Meet tommy lasorda jr

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meet tommy lasorda jr

This is not Tommy Lasorda Jr.'s, routine nighttime activity. .. would drive Tommy to the Italian restaurant where he'd meet his father for Sunday. The Dodgers last World Series title "feels like about a month ago" then-manager Tommy Lasorda tells USA TODAY. It's been 30 years. Tommy Lasorda slides in front of an on-field crowd. Photo from the Herald- Examiner Collection. Photo courtesy Los Angeles Public Library.

If we don't like it, we can always come back. We've got a house. So we come out and never went back.

meet tommy lasorda jr

Since we've been living here. Tommy Lasorda in conversation with umpire Lee Meyer in May, Photo by Leo Jarzomb. I found out it was great here. I was able to start not only scouting but then I became a manager in the rookie leagues in Ogden and Pocatello.

And that's what I wanted.

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And, of course, I finally got to be a coach on the Dodgers team and then I became the manager for twenty years. I played in the Pacific Coast League for the Angels. We used to play at the ballpark right out there by the Coliseum. Wrigley Fieldthey called it.

meet tommy lasorda jr

Tommy Lasorda throws batting practice in I said, 'Wow, what is this? So evidently there must have been a change in the climate. He came here because his brothers were here and he couldn't get any work over there. And then he began to work for Bethlehem Steel, which had a quarry over in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

That's what he did for years. The day he found out that Burke was Gay.

VIN SCULLY IS MY HOMEBOY: Out. The Glenn Burke Story (And his relationship with Tommy Lasorda JR)

Why did the Dodgers trade Burke back in ? According to teammates, it was because he was in a relationship with Tommy Lasorda Jr. Quotes - Dusty Baker - "The team wanted you married. They wanted you to settle.

Tommy Lasorda: The Immigrant's Son Who Bleeds Dodger Blue

Everybody got married in the early-mid 20's". Tommy Lasorda and Al Campanis. Glenn took exception to that and refused to do it and openly dated Tommy Lasorda's son". Tommy Lasorda Jr, nicknamed Spunky. His homosexuality was an open secret. One his father adamantly refused to accept. Probably because of his experience with his son" Reggie Smith - Spunky was overt, especially the way he dressed.

Tommy Lasorda would take him to road trips to keep an eye on him. When Tommy found out that his son was Gay he was probably one of the most disappointed people and hurt by it.

Dusty Baker - "Some of the guys would get off me because I was friends with Spunky.

meet tommy lasorda jr

We used to talk about music". Eric Sherman Author "Out at home" "I think when Burke and Spunky became friends, hang out together and that type of thing, that's really probably crossing the line".

Thomas C. “Spunky” Lasorda, Jr

With him and Tommy Lasorda's son. It made him expendable". Lyle Spencer Former Dodgers beat writer "The guys were distraught in the clubhouse. It realized me how important Burke was to his teammates. I remember a few players were crying when they found out he was traded".

Davey Lopes "I remember like it was yesterday. Al Campanis came down and said we just traded Glenn. If you know the story, you know the reason why he was traded".

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Dusty Baker "I think the Dodgers knew, that's why they traded Glenn" Lyle Spencer "They were devastated that the life of the party was leaving. I wrote a column about that and it was not well received by Dodgers management" - - - - - - - - - - There's a lot more to this story.

Burke ending his career short.