Explain the relationship between sales and marketing

The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing and the Impact to Your Business • PureMatter

explain the relationship between sales and marketing

Traditionally, the relationship between sales and marketing has been one of endurance rather than acceptance. Sales thinks they could do. Defining sales and marketing starts by asking what is sales, what's Sales develops relationships with customers and/or channel partners. For many years now there has been debate as to whether sales and marketing are completely separate entities working in competition.

That meant ensuring customers stayed happy with their purchase, loyal to the brand — and less likely to take their money to the competition.

explain the relationship between sales and marketing

Since B2B often had larger numbers at the bottom of the order form, salespeople claimed ownership of it. They bought nicer suits, changed the title on their business cards, and become account managers. B2C, on the other hand, became perceived as being too costly for human beings to do.

B2C sales reps were and continue to be replaced by marketing automation technology, driven by complex and powerful CRM software. Today, the rapid evolution of customer behavior in its adoption of technology to make faster and more informed buying decisions have changed the traditional delineation between sales and marketing. Not only that, but technology previously deployed within a B2C space is increasingly being used in B2B.

The Relationship Between Sales & Marketing

Customers know as much — if not more — about your product than you do. They do their own research, form their own buying conclusions, even arranging a demo or trial.

explain the relationship between sales and marketing

They can order online, pay online, and track their delivery — without ever clapping eyes on a salesperson or picking up the phone. Since the analytics, monitoring, and CRM systems used to manage this new customer relationship process are invariably driven by marketing departments, does that mean that marketing has become the new sales?

Perhaps the new customer acquisition funnel looks more like this: Martech can mean the difference in delivering a relevant and timely piece of information that is actually read, rather than a piece of spam that is deleted. It can provide quasi-realtime information on the customer journey, online influences, programmatic advertising, and so on.

Why The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing Needs To Improve

However, sometimes all a prospect wants is someone who understands their problem and can help them make the right decision. Sales and Marketing are often seen as two separate departments within a company. Their relationship is irrevocably interconnected, and recognizing where each team specializes and how they can come together to generate growth is certainly on top of our mind here at Volaris.

explain the relationship between sales and marketing

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing? Marketing encourages leads and builds relationships with potential customers through a variety of strategies. Some of these strategies include promotion through flyers, emails, newsletters, trade shows, referrals networks, and of course, digital marketing. Digital marketing is part of what we at Volaris recognize as New-Age Marketing. Digital marketing has become a key focus in recent years because the process through which customers research and buy products and services has changed drastically.

Digital Marketing techniques are addressing the change in customer behaviour and have positive effects on not only the number of leads, but the quality of these leads which ultimately generates better growth.

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Marketing reaches out to these potential customers and provides them with knowledge and incentives about their company and their products through promotions and campaigns.

They nurture leads through cycles to ensure that people keep coming back. Getting the initial sale is important, but it is reflective of a good marketing team to keep people interested in what else the company has to offer. Marketing develops a relationship between a large customer base and the products and services the business sells. After Marketing has reeled-in the leads, it is up to the Sales department to close them.