Sephora favorites meet your match swatches

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sephora favorites meet your match swatches

Apr 13, I recently picked up the Meet Your Match set from Sephora. It contains six corresponding lip and nail colors. I picked this up mostly because I've. May 6, Sephora's new spring makeup set, “Meet Your Match” is a little This shade, even though the color surprised me, has become a favorite. Sephora: Sephora Favorites: Meet Your Match™: makeup-value-sets Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Sampler Review Swatches including OCC, .

Regardless I think the product is absolutely gorgeous on my lips and gives off that is-she-wearing-a-lip-color-or-are-her-lips-just-that-naturally-pretty-and-she's-only-wearing-chapstick kind of a look.

Us beauty buffs know the answer but heyyyyy it's fun making the non-obsessed wonder from time to time, amiright? It glides on the lips, provides a light wash of glossy color, and feels moisturizing during the duration of wear.

The deborah lippmann polish can be explained in one word: It has one of those semi-sheer-crelly a mix between a 'creme' and 'jelly' finish for those of you who aren't as well versed [sickeningly obsessed] with nail polish finishes that I absolutely adore; your nails are left looking thick, squishy, and all around delicious. Lasting power was also excellent!

I'd say days before my nails showed just the tiniest hints of wear and tear.

Sephora Favorites Meet Your Match Lip and Nail Set

As excited as I was to try out an Hourglass lip gloss, I was admittedly just as nervous because of the color. Nude glosses can be great—a staple in anyone's collection—but they also be downright wrong.

Corpse lips are never cute and the last thing I need is to appeal to the necrophiliacs out there I get enough creepy messages on YouTube as it is. Thankfully Hourglass' "Child" does just the opposite of deadening my lips, it actually illuminates them. I'm completely tooting my own horn here but I really do think it looks quite angelic.

SEPHORA FAVORITES | Meet Your Match Minis - Review + Swatches | CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

What's even more angelic though? Oh lawd, this stuff takes sugary frosting lip scents to the max in the absolute best of ways. Mixed with silky smooth application and just enough tack to make it last it feels like the 'diet' version of the Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balmsthis Hourglass lip gloss is an absolute standout product in the "Meet Your Match" kit.

Sad to say the matching polish from Formula X wasn't as impressive. These polishes get a lot of hype on YouTube understatement of the year but I didn't find it to be anything better than what you could pick up at the drugstore. It actually behaved along the lines of a 'typical' essie polish; it's a thinner albeit opaque consistency and ends up chipping within days. If I'm going to spend a few extra dollars on a higher-end nail polish I had better be getting something that's at least a few notches better than its cheaper counterparts.

That being said I do think the color—a pale buttery cream—is quite beautiful, but it's nothing you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

First Impression: Sephora Favorites Meet Your Match!

It's been a long time since I've written a decent blog post much less a blog-post-turned-novella. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed it and found the mini reviews of these miniature products helpful! I think this would be a great kit to gift a fellow beauty enthusiast in your life this holiday season. It just would not apply evenly, but I think this might be this specific color since I've used and loved other colors from this brand with no problem.

Last are the lip swatches.

SEPHORA FAVORITES | Meet Your Match Minis - Review + Swatches

The purple is from bite beauty. There lip products are FDA approved. In other words if you accidentally lick all this off However, the smell is pretty awful that I haven't caught myself licking it off; But the color is beautiful on the lips.

sephora favorites meet your match swatches

It's a bright punchy purple that is going to be fun to wear this spring. The coral color in the middle is from Tarte.

sephora favorites meet your match swatches

I was a little nervous since it seemed so bright but its kind of a "my lips but better" coral shade when applied. This stains the lips and lasts the longest out of all three lip products. The nude color on the left is from Hourglass.

sephora favorites meet your match swatches

I was excited to try an Hourglass product since the brand is quite pricey. It smells like vanilla cupcakes and is the perfect nude shade without making me look like death. This is a product that I would consider buying the full size version if I finish the mini.