Relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

What if Seifer passed his SeeD exam? - Debating the Phenomenon.

relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

In disc 2, when you fight Seifer in Galbadia garden, and u hav Rinoa in the that suggest Seifer and Rinoa were a couple before Squall met her. Seifer's Triple Triad card is a mirror of Squall's, both having the same numbers. The cross is Seifer's symbol as much as the angel wings are Rinoa's and the. I mean, does whether or not they had sex change the dynamic between Rinoa, Seifer, and Squall in any way, shape, or form?.

During the dance, she manages to charm the usually antisocial Squall [5] into dancing with her. Later, Rinoa is possessed by Ultimecia when she loses her influence over Sorceress Edeawhich causes Rinoa to fall into a coma -like state. Consequently, Squall tries desperately to revive her, eventually traveling to the country of Esthar.

Squall rescues her, and the two attempt to share a personal moment on the Ragnarok spaceship while the game's theme song, " Eyes On Me ", plays in the background. In battle, she uses a weapon called a "Blaster Edge", [31] which consists of an arm holster and a projectile that returns like a boomerang. In her Combine Limit Break, she attacks in unison with her dog, Angelo.

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With this in mind, Nomura tried to make her "cute, not gorgeous". To further emphasize this, he wrote a list of vocabulary traits and physical habits for Rinoa's character that he felt conveyed this idea, and sent them to Kazushige Nojima along with the character's design.

Most of the sequences involving Laguna appear in the form of "dreams" experienced by the primary protagonists.

Squall always experiences these dreams from Laguna's point of view, although he does not think too highly of Laguna. During the dream segments, he is a twenty-seven-year-old soldier in the Galbadian army who travels with his companions, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac.

A young woman named Raine nurses him back to health after he is brought to Winhill. However, he is drawn away from his new home when a young girl in their care, Ellone, is kidnapped.

The Theory

Laguna tracks her down in Esthar, where he helps liberate the nation from the despotic rule of Sorceress Adel. The people of Esthar elect Laguna as their president and Ellone is sent back to Winhill without him. The concept of two main characters was planned since the beginning of the game's development. Nomura tried to create a contrast between Laguna's and Squall's occupations; thus, Laguna became a soldier with a light-hearted charisma, and Squall became a reserved mercenary student.

The designers intended Laguna to be more similar to the previous protagonists in the series to complement Squall, who is different from previous main characters. His costume of a knight is also available as downloadble content. He reappears as a boss later in the game.

relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

He acts as a foil to Squall in many respects, having dated Rinoa before she met Squall, [25] and assuming a leadership position among his friends. He later uses the more powerful techniques Demon Slice and Bloodfest against the player.

Seifer has a short temper and is often depicted as a bully who desires attention. After joining Ultimecia, he becomes the leader of the Galbadian army. During the introduction sequence, Seifer cuts Squall across the left side of his face with his gunblade, leaving a scar. Squall retaliates with a backhand slash that leaves Seifer with a mirrored scar. At the following field exam in Dollet, Seifer acts independently from his teammates Squall and Zellabandoning them; consequently, he fails and is not promoted to SeeD.

Eventually, Fujin and Raijin abandon him and he is defeated shortly afterward. Seifer escapes, kidnapping Rinoa and bringing her to Adel.

At the end of the game, Seifer is seen fishing and having fun with Fujin and Raijin. Nomura had originally intended Seifer not only as Squall's rival, but also as part of the love triangle between him, Squall, and Rinoa. Although this concept was shelved in the final script, Seifer remains Squall's rival and his appearance was designed to contrast with Squall's.

They have equivalent but mirrored scars on their faces and their jackets are of opposing color and length. Both characters use gunblades; Squall's gunblade is larger and requires two hands, while Seifer's gunblade is lighter and can be wielded with one hand.

Seifer in the virtual Twilight Town is a rival of the main character, Roxasand at one point mentions that he does not wish to cooperate with destiny. Architectures of Illusion, Images of Truth" discusses that while Seifer is seen as a show-off and a troublemaker, protagonist Squall Leonhart identifies with him.

Squall later tells Rinoa the name of the lionring, Griever. Squall doesn't take back the ring, Rinoa holds onto it. Squall gets killed during the Galbadia Garden battles, probably by Seifer who was tortured and made to serve Galbadia. Compared to how a sorceress treated him, Galbadia made him into a more dangerous soldier with no honor.

Only Rinoa is spared because of Caraway connections. Caraway tries to convince the new president that Rinoa was a hostage of the SeeD, but the president declares the family as traitors and spies of Esthar. Galbadia army executes Caraway, Rinoa's dog Angelo is executed, Rinoa is captured and meets Edea in prison, whom Galbadia's intel located through Cid's torture and scouts finding the orphanage near where the Garden battle took place.

Cid is killed from the torture, causing Edea to mourn and in desperation gives her powers to Rinoa, who Edea finds hope in Rinoa's determination to liberate Timber and defeat Galbadia. Rinoa, as all fans know, is stubborn and determined. She begins a mindset of total revenge towards Galbadia. Rinoa uses her sorceress powers to escape the prison, making her almost unstoppable.

Edea told her of Dr.

Seifer's relationship with Rinoa?

Rinoa travels to Esthar, meets Dr. Odine diminishes and their disagreements lead towards Rinoa forcing her way out of the city. It is here that Rinoa further feels the hatred towards sorceresses, and the discrimination is too much to bear. With her increasing powers, Rinoa creates the Guardian Force: Trauma name based on her tragic and traumatic emotions losing Squall and the othersand junctions with it.

relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

Rinoa rises Lunatic Pandora from the ocean, triggers the Lunar Cry. However all the time Rinoa was dedicating to learning her sorceress powers more, creating a Guardian Force, Trauma, and causing the Lunar Cry to occur, Esthar's entire army was able to locate, overwhelm and capture Rinoa. Come on, remember a year ago we It's too late, Seifer. You can't mess with our minds.

relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

To us, you're just another enemy, like one of those monsters. Remember a year ago we Made plans to liberate Timber together? All possible solutions but based on the evidence I provided I feel "Coitus" is the least likely, plus do to the lack of voice acting we don't know how "STOP IT" was said, scared and whiny or firm and defiant, like no more B.

Based on Squall's following words we can guess it was defiant. Terantatek Terantatek 6 years ago 16 I see Rinoa as a pretty innocent girl, and think that perhaps her and Seifer kissed once, which to Seifer is out of his character, and to Rinoa being what 17? Her first kiss wouldve been a huge moment, which is why she's almost angered when reminded of it by Seifer later on after Seifer has became a villain and her attraction to Squall.

I remember when I kissed my first girlfriend the first time it was like the best moment in her life and mine at the time honestly. Now I could see her regretting it if I became the helper of the worlds annihilator.

Makes perfect sense to me. I'm what you would call, a modern day Hippie.

relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

Living in Euphoria User Info: Exodiver Exodiver 6 years ago 17 Hmm, I think people kinda misunderstood Rinoa as a good nice girl. I don't think she is, she's more on the naughty adventurous side I'm not even sure if her relationship with squall will last at all.

relationship between seifer and rinoa squall

The only verdict is vengeance; a Vendetta, held as a votive,not in vain,for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous crunchy 6 years ago 18 Exodiver posted Hmm, I think people kinda misunderstood Rinoa as a good nice girl.