What anime character would you like to meet

Which Anime Guy Would Date You

what anime character would you like to meet

What is your favorite color?, Choose a dream from here., WITH or WITHOUT respect, what would you do if you saw a neko?. Quiz Questions: Okay, lets start!. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all learn to love anime? Ketchum and Naruto Uzamaki, but how many other anime characters do you know?. 1 day ago What will it be like if all the anime characters you hate meet each other? If you could be any anime character or in any anime world, what would you choose?.

As a ninja, though not yet fully acknowledged, but posseses a powerful demon within As the powerful head ninja of my village As a powerful ninja, trying to fulfill my revenge for someone who caused me pain As a powerful ninja among my clan and high ranking in my village As a normal student with normal school life As a very popular wealthy student with an pampered school life 7 RP: If you were kidnapped and held hostage in a place you didn't know, what would you do?

Use my pawnage ninja power of my pawnage clan to pawn them: Scream and cry or maybe beg for mercy Kidnapped? Well i guess if it did happen, then i would easily get out using my epic ninja skills and destroy every last one of them.

The only reason i would be kidnapped was if i let them. No way they could catch me Pft. I would just order my supernatural powerful servant to come get me. Yell and struggle but in the end use my ninja skills to get out O Escape easily with my awesome ninja skills, but not kill or heavy damage to anyone. Try to stay strong and try to think of a way to escape, but are scared like shit inside 8 How would you want you're guy to ask you out for the first time?

He might slip it in slyly in a conversation. That or he somehow asked me without me even realising He would probably be too 'cool' to ask me. I would be the one asking. While she might get teased for her emotional and straightforward personality, she's literally the best thing that could ever happen to Edward. Question 7 Which anime does Rukia Kuchiki belong to? Bleach Gungrave Samurai Champloo Rukia Kuchiki might look like a young teenage girl, but she's a lot older than she looks.

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When she is first introduced to her good friend Ichigo Kurosaki, she is surprised at his ability to see spirits. Wanting to help him get rid of a particularly evil soul eater, Rukia attempt to fight him but fails, leading her to transferring her powers to Ichigo — a crime she later pays for. Rukia eventually becomes the Captain of the 13th Division. Question 8 Which anime does Ken Kaneki belong to?

Which Anime Guy Would Date You

Planetes Tokyo Ghoul Rupan sansei Ken Kaneki was your everyday normal college student, that is, until he fell in love with a gorgeous purple-haired girl. After approaching her and asking her on a date, he was on cloud 9.

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Everything was going great until his date turned into a blood-sucking ghoul, and tried to kill him. If it hadn't been for a mysterious hero, Ken would have died that night. But instead, he was brought back to life as the one-eyed-ghoul. Can you name this anime? Question 9 Which anime does Spike Spiegel belong to? This super tall and lanky character is often found smoking, but that's just because his job is so stressful.

While his eyes might be in tact throughout the first few episodes, he eventually gets injured and has to wear a cybernetic eyeball. This character is often portrayed as lazy, but he knows how to throw a punch!

Question 10 Which anime does Pikachu belong to? As a matter of fact, he is one of the most celebrate anime characters of all time. When Pikachu is first given to Ash, he absolutely hates him. So much so, that he zaps him with electricity whenever he gets too close. However, after Ash shows how far he'll go to protect him, Pikachu starts to warm up to him and the rest is history.

Question 11 Which anime does Mugen belong to? When They Cry Devilman Crybaby Samurai Champloo One look at Mugen's face is all a person needs to know that he is mean-spirited, as his crooked smile and rude eyes give his personality away. Despite agreeing to help Fuu search for a special samurai, he tends to be on the conceited side. So much so, that he often bumps heads with Jin, who is also helping Fuu find the man who smells like sunflowers. Mugen has crazy black hair and is often the first to act in a reckless manner.

what anime character would you like to meet

Question 12 Which anime does Itachi Uchiha belong to? While he may not be the chattiest person in the world, his presence doesn't go unnoticed. This genuine character isn't one to judge others or act in a selfish manner, hence why the villagers generally liked him. However, when Itachi murdered his entire clan, with the exception of his little brother, he became one of the most hated individuals. It wasn't until Itachi passed away that his motives were explained.

Question 13 Which anime does Sir Integra Fairbrook belong to? Hellsing Despite wanting to be called by the surname of 'Sir', Integra Fairbrook is actually a woman. In fact, she is often referred to as the Iron Maiden, however, she doesn't approve of this nickname. Integra is the main character in her anime, and she is absolutely fearless. No matter how many foes she has to face, Integra is hardly ever seen breaking a sweat.

Where someone might run away in terror, Integra will approach with the smallest smile on her face. Question 14 Which anime does Vegeta belong to? Wolf's Rain Dragon Ball Z Clannad While Vegeta might have been introduced as a villain at first, he quickly became accustomed to human life.

His number one mission is to beat Goku in a fight, and he'll literally do anything to complete that mission. While he is sometimes seen helping others and joining forces with Goku and Piccolo, Vegeta is only doing this so he can battle Goku at a later date. In other words, he's absolutely obsessed with fighting Goku.

Which anime does he belong to? Question 15 Which anime does Lain Iwakura belong to? The Twelve Kingdoms Elfen Lied Tomorrow's Joe If you don't know who Lain Iwakura is by now, you should seriously lock yourself in your room and learn everything there is to know about her. Perhaps one of the most enticing things about this anime is the way that it is drawn — which is simply miraculous! Lain is a shy teenager who is often alone in her room. Her love for the internet causes her to get into trouble.

Can you tell us which anime she belongs to? Question 16 Which anime does Tai belong to? Case Closed Digimon Usagi Drop If you don't know who Tai is by now, this only goes to show that your childhood wasn't as awesome as you think it was. This is because millions of children had the chance to watch this brilliant anime on a daily basis while you didn't.

what anime character would you like to meet

Tai is a DigiDestined who has earned the Crest of Courage throughout his many journeys. Tai's large brown hair and light grey goggles make him easily recognizable. Can you tell us which anime he belongs to? Question 17 Which anime does Motoko Kusanagi belong to?

Well, this is the reality that Motoko Kusanagi lives in. Motoko is a cyborg who was created to serve the Public Security Section in Japan. Despite the fact that she was created in a lab, she still feels as though she had a life before being employed by the Japanese National Public Safety Commission.

Her mission is to find out who she is. Question 18 Which anime does Haku belong to? Psycho-Pass Trigun Soul Eater When Chichoro and her parents move into a new home, they decide to go explore the grounds.

However, when the sun starts to set and Chichoro's family stumbles across a palace of the sorts, things start to get weird. Haku approaches Chichoro and tells her to run away, but she turns back to get her parents — who have turned into pigs. After listening to Haku's advice, Chichoro begins working at the Bathhouse. Do you remember which anime Haku belongs to? Question 19 Which anime does Shotaro Kaneda belong to?

Tokyo Ghoul Cowboy Bebop Akira Shotora Kaneda is one of the most rebellious characters you'll ever meet, which is why many of us have come to admire him. He is the leader of the Capsules biker gang, which many people have come to fear. Despite having a bad reputation, Shotaro is actually the protagonist of his anime. This independent and brave fighter isn't one to let others walk all over him. Shotaro grew up in an orphanage, where he learned to find great value in friendships.

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Question 20 Which anime does L belong to? While some might call this measure extreme, it is one of the only reasons that L managed to live as long as he did. This pastry agent knows how to think like a criminal, which often leads him to solving a case. No matter how full he might get, he always has room for sweets. Which anime is L from? Question 21 Which anime does Kakashi Hatake belong to? Attack on Titan Naruto Monster Kakashi Hatake was raised by his father, due to his mother having passed away when he was just a baby.

His father was a very respected man, which fueled him with the desire to be respected as well. Despite wanting to achieve great things, Kakashi never let himself show signs of arrogance.

He worked extremely hard to become a talented ninja, and eventually became the leader of Team 7. After many battles, Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage. Question 22 Which anime does Erza Scarlet belong to? Regardless of this, many people try to come in her way. Erza lost her right eye when she was a child, and now has an artificial one. Due to this, her scarlet hair is usually seen covering up her fake eye. Erza is a S-Class Mage.

She is a member of Team Natsu, and has been chosen to replace the Guild Master on many occasions. Which anime does she belong to? Question 23 Which anime does Saitama belong to?