What is the relationship between pip and biddy now

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what is the relationship between pip and biddy now

One day, Pip is studying in the kitchen while Biddy sews near him, listening to him to the whole blacksmith thing, especially now that his sister is incapacitated. On their walk, Pip confesses to Biddy his dissatisfaction with the blacksmith trade him to abandon his life at the forge and the relationships associated with it. After Mrs. Joe's accident, Biddy came to stay with the Gargerys. She was primarily there to care for Mrs. Joe, while Pip and Joe were out in the.

Biddy is growing up, beginning to present herself as a responsible adult rather than a neglected orphan. She is innately intelligent and keenly observant, traits which enable her to soak up knowledge without deliberate study.

Yet Biddy doesn't place as much value on education as Pip does—when he praises her learning, she immediately redirects the conversation to memories of their friendship, focusing on human relationships rather than on individual knowledge.

Active Themes On their walk, Pip confesses to Biddy his dissatisfaction with the blacksmith trade and his wish to be a gentleman to disprove Estella's disdain for his commonness. At the same time, he admits he would have been happier if he could be as content with the forge as he was in childhood. Biddy is skeptical about Pip's ambitions and calls them "a pity.

Pip agrees but knows, to his chagrin, that he will not be able to follow Biddy's wise advice. Like Joe, Biddy is content with her station in life and does not strive to rise above her class.

Neither does she romanticize members of the upper class: Yet, even though a part of Pip agrees with Biddy, he is overwhelmed by his own ambition and dissatisfaction with a blacksmith's life. Pip cannot shake his infatuation with Estella. Active Themes Pip cries and Biddy comforts him and tells him she is glad that Pip feels he can confide on her, that he always can.

Pip hugs her and says he will always tell her everything. They walk on and Pip, thinking how miserable he would be if he were walking with Estella, tells Biddy he wishes he could get himself to fall in love with her.

what is the relationship between pip and biddy now

Herbert Pocket had a frank and easy way with him that was very taking. I had never seen anyone then, and I have never seen anyone since, who more strongly expressed to me, in every look and tone, a natural incapacity to do anything secret and mean.

what is the relationship between pip and biddy now

Herbert's character is open and uncomplicated. He gets on with everyone and everyone gets on with him. In many ways he is similar to Pip. He is how Pip would be if wealth had not got in the way. Upper class Dickens makes it clear that money equals power.

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However, those who have inherited money eg Miss Havisham seem to be less satisfactory as people — this includes Pip himself. Heavy in figure, movement, and comprehension—in the sluggish complexion of his face, and in the large awkward tongue that seemed to loll about in his mouth as he himself lolled about in a room—he was idle, proud, niggardly, reserved, and suspicious.

He came of rich people down in Somersetshire. Bentley Drummle is a rich young gentleman. The description of him given by Dickens is far from flattering, using words like 'sluggish', 'awkward' and 'loll'. It is also made clear that Drummle lacks intelligence and what money he does have is gotten through inheritance rather than hard work.

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