Relationship between evey and

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relationship between evey and

Oklahoma State University review of V for Vendetta containing some information on Evey (PDF) (archived link); Images from the. And the biggest problem with the film is that the relationship with Evey and V is framed as a romantic one, something that doesn't make much. James McTeigue uses the relationship between Evey and V and develops it throughout the movie to show the theme of relationships and how.

In the first scene of the movie, Evey is supposed to go on a date with him but instead ends up getting caught by Finger men. The next time we see Gordon in the movie is when Evey tries to run away from V, Gordon lets her into his house and allows her to stay. These shots show us how similar V and Gordon are for Evey as they are both taking her into their homes to hide her and they are both rebelling against the government in different ways as when Gordon decides to air the show where he mocks the chancellor.

This shows how the choices we make affect our relationship with others. Adam Sutler is the chancellor of England and has several people under him that make sure he stays chancellor. Creedy is the head of the secret police and at the start of the movie he appears to want Adam Sutler as Chancellor and support him, but as the movie goes on, Creedy slowly gets more and more alienated with what Adam Sutler is doing and loses faith in him.

Eventually he has him killed by V. Their dialogue also shows this. V and Evey Essay revised advertisement Analyse how another character influenced a main character or individual in the visual text for a particular purpose In V for Vendetta by James McTeigue, the main relationship is between the anarchist revolutionary V and news reporter turned conspirator Evey Hammond.

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From this relationship, the majority of the film revolves around V influencing Evey and turning her over to his way of thinking. The director uses various crucial moments to achieve this. The second is the terrorist scene, where V captures Evey and tortures her in order to show government brutality towards him. V influencing Evey is a major part of V for Vendetta.

V for Vendetta Individual Essay

V for Vendetta is the story of anarchist V, who is tortured by a totalitarian government along with many other undesirables and seeks revenge. The film revolves around him and television report Evey Hammond who is caught up in his plan to blow up parliament.

relationship between evey and

Throughout the film he spreads his message to meet him at Parliament on the 2h of November to blow it up and kills various people who wronged him, all the while bringing Evey to his cause as he reveals the horrific truth about the governments mass killing program.

At the end of the film V dies but Evey now fully behind the cause completes his plan by blowing up Parliament. The first example of V influencing Evey is in the TV station scene. V enters the BTN building the main and probably only station with a bomb vest and forces the employees to broadcast his message on the emergency broadcast channel. Despite the amount of authorities now congregated at the building, he kills the police and escapes, only to be met by a detective, who is maced by Evey which allows V to escape.

This is probably the change in character In Evey's thinking, as she first sees him as a sympathetic character. Even know the film is primarily based around Evey being turned to V's cause, this scene shows that she probably agreed with him from the very start, despite his obvious message of hate.

relationship between evey and

The director used her to represent the mass of people who believed in his cause but stayed silent. These people are afraid of the government but are too afraid to act out, and Evey is the representation of these people finally standing up and doing something about it. Directly after this scene, where Evey is taken to V's lair, we find out more about V and how he influences her.

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The audience finds out he is a master thief, swordsman, chef; "this is delicious! He is obviously in love with her as well, as he puts on romantic music, movies and other things for her, but yet does not reveal his face to her even as she asks. This is the way the director shows that even love will not let V compromise the ideal that it is only the idea that matters.

During the scene where Eric Finch tells his partner Dominic Stone about his visit to Larkhill - and his feelings about the chain of events of everything that had happened and everything that was going to happen - a very short shot of Evey Hammond can be seen. She wears a turquoise dress while tending to a bouquet of Scarlet Carsons and then turns away: This seems to suggest the two end up in a relationship after the film concludes as, unlike the shots of other events, this does not occur in the movie itself.

V and Evey Essay revised

Natalie Portman[ edit ] Evey is portrayed in the film by Natalie Portman. Episode II — Attack of the Clones: She allegedly beat several other notable actresses to get the part.

It was announced in early January that Portman was cast in the film. Archived from the original on 7 January Retrieved 16 December