sports team, etc.

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While we repeatedly hear about ISIS being made up of Muslims, something we do not hear too much about is the actual structure of ISIS and who is pulling the strings and why. This beast of an article in Speigel Onlinefor example, details the command structure of ISIS in Syria from top to bottom as laid out in documents found in the house of a now deceased former Iraqi colonel called Haji Bakr.

An interesting aside about Bakr is that when he died they found shitloads of documents in his house relating to military planning and structure, but no Koran or religious texts. Hmmmm, is it not thought provoking that a key leader of an organization supposedly motivated with religious ideology has no religious texts in his house, but instead has a shitload of detailed plans on how to step by step take over a country? I will leave that one with you.

I issue a challenge to you to read it all in one breath ; …. ISIS is basically an organization mostly led by coldly calculating power-hungry former high-ranking Iraqi military men who are leveraging the religious fundamentalism of extremist Muslims by puppet mastering a Muslim cleric figurehead called Baghdadi and recruiting non-Syrian Muslims from all over the world through clever internet marketing designed to manipulate rudderless disillusioned people who are lacking a meaningful purpose and direction to their lives.

Did you get it on 1 breath? And, since these power hungry lunatics and their once rudderless and unfortunately disillusioned followers are the most outspoken and loud in their actions, they become proxy representatives for the Muslim world by by extension. But if the majority of Muslims, CrossFitters, and Vegans are just regular people however just going about their days trying to make better lives for themselves and those they care about just like all the rest of us — what makes the extremist minority different?

I also play a lot of Call of Duty. How long have you been doing CrossFit? What was your initial thoughts of CrossFit and what are they now? I originally got in to CrossFit while I was working as a personal trainer at a globo gym in Toronto. As I learned more about fitness, the things I saw in the gym made less and less sense.

meet single crossfitters be like meme

I was a runner and I thought bodybuilding was bullshit. I wanted to know how to get stronger and faster, so I dug further in to the internet and came across CrossFit. It looked so bad ass. I remember it taking me something like mins the first time.

meet single crossfitters be like meme

I was super nervous. I was completely shocked when everyone began introducing themselves. That never happens at the regular gym. The WOD was some kind of ridiculous high-rep team chipper. I did alright and afterwards a group of us went out for breakfast together.

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That is what CrossFit is, to me. Not only forging elite fitness, but also friendships. I honestly think CrossFit is changing the face of fitness.

meet single crossfitters be like meme

You have these arguments about what the best way to get fit or strong is. All these dorks show up with scientific studies done by more dorks in labs but never have we seen more strong men and women proud to throw heavy shit around with their shirts off.

What were your original goals? Have you met them? I knew that what I did to get stronger would only make the other parts of life easier. If I could survive the pain of Fran, I could make it through a bad day pretty easy. I strongly encourage goal setting with my athletes though.

Of course I personally have goals.