What values characterize the relationship between father and son

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what values characterize the relationship between father and son

May 1, By Roland C. Warren Roland Warren, father of two sons and board However, you can't expect to teach a son the value of charity if you are. May 3, The father son relationships show that through all odds, they stick together. Another example of a father and son supporting each other is the. Psychologists who specialize in the area agree that the father-son relationship is one of the most complex in a man's life – and that it's a relationship that can.

You can see in your little boy's eyes that he is utterly convinced that you are without a doubt the ultimate man in the world. As time goes by, though, your son gets older and your relationship changes. When your son begins to develop into a young man, both of you face challenges that mean working a little bit harder to maintain your bond.

Relationship between father and son

The relationship you develop now will set the course for a lifetime bond between you and your son. James Longhurst, a licensed psychologist for Montcalm School, a residential treatment program for troubled and at-risk youth, says that in general, as boys become teens, they sometimes question or challenge all their previously held perceptions about their fathers.

Father-son relationship In The Odyssey by Homer

Longhurst says that fathers need to realize that when their boy begins to become a young man, you as a father, need to be sure to keep things in balance. Likewise, they are never as bad, or as stupid, as their teenage sons may say they are. Longhurst explains that it can be a key time for fathers to use crisis as opportunity, exploring their relationship with their son and working through the conflict to bring the relationship closer.

what values characterize the relationship between father and son

Sean, a student who recently graduated from Montcalm School and is looking forward to his first summer job, says that when he came to the program, he and his father had a very tense relationship that was, in some ways, at the heart of his troubles. Sean's parents were divorced and his father, a recovering alcoholic, was changing his lifestyle and becoming a different person.

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That wasn't easy for Sean. I had a lot of resentment because of my dad's trouble with alcohol when I was young, but when he changed his life and became sober, I wasn't ready for that either. We didn't really spend any quality time together. Our relationship was pretty much going down the tubes. And, as a good dad, it is critical for a father to guide his son into right actions and help him live a life centered on serving others.

what values characterize the relationship between father and son

Show him that everything he does is important to you, and then you can show him what is really important -- and he will welcome it. Your affirmation prepares your son to enter the world with the confidence and "emotional armor" that he needs in order not just to survive, but to thrive.

A son needs to know that you are pleased with him, not for what he does or does not do, but because of who he is.

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The objective of affirmation is to meet a son at his particular point of need and to connect with him -- heart to heart. Indeed, there is no cookie-cutter approach to affirmation. One boy may simply need an encouraging word at the right time. A special breakfast out with dad may be what another son needs.

A formal ceremony or rite of passage might fit certain cultures and situations. But what all of these acts of affirmation, big and small, communicate to your son is that you are his advocate and that your love is abiding and unconditional.

what values characterize the relationship between father and son

Roland Warren is a board member and former president of the National Fatherhood Initiative. He can be reached at rwarren fatherhood.