Muslims meet jesus christ through dreams

muslims meet jesus christ through dreams

Millions of Muslims all over the world are giving their lives to Jesus to know the Lord after Jesus told him in a dream that he was "killing my people": to faith in Christ over the past two decades, and dreams and visions are. One fanatic Muslim who came to faith in Jesus Christ is Samer Achmad "There is an end-time phenomenon that is happening through dreams and visions,". Throughout the Muslim world men and women without knowledge of the gospel or contact among Christians have experienced dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. the dreams come to those who are seeking—as best they can—to know and.

Some claim Jesus has been appearing in dreams and that those visions have helped spark the conversions. In the Western world, there seems to be a great misconception that there are hundreds of millions of people in the Islamic world who are "out of the reach of the gospel". But this has never been the case, because with God all things are possible. Just look at the wonderful revival going on in Bangladesh. Officially, 89 percent of the population of Bangladesh is Muslim, about 10 percent are Hindus and less than 1 percent is Christian.

More than 20, have converted, and this is becoming a real problem for the Muslims. Perhaps we are just way too comfortable in the Western world. We don't have to pay much of a price for our faith, and so most people don't seem to take it very seriously. On the other side of the world, standing up for your faith can literally cost you your life. A Christian woman's fateful and defiant stance in front of a bulldozer last week evoked the memory of Tiananmen Square and has become a rallying cry against persecution at the hands of the Beijing government.

The woman, identified by Christian activists as Ding Cuimei, wife of the Rev. Li Jiangong, was trying to stop the government-ordered demolition of Beitou Church in the central Hena province city of Zhumadian. Unlike the iconic man who brazenly stopped a tank in the uprising, Ding was pushed into a ditch and buried alive as horrified congregants watched helplessly. It seemed like she has been in this field before and somehow, she knew what was going to happen next.

She didn't get startled when she saw the figure. It was a man wearing a white robe that seemed to shine.

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There was so much of joy and love that flooded in her heart when she saw the figure. Then she woke up. For years, Muhammed studied to become a Wahhabi sheik, an extremely conservative Islamic sect centered in the "uniqueness" of God. Like most of the Wahhabi faith, Muhammed detested Christians and the Church - but when he encountered God through the Gospel, the hatred melted away.

And the second thing, I really suffered in my daily life, but I had peace, I had joy because Jesus entered my heart. They see Jesus appear to them. Probably half our pastors were leaders, imams in Moslem mosques.

They were leaders in these mosques, now they're pastors. Only the Son of God has the power to change a person's heart through a dream or a Bible passage. Please pray for an increase of these miracles and for more divine encounters with the Savior. All are done in a non threatening way and the real benefit is they are in the native language of each person.

A wonderful witnessing tool or just a lovely testimony of God's love and grace towards all mankind. I can only speak english so I relied on the subtitles which I found easy to follow as they didn't disappear off the screen too quickly. Personally I enjoyed every minute.

Congratulations to all involved. Would love to see more of the same or even other religious or cultural circumstances.

Josephine - Jesus is Awesome! All Muslims definitely need to see this. I had some of my congregation members over to my house to view the video they all loved the video. I would highly recommend this video to other pastors to share with their congregations or any Muslim they might know.

Do you have more videos about muslims converting over to Christianity? Do you have the videos in Spanish? May God Always Bless your ministry.

I have a lot of friends who are arabic and i want that God change them! So i will show it to my friends and Jesus will change them all! Keep on speaking God in the Arabic Land! I love my LORD!

Stories are well done and it is a good tool to share with Muslim friends. Sandy Dulaney - More than Dreams This movie should be seen by every Christian that is trying hard to expose the truth and know the truth about Islam! We must not lose heart and forget to walk in love We must remember to Yes hate the sin but love the sinner. After learning so much about Islam and the Quaran also seeing countless documentaries and videos of the violence and evil that stands behind this There is a God that loves them and desires for them to come to Christ Jesus In this movie you see just that It reminds us that they are people like us before Christ lost.

When you see them come to Christ and the joy and conviction that fills each of their hearts you rejoice and want all Muslims to come to the knowledge of Christ and receive Him as Lord and Savior This dvd packs a punch to the heart and reveals the mission of every believer and the Heart of God for the Lost Please view and then share with others we can reach them if but just one at a time Every Christian needs to see this movie. Jesus is saving many, many Muslims.

muslims meet jesus christ through dreams

Amanda - morethandreams Totally a five star. Great way in sharing your faith to others in need of the love of the Saviour olanrewaju jeremiah seidu - Perfect What a wonderful collection of real life stories! I want to see the rest of them now. This DVD will be a great blessing to many. Sonnie P - Accurately Expressed! Accurately expresses the personality of Jesus and these were also my experience in many ways as my own personal encounter with Him.

There is truly not enough words to describe how deep and how real His love is which goes far deeper than anyone can imagine. This is no lie! The men who have told us these stories used to be Muslims but have come to Christ. Many are from Indonesia and one was from Turkey. I was talking with a young man from Indonesia just last summer and we were talking about dreams and I asked him if he had seen a man in white in his dreams.

He looked at me so startled and asked how did you know?

More Than Dreams: Muslims Coming to Christ Through Dreams and Visions

For those skeptics out there who don't believe this is happening to Muslims I can testify that it is. Wayne Hollon - What a blessing! These films are a tremendous testimony to the truth of Christ! People can argue the text of the Bible or the principles of Christianity but the fact that God's love heals the tragedy of sin is irrefutable. I prayed with two who received Christ in and gave a copy to some others this past year. I think this is most effective for muslims. I want to recommend this to a man who has contacted me re Why Christ not Islam?

Miraculous dreams of Jesus Christ lead Muslims to Christianity

I have watched them many times and shared with family and know if Muslim people saw these they would also be inspired. God bless you with your wonderful work for the Muslim people.

Debra - Excellent Movie I was quite surprised at how sensitively and beautifully this movie was made. The personal stories joys and tears are in perfect balance. More Than Dreams gives an accurate portrayal of the Jesus I personally know. I find it to be a fit answer to the age old objection many have when confronted with the opportunity to surrender themselves to Him.

What about all the people who never heard about Jesus? Well obviously He is big enough and God enough to reveal Himself just fine thank you! Susan Young - Awesome! I have shown this movie to many visitors to my home and all have been fascinated by it. I would love to see more testimonies and more videos made like this. Each episode was beautifully done! Enrico Evangelista - More than dreams videos Inspiring! The movies are completely stunning perfectly made and inspiring.

I recommend watching them. Sangeeta Gupta - story of Mohammed and Khalil The story of Mohammed and the story of Khalil are really heart touching and life transforming for all who will view this movie.

It made me realise the moment when God too appeared to me and His real presence. Feel so comforted to think that God will complete the work He has begun. Please continue your blessed work.

muslims meet jesus christ through dreams

Maxwell Shimba - Best way of preaching and teaching the gospel I have never seen something incredible like this. The movies testimonies tells an incredible story of how Jesus Loves us. Continue the good work of God and be blessed Ronald Wessel - Powerful!