Swap meet special song ppt

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swap meet special song ppt

and ease people into a group meeting or learning situation. They are great for . something they don't need (e.g. a team may swap a balloon for another m length of string). .. (We have had groups yell, hum a song, put up their hands, etc.). Disclaimer: This webpage is intended to provide you information about patch announcement for certain specific software products. The information is provided . Is file swapping (i.e., uploading and downloading) copyrighted songs legal? Rio does not meet the requirements for digital audio recording devices under the . “Napster facilitates the transmission of MP3 files between and among its users. .. Swap meets - defendant operated a swap meet at which infringing products.

But even for a genre like punk, where tempo and volume are likely on the right side of the bell curve, any good album shows a good sense of dynamics, taking care not to make songs appear one after the other if they are too similar in structure, tone or style. But I noticed something over the last few months.

I flipped through the albums in my iTunes library and came up with a conclusion: Just about every bookending track of an album fits into a specific category, regardless of when the album was released.

So, I went through and made a list of all the categories of intro and outro tracks I could come up with.

And then I gave them silly names. Specifically, musicians base live albums and concerts around what would make for the best show, not necessarily what would make for the best statement, if you get me. Also, movie scores, soundtracks, cast recordings, and their ilk are usually sequenced based on how the songs appeared in the corresponding show or film.

Albums as diverse as Dr. The Beatles - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 3. The Big Single The Big Single approach gives the people what they want right away, starting the the album off with a hit single or, at least, a single the artist hoped would be a hit. The Big Daddy The Big Daddy is an intro song that is substantially longer than the rest of the tracks on the album, usually acting as the centerpiece of the record.

Generally, these songs show up on more experimental and underground albums, where longer, challenging compositions are more common.

swap meet special song ppt

Stereolab - "Metronomic Underground" 5. The Lullaby The Lullaby is a quiet or slow-tempo intro song that frequently sets up the second track, which is faster, louder or a Big Single. Now Larry and Cindy showed up last Saturday so we went to our bike week dinner at a local sports bar.

The food was great and wasted away again in Margareataville. If only for a few minutes a year, it seems like the old daze aren't that far away for us anyway, when ever we are together. Oh yeah don't forget the wine! And of course the Dog is keeping an eye on it all Below is Beau and Clide working on the toe rail. A few more days and a few more jobs the top side will be close to done. Now that is the sunset yesterday or so, damm, it sure is hard to take I like it but I is still figuring out how to change things around.

Duh, smack to the forhead and all that stuff Now the Swapmeet Special is all most done, still have to make a cushion for the six gallon one piece tank. And then I would feels better about the weight on the mounting bolts. Now the Katherain Gale is about to get a new toe rail and stay tune up along with new safety lines and topside spruce-up. Waw who it is almost spring Damm if it don't piss me off when these Chinees products fall apart. I raised so much hell in the store they said I could have the first repacement free.

Anyway it is nice to have full service on the boat anchored away from shore. All is well in Florida on MLK day and I got the Swapmeet Special running in tip top shape ready for bike week comming up before you know it.

Six weeks and all the Yankees well be in town. Actually sooner because Daytona's mile race is in Feb.

swap meet special song ppt

The third I think. Anyway traffic is all ready crazy cause of the louzy weather in the north this year I got the new kick stand on the Swap meet Special and just about got the new Ignition switch soldered in so she's just about ready to ride.

I got offered a really good price for her but I have to take the bike to Europe to get the cash. Now maybe the spring of for the Swiss Love Ride? Yeah that sounds good. Nice dream but with in reach I got me one of them hot spots on my cell phone so I can get internet out here on the boat now so I don't have to take the PC in when I want to upload stuff to the web site. I know some guys were tethering along time ago but this legal way is affordable at last. Free food and good times for sure.

The clock keeps turning in to the, ag, I mean, ah, well anyway I got to make lunch No more signs on the highway, like where would you park if you broke down? Anyway the Swap meet Special is needing a little work. Or is that just me? I only had a beer or so Heavy duty and sweet to me! Here is some pixs of that surprise And a storm lunch My smart phone is suppose to take care of me but I can't update the web site with it.

Or well, big brother is out there somewhere thank God Nothing like cookies from my sister yum, youm. Yeah still a smart ass, but I's is working on it. Got some legal business to take care of and the dentist, oh God, the dentist. The sea ain't the place to be stupid. Things has got to eat. I like fish and well you know what I mean. Now the Dog is ready. I got him a special poop pad made out of astro turf, with a piss proof pan under it.

What will they think of next? The dog swam to the river beach for his privet time. What a great dog. Of course if I feed him before he goes, he takes his time coming back, chasing water foul and playing with crabs a stuff running around on the beach. I got a face book post thing from Jane that asked if I wanted my stuff put in the my old high school year book. I posted no, if I wanted that I would do it myself. Another friend who I ain't heard from in many years shows up again online but does not call me but I think keeps making remarks of what others ought to do, in caps, I think that is to make his point as serious.

I haven't responded to him because my smart phone had a stroke and I am waiting for the second replacement, first replacement one was junk too, cause I like the mobile smart phone for face book instead of my laptop. I don't internet connect signal on the boat so it is a big hassle having to take it all in to shore Micky D's to post. I wonder if they even know I have a web page and blog? Have a shot on me Of course I still be waiting to know if they got anything for me to do for the show before of after or during but will settle for forgiveness for retiring this year instead of next.

I wanted to be there for the George Thorogood show. I bought the LR ticket long ago but the Love Ride needs the money weather or not this Florida boy makes the trip one more time or not. Now my old Swap meet Special is ready. I changed the oil, picked up a spare chain and finished breaking the mirror so I replaced it as well.

Rainy and windy but the storm seems to have past us all here, near Daytona. The stinking Dog is chasing a flea and won't quit looking at me when I eat. So I got to share. Well he is a bird dog for sure, Ate the chicken right of my plate and chewed up my duck tape, bird dog for sure. Looking at a bird dog, bird dog, shit I guess I'll right that song. Maybe Bull 44 jump in and help with the music. Some driven So LA Blues Duck season just ain't that far away Over breakfast or even lunch, the dog and I are secure in the cabin; knowing we don't have to go in till Tuesday.

Check these's storm clouds, weird man, I mean like mean weather ahead At least that is what I do so well so mark up another red letter day. Life is good, Larry got my outboard motor fixed and I stored the ores till the next time. Damn it sure is good upper body exercise Now there were several clubs there at that Blue and White fund raiser, I got a blurry pic of one, and these guys are cool Now a big line of tropical low pressure areas is coming on.

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I is glad I have a Sister in the mountains of Alabama. High ground for sure. I'll pull the lower unit and check the water pump impeller and hose out the water jacket if it will let me.

Fried mud in the pipe some place maybe. Or Well, big Brother is watching if you is lucky Last Saturday night Traveler was still hanging in there. Maybe I'll get to see him in T-town next weekend. We sure had a good time raising that Three Large for JC, the little girl that has cancer. Her mom was so sweet, she just couldn't get over all he Hardcore Biker's giving her an economics lesson in the kind of Love you can take to the bank or your local Super Market.

Of course there was some of the O'le Ladies' showing their t-t-theeth and having a blast! We had a blast in Michigan, I can't remember feeling so good sitting there playing and singing.

swap meet special song ppt

Them old tunes coming out smooth, and if the crowd was faking, liking the stuff, they fooled me. Man 65 years old and I thought I was through. If I quit now, I's be a head O' well, maybe I will quit next week cause we goats that fund raiser near Birmingham tomorrow. Now they are suppose to have 5 bands.

I think maybe they will let me sing at least one or two songs if I hang out for a while. It is a real good cause. Anytime we get together for someone so much in need we get blessed. Now I sure have hope that I'll be healthy and wealthy enough to make next year. Thank you Hoggie and Bummer for having me again this year.

You's all is cool Well the break job and a new hub on the rear cause the old one et it self cause who knows Wednesday now and it's almost sun down. But Wink is making me an expressooooo that will work till midnight and the dog and I can crash in a rest area in Motel Six is closed.

Now on the way back south My Alabama Brothers want me to stop in Tuscaloosa for a sick child. I sure there will be a flyer around. If I get a copy I will post it. Well let's go wear out some parts I got the LR29 hoodie too. Well the good cause this year is the USO. He sure took the war away for awhile, like eased the stress in a big way and the USO does donut Dollies too.

Don't know what a donut Dolly is?

swap meet special song ppt

They be cool and pretty too, passing out donuts and coffee and stuff while you wait to get on the plane or boat or train or truck or hike to war. They tell me that is why cops eat donuts or something. Anyway Love Ride time is coming up in October so dig deep and help support the troops if you want. I been working on the big boat trying to get ready for the big trip. Did the deck in the cabin and one wall that was really bad. She spent four months on the bottom of the river.

He will do the toe rail and some trim on the inside and replace a couple of port lights for me. I still have to hook up the engine and nav-gear. I have a compass but in the world of GPS, I wouldn't be with out it. Now the dog is getting better every day. He can swim out to the big boat and even climb aboard if the dingy is tied up to her side.

Who would have thought I would get a bird dog, got to get my bird gun ready for the bird season Had a heart attack while riding his Harley. The only way to go. He was a long time friend and a fellow Vietnam Vet. To say I will miss him don't quite cover it but he will be missed with out a doubt. I just came from the VA out patient clinic and there is something in my ear. Sounds like a siren in the distance and I can't hear myself think. Sunday I got some froze bait shrimp and stopped at a few old holes on the way out to the boat and caught some whiting, sailors choice and a couple of grunts.

I filleted them, saw teeded them in some really good Italian dressing and tomatoes, with rice. Heaven in a frying pan All is well here in the south and me and dog is doing good My boat motor gave me fits this month.

After got the new ignition installed the fuel line was leaking and letting little pieces stuff get in the carb like every other day. Ball pump and all. You have to pull the recoil starter unit off to get the carb out and the little nuts that hold it on are like really hard to get started again. Nothing like some fool speeding by in their big speed boat while you got the carb apart.

Waves rocking and rolling the parts like crazy. Oh well that one finger salute does help. I sure am glad those less than polite people didn't come back and kick my old ass But the weather has bee so fine it is hard to complain about anything.

I am suppose to get a young dog that has been to school Wednesday, they even trained me a little. We will see how this works out.

A short hair Lab mix is what the info says and Trueax, the dogs name, sits, stays, lays down, rolls over and will even shake my hand.

Kool man I was gitting kinda lonely and the dog pound people are cool. April and happy April Fools Day!!! Well my row boat finally sprung one too many leaks and the transom is cracked and that was the excuse to buy a new dingy. Yeah man it's plastic but I love it. Now all he outboards I have are to much horse power so I is gonna row for a while I guess. I need the exercise my Doctor says, and it's low impact, upper body and robotic.

The weather is so fine, 60's at night and mid 80's daytime. I been catching a few good eating fish and eating a lot of rice and fruit so my low-beat-toe is off the charts.

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I wish my wife would dump her boy friend and come home Oh well there is always do-it-yourself projects one can try. Ya's all have a good one and keep it in the wind. More to come in a few weeks Everybody keeps asking me if I have the motor in the sailboat running yet and I tell them as soon as I get the motor mounts and fuel tank figured out and that is after I get the dive platform on so I can store stuff in the rear storage locker.

Like sails, batteries and pioneer tools; ax, shovel, chainsaw and air compresser. The motor runs and it is in the boat I just ain't got it running in the boat yet.

Anyway bike week is here and been having a blast with my old friends and Brothers I only get see every year or so. We having a blast Now the old Swap meet Special is running good as can be.

The only problem is the electric starter is dragging. That means the old battery is about had it or a loose connection or the bushings are wore out. Good thing I have kick start and I mean first kick kick start Here are some pic's and Ya's all have a good spring Well I broke my laptop and just got it back and my boat motor wouldn't start and on and on. Of course we had a blast. Of course I stayed with my little Sis' while there and she gave me some canned jelly and stuff. Country girl for sure.

Visited with my Mom in Huntsville and the up to Michigan to finish the inboard for the sailboat with Tony C. The party at the club house in Lansing has never been better and the party never ends. I should have wrote that song. Anyway we got the motor done, I got to have supper with my daughter Missy and back home on the river at last.

The truck ran good and I got a few pic's. I picked up this laptop yesterday so back online again. Sounds like a sit-rep but that's what I is good for. Been fishing and getting ready for bike week. Hell it's great being retired. Sure learned alot since then I guess, still married, to someone else, but hell, I guess we've be split for more than seven years now.

Does that mean I have a common law divorce? Or am I a cherry again cause I ain't been doing "it" with anyone? Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky'er next year. Still planning on sailing south in a few weeks so look out down there I's is comming Working hard on the boat to get ready for the trip to the south even south of Puerto Rico to the British Virgin Islands. Yeah, we will see if we can pull off with this modern stuff what Columbus did with that old ass stuff. Of course I want to take the bike but that is a maybe, because it don't fit under the bunk and I'll have all that weight high and to rear.

So lots of test and trial to see what works in the local water, why not Now the stone crab are good and plenty and so are the cat fish but I just been eating steak and chicken and lots of Ramen noodles; easy in this weather. Been down to 50 and 60's at night 80's in the day.

Really rough on my old bones. Dave Decker, my crew man from CA when we was on the salt, kept me up to date on the Love Ride doings. Small turn out but big on the heart. I been working on the boat and the old Swapmeet Special. I think I am ready for a wife again just to have someone to holler at me so I can feel loved again.

This getting old shit is for the birds Here I is with my Giovani's T-shirt sweating like a dog on the salt, waiting for my next pass Thursday, 25 August and hurry cain Irene is off the coast. It is good to be home after two months on the road but wind and rain?

Got out on the boat and the batteries were dead. Now the Salt Flats popped my bubble a little but I had a blast that few ever get. And I is thankful for the op. My sponsers made it possible. All the love, parts and for my friends and Brothers that made it possible what can I say but thank you from the botton of my heart.

Moon needs some income too Here is a pic of a neat bike. A twin engine Indian Scout Monday, 1 August what a party! We got drunk, well not to drunk, but drunk enough to sleep good and we ate like royalty. Back in the shop with the Twin Engine bike and just a few final details and off to Colorado for the open house at Rocky Mountain HD Friday the 5th and on west to the salt. Maybe a few stops along the way.

There is the party in the Black Hills and Hulit Wyoming. Not that far out of the way, maybe Saturday, 23 July and it rained last night but the sun dried the track and the drags are on. Tomorrow will be the finals and tonight the parade is going on.

This place is packed. Chopper Fest is for real. Living in FL I think some times I get jaded and forget just what fun I missed working or racing at the shows instead of just coming for the good time. The race team had to run for parts and left me to watch our pit area. Got the electric fan giving a little breeze and a cold one in my hand. Just watching all the girls I mean bikes go by They even have hell-e-chopper rides My team is taking a well deserved break after the last couple of days.

Putting everything together for an event like this is a team effort with out a doubt, and we earned our beer today. That in nitro burning cast iron Sporster did in the low nines and made a perfect pass.

Being a little conserative is not a bad thing with nitro, next pass with a gear change and some secret shit, we well get her up to a buck fifty in the high 8's. More to come tomorrow on that. I got the Swapmeet Special back together, all but the break light, always something. New tires, new rings and some long over due chassis tune up. All those wore out little things; shifter linkage, kick stand do-da so you can kick it out the first time instead of digging for it.

After 20 years, much nicer pipes and luggage rack. Even replaced the real wheel with the one off the Double when I had to buy a good used Duce 17in for the salt flats cause they don't make 16in ZR rated tires any more.

Cool I sure like my new disk wheel. Bummer is using my trailer hitch to lean his launch tube on for fire works. Blowing off a little steam. Tuesday, 12 July and you should have been there. Parts and I done a lot of shows in the past and we think alike just from doing the same thing week after week for years. Like the sled pulls, knowing to set the next pull off up while still in the middle of the current one, keeps things moving.

And the winnine bite, well when I explained why we used mustard instead of other condoments, to a family type crowd, there were a lot of blank spots where you have to put in the meaning that works best for you. The weather was outstanding and all the people at the event were working for free. Just loving Dyamond and having a party at the same time, Antique Acers, Iowa, was the place to be.

Should have been there She is so sweet He's the Ugly one with the red beard in the back left Tuesday, July 5 and the MCM party was a blast.