Mexican swap meet yuma az

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mexican swap meet yuma az

Arizona Market Place in Yuma, AZ -- Get driving directions to S Ave 4E Yuma, Fancy yet affordable swap meet combines shopping, exquisite cuisine, and free for more details about the Mexican Fiesta, Canada Day. Yuma Swap Meet is the biggest, best and original swap meet in Yuma, Arizona. Hundreds of vendors are selling, and more than 30, shoppers visit us each. th Avenue Yuma, AZ Manager/Owner: General Manager: Max Dunham Jr.; Sales Manager: Sylvia Parada Phone:

I'm sure it's wonderful, but I have an aversion to staying at hotels named after battles where more than 10, people were killed.

mexican swap meet yuma az

I later found out Sylvester Stallone, a man of impeccable taste, stayed there during the location filming of one of his Rambo epics. I tooled down Fourth Avenue, the main drag, sizing up the place. There was Tai San Chinese food, a big yellow building that looked like a Mississippi riverboat.

mexican swap meet yuma az

House of Vacuums, Gonzo's, Mr. Z's Bar and Grill, the famous Red Lobster with a sign out front: My left arm was dangling out the window, I had one finger on the steering wheel and was keeping the speedometer at 26 miles per hour.

Nobody was riding my bumper, and I was making all the lights. The street was set up for the slow cruise; it was like American Graffiti or something. Is this what the boys from Money were talking about? The Yuma Cabana Hotel caught my eye, not hard to do as it has a blinking two-story neon sign and the sentence "Probably the Best" out front in movie marquee letters. I figured I should probably stay at probably the best in town, and I was right.


They were to be my first links to the strangely attractive world of Yuma. She's a grandmother, presently works as a nurse, and is about as pleasant a person as you would want to meet. But it's not like we don't have pleasant people in Phoenix. It's slow, you don't have to worry about traffic.

We have our share of drive-bys and stabbings, but in no way is it like Phoenix.

Yuma Swap Meet: Address, Phone Number, Yuma Swap Meet Reviews: 3/5

It's a friendly community; I don't know a stranger here. It's kinda nice to make someone feel welcome, bring them into my home.

mexican swap meet yuma az

Until they prove to be a serial rapist or a killer or something. You make your own fun here. There's about five decades' worth of stuff hanging from the walls; Jose Cuervo piatas, sombreros the size of umbrellas, studio portraits of Chretin family members through the years.

Wooden fans rotate slowly overhead, the kind Sydney Greenstreet should be sitting under. The small-town ambiance is so thick you could cut it with a dull Bible. Nearly every table seems to be surrounded by three generations of folks, and everyone is getting along.


Teens hold toddlers, grandparents laugh at the jokes of year-olds. I eat the best chile relleno I've ever had. From where I'm seated, I can see into the kitchen, where there is a Hispanic guy washing dishes with shades on.

I swill my margarita, chalk one up for Yuma. And the night is still young. What does Yuma offer on a Friday evening? Two words are ringing through my brain--Harrier jets.

I find the airport and confront a janitor, explain what I'm after. He leans against his broom and looks at me so strangely that I feel not only embarrassed, but just plain dumb. He reluctantly points me to the end of the runway. I drive over, and, after half an hour, there's nothing going on but blinking blue lights and black, empty sky.

Not even a bird lands. Maybe Don was simply full of shit. Across the street, however, there is the Sky Chief Lounge. And there is a pickup truck in the parking lot with a huge head in the back, a head wearing sunglasses.

On the side of the truck, it says "I Wear Sunglasses. A woman gets up and takes command of the bare dance floor, begins a kind of Greek hula with a cocktail on her head. Doesn't spill a drop. I don't see how things can get much better here at the Chief, so I split.

The pickup with the head is gone from the parking lot. I go over, but everybody's apparently someplace else tonight, so I make it to Walgreens for film and toothpaste. The residents and visitors of Yuma also find that the health care providers offer an affordable alternative to health care on the U. The dunes are 40 miles long and average 5 miles wide, and are popular with many off-road enthusiasts. With heights of over feet from the desert floor, the dunes are an impressive site located just 20 miles west of Yuma.

The large amount of off-road recreational seekers camped at the Dunes often causes travelers on the Interstate to mistake this area for a small town.

mexican swap meet yuma az

Though not typical of the Sonoran Desert, the barren sand dunes have been the set for such movies as Beau Geste and Star Wars. The Center of the World in Felicity, California offers an offbeat way to spend an afternoon. Located just eight miles west of Yuma, you can see items such as a portion of the original staircase from the Eiffel Tower.

It was a dragon in a fairy tale that claimed that Felicity, California, was the center of the world, and of course, everyone knows that fairy tales are always true. Make a pilgrimage to this unusual attraction and you can stand inside a pyramid at the exact center of the world and even get a certificate to prove you were there.

From I-8, take exit Sidewinder Roadthen go to the right. Historic Downtown Yuma is often overlooked by Yuma visitors. Don't miss the famous Lutes Casino, the state's oldest pool hall, which is no longer a casino but serves up its famous burgers at reasonable prices.

mexican swap meet yuma az

The decor takes hours to admire. The Castle Dome Mines Museum is an unusual museum displaying a replica old mining town. Located east of Highway 95 between Quartzite and Yuma at mile post 55, then east 10 miles.

In the late s Mexican miners prospected the Castle Dome district and established several mining claims. Several of these mines were re-opened in the early s. One of the mines has been converted into a museum with an extensive collection of mining relics and rebuilt cabins, saloons, houses, etc.

If you prefer casinos, Yuma has three to offer. The Paradise Casino is just across the river from downtown Yuma, and actually straddles the California and Arizona border. Therefore there are actually two casinos at the one location.

Over slot machines, poker, blackjack, Keno and bingo are available. In addition to the casino, there is a restaurant and two bars available for meals and refreshments. The Atlantis Room is the venue of many top musical acts coming to Yuma. In nearby Somerton you will find the Cocopah Casino. Located at S. B, it offers over slot machines, blackjack and bingo. With both a bar and a restaurant onsite, there is also often live entertainment. The beautiful Quechan Casino resort offers slot machines, table games and poker just 10 minutes west of Yuma in California.

There are several restaurants and lounges, as well as top-level entertainment.

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If you just prefer shopping, Yuma has the Yuma Palms mall located at the northwest corner of 16th Street and Pacific Avenue. Another shopping experience enjoyed by thousands is the Arizona Market Place, a huge covered swapmeet just two miles east of the Yuma County Fairgrounds at 32nd Street and Avenue 4E. Call for more information. Activities Please check with Yuma's Official Community Events Calendar for events scheduled at the same time as the hamfest. For the active types, there are many activities in and around Yuma.

If you enjoy golfing, bring your clubs, because Golf Digest magazine has rated Yuma as the 7th best city in the United States for golf.