Mort kunstler until we meet again

"Until We Meet Again" Mort Kunstler Civil War | eBay

mort kunstler until we meet again

"Until We Meet Again" by Mort Kunstler. Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Print Image Size: 18" x 28". Overall Size: 22" x 31". Edition size: S/N. Morton Kunstler (b. ). Lot "Until We Meet Again" Mort Kunstler Civil War, Framed 20 1/2" x 18", EC. Sold: Log in to view. Please call or email [email protected] for more information. I did Until We Meet Again more than twenty years ago and it still remains one.

mort kunstler until we meet again

Those reports were not as disturbing to Jackson as they might have been. A wonderful distraction gripped his mind: For weeks she had been begging to join her husband. When he seemed agreeable in mid-November, Anna packed quickly for the trip.

She refused to wait for the aide Jackson had promised to send as an escort. The final stagecoach ride brought Anna to Winchester late at night. She disembarked in front of the Taylor Hotel without baggage and with no one to greet her.

With uncertainty she started up the hotel steps. A heavily bearded soldier stepped away from a group of people on the sidewalk and slowly walked up behind her.

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Powerful arms swung Anna around; kisses rained on her face. He had ridden down to the hotel with the hope that the midnight stage might bring his wife. Even before the war brought armies to its door, the Taylor Hotel was one of the most popular gathering places in all of Winchester. His permanent promotion was later confirmed by the Confederate Congress, shortly before he died in June.

Mort Kunstler Until We Meet Again Limited Edition Civil War Print S/N | eBay

Jackson walk a few steps away for some parting words in private. Members of his staff are witness to this tender moment, Major Henry Kyd Douglas, the mounted officer on the extreme left of the painting, would later gain fame as Jackson's biographer. Directly behind him, a mounted trooper chats with Captain Jed Hotchkiss, topographical engineer and noted mapmaker for the General. Further on and just to the left of the stairs is Dr. Hunter McGuire, Jackson's medical chief, who later was to make his home in Winchester.

Tell we meet again

McGuire in the red artillery officer's kepi is Lieutenant "Sandie" Pendleton. On the right of the stairs, Major Reverend Robert L. Dabney, in winter cape and coat, waits with Captain J.

mort kunstler until we meet again

To the right of Morrison, a mounted trooper of Jackson's cavalry escort carries the standard of the first National Flag. Bridgeforth is on the extreme right. The rest of the officers and men wait patiently for this man of steel, some turning away in embarrassment by this unexpected show of tenderness.

The Jacksons' only child, Julia, was born the following November. I am privileged to know Julia's daughter, Mrs. At the age ofshe is attractive, bright, alert and well, and living in North Carolina. I hope she enjoys this painting of her grandparents as much as I enjoyed painting it. No part of the contents of this web site may be reproduced or utilized in any form by any means without written consent of the artist.