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meet terry pratchett twitter

Author Terry Pratchett has died, his publishers confirm. this t-shirt to conventions. What a marvellous man! I remember queuing up to meet him at the Edinburgh Festival in The couple in. You know how everyone always says 'this' is really unexpected? Well - THIS - is really unexpected! Thank you @RTSScotland. Thank you. TERRY PRATCHETT BLOGS FOR THE HUFFINGTON POST On My First The final tweet left on the fantasy author's official Twitter account.

His legacy will endure for decades to come. Tributes pour in for Discworld author — while his own Twitter account also marked the sad news The publisher added: Diagnosed with PCA inhe battled the progressive disease with his trademark determination and creativity, and continued to write.

meet terry pratchett twitter

When he announced the inaugural Terry Pratchett research fellowship inhe insisted on a single word to be engraved on the trophy: Our scientists continue to act upon this powerful call, and push forwards with the research that will defeat the condition that took Sir Terry from us. He sold 70 million books world-wide with translations into more 30 languages. At one point he held the dubious honour as the most shop-lifted author in Britain.

But health problems were to afflict him.

Terry Pratchett Dead: Stars Pay Tribute To ‘Discworld' Author On Twitter

He published his first short story at the age of 13, and later began work for the Bucks Free Press newspaper. After various positions in journalism, he became press officer for the Central Electricity Generation Board inthe year in which his first Discworld novel was published. His sales increased quickly, and many of his books occupied top places in the best-seller lists.

You leave a big legacy.

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Peter Stanford, the former editor of the Catholic Herald, has written this for the Telegraph about the life and legacy of Sir Terry. We are, on the whole, shy of looking death in the eye — shyer still of dying in public.

They tend just to disappear from the public spotlight. Interview requests are suddenly politely declined, and a few years later an obituary appears. A veil is drawn over their declining years, as if it would destroy their previous reputation if the truth were to be known. In an interview inSir Terry reassured fans about the future of the Discworld series.

Terry Pratchett’s death announced in Discworld-esque tweet

His daughter Rhianna, already an author, will take over the novels as Sir Terry said he was happy for her to write on after he was no longer able to. Terry Pratchett at home with his daughter, Rhianna, in Rex Features 7. Writing inRob Colvile sums up the appeal of Sir Terry across the generations: As a teenager, I was convinced that Good Omens was the funniest book ever written.

Yet as the years went by, my passion for Pratchett cooled, whether because I was becoming more mature, or because the production line that brought a new novel every six months appeared to have drained much of the passion and sparkle from his work. On returning to his work later in life, however, I found something delightful: Although he continued to rotate between subjects, he seemed to find himself increasingly drawn to the sprawling city of Ankh-Morpork, which in the course of his recent books has undergone a wrenching process of industrialisation.

meet terry pratchett twitter

Modern worries about public services, financial greed, immigration, the disruptive impact of technology: Sir Terry at home in Steffan Hill 6. Another lovely insight into Sir Terry's personality. When asked, in Decemberabout his habit of permanently wearing a black hat, he replied: I think this is unlikely because I have enough difficulty finding my keys.

Terry Pratchett Dead: Stars Pay Tribute To ‘Discworld' Author On Twitter | HuffPost UK

More from the author's peers, writer and actors who are clearly feeling the loss of their colleague keenly: Sympathies to all who loved him. And to us readers who loved his creations. Brilliant, damn funny writing too.

Leaves a world for us to live in. An unexpected fact, courtesy of the Press Association: Sir Terry wrote an average of two books a year and also held the dubious honour of being the most shoplifted author in Britain.