Relationship between jamal and salim group

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In this way teachers and students can make links between their linguistic . The more matured Jamal and educated group in the movie code-switched to on Salim and Jamal‟s ability to extemporize the language in the city of Mumbai. thinking about the relationship between popular . apartment buildings, Salim turns to Jamal and says . group of policemen chasing slum boys off an airport. Salim makes the last decision and everyone younger has to follow through and not question him because he is the elder in the group. Jamal always listened to.

It is a tradition within her culture to send the most beautiful girl in the family to be a prostitute. She bitterly tells Ram not to call her beautiful because that is the reason she was chosen instead of her plain-looking sister. Her brother is her pimp, so she implores Ram not to kill him. At the end of the book, she and Ram are married. A gentle friend who has a speech defect and is Swapna Devi's unacknowledged son who is bitten by a mad dog, gets rabies and dies.

When he was very young, he caught his mother and uncle in bed together and, as a result, his mother kicked him out. He still has the mind of a six-year-old boy and cries out coherently for his "Mummy", in his dreams, when he is delirious from rabies. He has a blue notebook full of pictures that he has drawn for and of his mother. A famous actress who plays only female tragic lead roles and wants to stay "young" forever.

Ram spent some time with her as a servant. She is based on Meena Kumari. Known as the "Tragedy Queen," she is abused by Prem Kumar but refuses to turn him in, saying that a true Tragedy Queen must possess real sadness in her life. She commits suicide, wanting to be remembered as the young and beautiful actress, but the police find her body a month later — after it has decomposed. Movie Characters[ edit ] Jamal: The main character, who lives as a "chai wallah" [1] tea server in Mumbai when he reconnects with his brother Salim, triggering his reunion with his childhood love, Latika.

Jamal's brother, who falls to corruption, gangs, and murder in order to survive and protect Jamal, whom he later estranges. His redemption arc is the close second side-story in the movie, alongside the great love story between Jamal and Latika, as well as Jamal's rise to fame in the show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

An orphan girl that Jamal and Salim met after a raid on their shanty. She stayed with them throughout their journey into the "orphanage" where the head man maimed children in order to get them to earn more when begging.

After Jamal and Salim escape, she is left behind by Salim maliciouslyand is later found married to the head of the gang who tortured and harassed them as children. Men are perceived as evil and corrupt, and women are perceived as innocent and weak. There is only one exception to this. A good man allows his gold-digging voodoo girlfriend to corrupt him, and they make a voodoo doll of his brother, which allows them to inadvertently kill him.

The man regrets this, only seeing the truth after his brother's death, and the woman is perceived as the corrupt one. In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, [3] the themes are: Jamal loves Latika from the moment they meet, and does everything he can to find her after Salim allows her to be left behind at the orphanage.

He sneaks into her house when he finds her again years later married to the head of the gang, and declares his love for her. Latika is bitter and jaded by this point. She knows that life with her husband is horrible, but it is better than a life of poverty. Jamal eventually convinces her to leave him, but she is caught, scarred, and later escapes to see him on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Chapters named after how much he earns from answering each game show question right [ edit ] 1, The Death of a Hero - The novel opens with Ram Mohammed Thomas being kidnapped by the police at night.

This is a normal occurrence for Indians, apparently, and he has been terrified of it for years because of the fact that over the course of his life, he has taken lives and committed crimes in order to survive. The police torture him, and question him about the quiz show he starred in, Who Wants To Win a Billion?

Ram won the quiz show before the producers had enough money to actually award a first-prize winner, and the police are trying to get Ram to admit that he cheated in order to say that he does not deserve the prize. Salim idolizes Armaan Ali and refuses to believe any bad rumors about him.

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The two go and watch an action movie about Arraman Ali. Then a man enters the theatre halfway through the movie and tries to touch Salim. Salim reacts when he tries to touch his crotch and runs after him; he pulls off the man's fake beard and realizes that it is the movie star, Armaan Ali. This is how Ram knew the first question. It is explained that Ram was abandoned at an orphanage shortly after birth. His dark skin means he was not popular amongst adoptive parents.

The moview portrays India as a socio-linguistic giant of which multilingualism is the nerve system. So, code-switching and translation in different parts of the movie help to ensure that the audience is able to follow the direction of the story. The language teacher can capitalize on this point to show language learners the importance of learning a target language like English. Knowledge of such an international language helps in earning a livelihood.

relationship between jamal and salim group

The conversation between the two police officers who interrogated and tortured Jamal shows instances of Hindi code-switches in dominant English to depict social distance between the speakers and the victim see Example 1.

The motherchud is overthere. Your name, ben chod. In the talk between Jamal and Prem Kumar, the host of the show, Hindi and English are used intermittently. Prem Kumar uses Hindi when he talks to Jamal privately before and during the show but immediately switches to English when the rounds begin.

The newscaster on television reporting the show, also uses a mixed code of more Hindi and less English. According to Bhatia and Ritchie participant roles and relationship play an important role in language use. And what does an assistant phone basher do exactly? I get tea for people and… Prem: Prem is trying to depict Jamal as an uneducated young man.

The different ways of addressing Jamal Malik show the relationship between Jamal and the people around him. Most of the time, the characters in the movie address him as Jamal. Salim calls him Jamal and so does Latika. The superiority shown by Prem Kumar and the policemen are obvious as seen in their forms of addressing Jamal who comes from one of the slums of Mumbai.

A kid with a dream, in the rapturous Slumdog Millionaire - INDY Week

However, to make it comprehensible to the audience, the movie director makes Mister Nandha goes on to clarify and translate in English see Example 3. Ram nan satya hai, Babri Masjid dhvasth hai. We have destroyed your mosque. Now the followers of Ram will drive you dogs out of the city. It is also not surprising that the police officer who interrogates Jamal speaks mostly in English to his subordinate and to Jamal.

In another scene, Maman, the gangster speaks English to show that he has power over Salim, Jamal and Latika when he says see Example 4 Maman: Hello again… Jamal, Salim. Really thought that you could just walk in and take my prize away. The police officer provokes and makes Jamal speak up by using English see Example 5.

No response Police Officer: And who knows how much further? Fancy the twenty million, do you? The shift from English to Hindi mimics the linguistic code-switching that Indians of a certain class use, and this depends on who they are speaking to as well as the things they are talking about. So it is not surprising that one might ask for a wine-list in English but use Hindi to order a plate of bhelpuri.

In a childhood scene Salim and Maman converse in Hindi but single English lexical items are noted in their discourse see Example 7. Jamal, ap time malgia he, professional mandega. Really Hindi lexicals for curses are abundantly used in the dominant English dialogues. He is not looking for you. Code-switching in Slumdog Millionaire, is used with unfamiliar strangers athough they share the same ethno-cultural identity.

When apologizing and showing appreciation, English is also used even by the child characters. Setting plays a significant role which trigger code-switching in Slumdog Millionaire. Ervin observes the various situations settings may be restricted with respect to the participants, the physical setting, the topics and functions and style employed.

Although English is the official language in the game show, Prem Kumar often slips into Hindi. According to Gumperz a speaker switches to another language as a signal of a group membership and shared ethnicity with an addressee see Example 9. Surdas… ap ka final answer?

Computer jee, lock key ajai. According to Kachru Slumdog Millionaire shows that although Hindi and English are widely spoken in Mumbai, they are often used as code-switches, either more of one less of the other depending on interlocutors and topics and settings.

However, English is the more prestigious language and has economic value compared to Hindi. This could explain why Jamal and Salim picked up English, as tour guides. The brothers have to accommodate to foreign tourists and learn their language for survival. This also corresponds to the speech accommodation theory Giles, whereby the less powerful language user tends to converge to the speech styles or language choices of the more powerful interlocutor. Slumdog Millionaire depicts an India teetering uneasily between the old and the new, an amalgam of traditional religious values and Western economic and cultural influences.

The film's premisean year-old Muslim and former street orphan competing on a Hindi version of the American game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Indeed, the very name of the show could serve as the mantra for today's generation of young Indians weaned like Americans on a diet of capitalism and materialism. The film's opening scene shows the game-show contestant, Jamal Malik Dev Patelbeing tortured and interrogated by police suspicious that he has cheated his way to the final question and a chance to win 20 million rupees.

The script by Simon Beaufoy The Full Montybased on Vikas Swarup's novel Q and A, flashes back upon Jamal's life, from his hardscrabble upbringing in Mumbai's slums to his single-minded goal to win the heart of his lifelong love, Latika Freida Pinto.

Jamal explains to skeptical investigators how the 12 questions he has already correctly answered relate to events in his past, many of which coincide with India's own history and modern-day development.

relationship between jamal and salim group

A question about what weapon Hindu god Lord Rama holds in his hand recalls a Hindu mob's raid on the Muslim slums where Jamal lived as a child, during which Jamal's mother was slain.