Omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

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omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

While guitarist and eventual Mars Volta member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez discredited the mixing of Relationship of Command, it's hard to argue. Omar Rodríguez-López joins Startled Calf as lead singer in which Ralph . Grand Royal release Relationship of Command in September. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on the other hand would pound on his strings in with At the Drive-In's final masterpiece, Relationship of Command.

While it still contained their gritty punk sound, things began to sound a bit more polished and intense. Their live show would define everything about them for the rest of their careers. The way Cedric Bixler-Zavala moves on stage, almost hurting himself for the good of the song.


He literally hits the deck on numerous songs, only to bounce back up, while throwing the microphone into the air, catching it in time to deliver a chorus. He flails and thrusts in such a way that looks like slam dancing in Hell.

omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on the other hand would pound on his strings in such a way that it looked like he could start gushing blood at any moment. It was clear they were destined to continue blowing minds for a living. While the record contained bizarre, post-modern lyrics, shrill guitar riffs that sounded like a derailing train and hardcore rhythm that seemed impossible, this oddity was a concept album about a man who tries to commit suicide by overdose, has a crazy head-trip while sleeping, and wakes up only to jump off a building since he is so disappointed with humanity.

omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

Who else could create a fucking album like this? As a follow-up, the band released Frances the Mute, where things got much, much more experimental. On top of being one of the most prolific musicians of the last few decades you also have a history as a director with movies such as Los Chidos and The Sentimental Engine Slayer.

Do you see yourself writing and directing any more films in the future? As an expressive person who is allowed to express himself for a living, filmmaking is the best medium that you can participate in because it encompasses so many different art forms.

omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

And in comparison, I know very little. But not being a musician gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to how I can express myself. What did you do to push through it?

​At the Drive-In Interpolating Relations of Complexity

Life is happening all the time. Are you out of your mind? We were channelling our families and doing it for ourselves. Is there a track on the album that transports you back into the headspace of this twentysomething drunk on hormones? We were travelling on a run and we had brought all this stuff to record with us. Everywhere we hit we would be recording backstage prior to the show.

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I just love that one. People in ATDI are more than happy to work like that. Being the ones coming from Mars Volta, are you and Omar the guys cracking the whip? If anything, everyone in the collective is a whip-cracker which is why everyone who is in the band is in the band at the moment.

omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

Did you feel you were you bringing in more melodic and progressive elements into the ATDI sound on the latest LP or were you accentuating something that was always there? Before we did the band just exploded.

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Those kinds of cravings were always there. I still have boxes of mixtapes from tours in and on those mixtapes is everything from Flipper to King Crimson, Unwound, and Galaxie Even though we were experimenting with this language of post-punk or hardcore or whatever you want to call it, we always had our fingers in that pie. Who has the craziest taste in music out of all the band?

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Everyone brings something strange every once and a while. Everything on that show seemed normal to me. The show was held up as having all these weirdos having their Tiny Tim moments, but for me stuff like Tiny Tim is just as important, culturally speaking, as punk rock, The Circle Jerks or The Saints.

omar rodriguez lopez at the drive in relationship of command

It could be any one of us that brings some strange shit really, you would be surprised. You also have Warren Ellis who really thinks outside of the box with his instrument. I think we shared a really pivotal moment with Australia back in You really got to see the last embers of the engines firing at the time because we would break up shortly after.

But I want the focus to be on us walking away from that, carrying all of it with us, influence-wise. But it is what it is you know? What can fans expect on your Australian tour? We have a history with Australia.

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For us, Australia is symbolic of the first time we got to have our own hotel rooms and people were actually craving to come see us.