Will shirou and saber meet again someday

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This is the last of what the game has to offer, and the last update of the thread, " I, Servant Saber, have come forth in response to your summons. Music: Emiya . "If you want to meet again as normal people, two miracles must occur. That story is finally at its end, but I'm sure that someday I'll find another worth sharing. These Servants were ancient heroes allowed to once again walk the earth due to the power of the grail. The boy would later become known as his adopted son, Shirou Emiya. This is Shriou and Saber's first meeting. . Because someday, no matter how far away what I'm looking for is, as long as I keep. AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS CHAPTER IS IN SHIROU'S POINT OF VIEW. I WILL BE I hoped that someday I will be able to meet Saber again.

She also wields control over Lancer, much to Bazett's dismay, as compensation for having saved Bazett, and refuses to return the Command Seals to Bazett unless she can have Bazett's current artificial hand, which the both of them have come to see as a sentimental reminder of Avenger.

Avenger was a originally a normal boy in the ancient middle east who, in a cruel twist of fate, was labeled as Angra Mainyu via a random lottery and was tortured until he died of old age so that he, as the embodiment of evil itself, could allow the other villagers to live free of sin and as a result became the first "Anti-Hero" to enter the Throne of Heroes, as well as becoming the model from which all martyrs within the Throne of Heroes stem from.

will shirou and saber meet again someday

He was later summoned as Avenger in the Third Grail War by the Einzbern in an attempt to cheat, but was the first to die as he is not the actual Angra Mainyu, who had long since left for the Other Side of the World and corrupted the Grail, as the belief of others had made him into All The World's Evils even though the Grail recognized him as a human with a wish it needed to fulfill his own rebirth as Angra Mainyuhis presence within the Grail is what allows for the summoning of some of history and mythology's greatest villains and monsters as "heroes".

He wields a pair of misshapen and brittle daggers in combat and his Noble Phantasm is "Verg Avesta" which reflects the pain caused by an opponent's attack back at them. Shirou Emiya One of the three main protagonists in the story.

will shirou and saber meet again someday

When he finally convinces Bazett to finish the word loop, it is revealed that Shirou being possessed by Avenger was nothing more than a replica of Shirou that Avenger created to realize his personal desire, while the real Shirou and his friends were still present in the real world, in Fuyuki, after the events related to Fate route Fifth Holy Grail War and having passed more than half a year.

She has also gained a taste for Japanese sweets, venturing out into town on her own to purchase them with the allowance Taiga gives her. As she gets more in touch with her gender, Saber also begins to reveal more about her real personality: Saber Alter also exists within her, and comes out whenever Saber's stray hair strand is pulled off, though it regenerates with time; Saber Alter is portrayed as the opposite of Saber, as she is blunt, loud, no-nonsense, and enjoys cheap, greasy fast food such as hamburgers.

She returns in the second half with an apparently dramatic change in personality specifically, a penchant for cosplaying as a miko or magical girls.

However, the Kaleidostick dislikes its creator, and frequently manipulates its user into humiliating situations. Her tsundere personality is shown in greater detail here as seen in her interactions. She is shown to be very stingy, bossy and quite mischievous.

After 5th Holy Grail War was finished, she and Shirou's sister, Ilyasviel von Einzbern, were experimenting with creating a copy of the legendary Jeweled Sword of Zelretch and accidentally causing with that any outcome can be drawn in Fuyuki, which meant that at any time, the crack that Rin created by accident and was hidden somewhere in the reality of Fuyuki space-time could be used to alter reality and the timeline in which they were living and could be radically changed from overnight anytime.

This is proved in the game's prologue, when the game starts and which is the same time the world loop created by Avenger ended to free Bazett his comatose for more than half a year, the reality that Shirou and his friends knew how finished the Fifth Holy Grail war and all Servants gone with the end of the war was completely changed when Avenger, using his last strength as Grail before disappearing completely, found that crack and corrected by transfer timeline effects that he had helped to create in the mind of Bazett when he was performing the world loop, caused the Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel routes of the original visual novel to converge into a single timeline and then stabilized by seal that crack, resurrecting in the process the Masters and Servants except Kotomine who died in that conflict in the real world.

Sakura while still retaining her reticent nature throughout the game starts becoming a self confident and self sufficient person both as a magi and as a leader so much so that she even manages to scold Taiga into submission. Sakura has now become the captain of the school's Archery club where which she diligently leads with great skill under the tutelage of Ayako Mitsuzuri. Sakura has become one of the club's top archers to the point that it lead Taiga to believes they could win tournaments.

To prevent any more Holy Grail Wars and any other tragedies that could happen due to the Grail. So they went to Ryoudu Temple, where the grail was beginning to form. Saber would fight Gilgamesh, and Shirou would battle Kirei. Saber was practically outmatched by Gilgamesh's raw power and Shirou was held in a spell that forced him to view all the evils of the world.

But then, they both made a miracle. They both used the power of the ever-distant utopia, Avalon. The sheath of Excalibur. The ultimate form of protection that nothing can breach. With this power, they defeated their respective foes. And turned their eyes to the grail. Shirou had one last Command Seal. The seal didn't just allow the Master to Command the Servant to do whatever they wanted; it also gave the Servant the power to carry out that command.

So Saber waited for Shirou to give her the command that would allow her to carry out her duty. Once she did, she would go back to her own time and die.

Never to see Shirou again. But she would be able to die happy now, thanks to Shirou. Shriou struggled with his feelings. He did not want to let the girl he loved go. He wanted to make her happy.

He wanted to be happy with her. But sometimes a big part of love is letting go. He could not disgrace the honor of the girl he loved. The girl who threw herself into battle and fought with everything she had to protect people. He could never forgive himself for doing that. So with one sentence, he let her go. Shirou's last Command Seal faded from his hand.

Now Saber would soon vanish, and there was nothing he could do. A storm of emotions swept through him, anger, loss, love. He wanted to curse the fates and run to Arturia and kiss her one last time. But that would make this parting harder for both of them. So he kept his emotions in check. Saber was regarding the sunrise with her back to Shriou. The ribbon she used to keep her hair up had been blown away by the Holy Grail's explosion, her shoulder length hair now swayed in the light breeze.

I am glad I could fulfill this oath. But then "There's something I must tell you before I go…" Shirou paid rapt attention as she turned to face him. They studied each other for a second, doing their best to memorize the person standing before them, because this would be the last they ever saw of that person.

Saber looked Shirou in the eye one last time. As for Saber, she went back to her own time. Back to when she was inches from death, and quickly slipping. I shall gather reinforcements. The knight turned around in shock. She felt so sleepy… "I was having a dream. It really did seem like a dream at this point.

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But a nice dream. It was…" It was what? Painful, funny, terrifying, embarrassing at times and the best thing that ever happened to her? She decided to settle on saying "It was an invaluable experience. If you rest now, you might be able to see the rest of the dream. Is that really possible?

No, it wasn't really possible. Dreams were often fleeting things to begin with. Once a dream is gone the dream is gone. But how could he tell his king that? I've done it myself a few times. If you close your eyes, you will see the continuation of your dream. Because whether it was true or not it was what she wanted to hear. It was what she wished could happen "Thank you, you are very wise. Then, as the legend goes, it took Sir Bedivere three tries to find the strength to actually part with the sword.

Because once he gave up the sword, he knew for certain that would signal the end of his King. But even so, on the third attempt, he threw it far into the lake where a white hand caught it, flourished the sword three times and then disappeared into the lake.

When Sir Bedivere reported what he saw to the king, she smiled. Be proud of thyself. You have obeyed my order.

As she did so, she could have sworn she heard Shriou saying something. She feels so close that I could reach out and touch her.

Saber (Fate/stay night)

But when I reach out, she's not there. But even so, there are things that remain in both of our hearts, right? We lived in the same time and we saw the same things. If we remember that, then no matter how far apart we are, we are still together with each other. So for now, I'll keep running. Because someday, no matter how far away what I'm looking for is, as long as I keep running, I'll reach it someday. With this, Saber gave a small smile.

Shirou… Then she was gone. Silence reigned in the forest for a moment as Bedivere watched his king. His king had always been unrewarded throughout his, no, her life. But now watching her peaceful face, Bedivere offered thanks to whatever force on this earth had allowed her to die with a smile. But then Bedivere asked the now silent king a question. It was a destiny we dreamt of, long ago. And that concluded the story of the 5th Holy Grail War.

But Shirou and Saber's story would not quite end here. It is here that we should talk about Rin's Servant. The knight clad in a red cloak. A ranged warrior who preferred to duel with his twin blades. He had belittled Shirou's dream as soon as he met him. Because the power of the Holy Grail allows servants to be summoned not just as heroes of the past, but of heroes of the future as well.

Archer was really the Heroic Spirit Emiya Shriou. The Shirou who won the 5th Grail war and went on to become a superhero. Single-mindedly honing his Projection and Reinforcement talents until he was able to do things that could only be called superhuman.

But eventually, Archer was accused of causing some form of disaster, even as he protected people from that disaster. Ultimately, he was executed by the very people he protected. But even so, he didn't care about that. And once he died, he made a contract with Akasha, or the consciousness of the word.

He became a heroic spirit. He thought he would be able to continue to save people even after his death. But the reality was different. A counter guardian is only summoned into the most hellish of situations. Somehow, her smile made me forget about the cold.

A few minutes then passed by in silence. In about ten minutes, lunch period will be over. I thought about conversing her for the last minutes but I enjoyed these moments of silence we've had. She was now staring at me straight on. I can only blush at this moment. She was staring directly at me and I was entranced by her beautiful eyes. I couldn't answer her. We should just be acquaintances when we're here in school.

But you will still train under me. So let's keep this as a secret and the rumors will die down soon" I can only nod in our agreement. We would only see each other after school when we are training. However, the rumors never died down. I continued to receive glares from the male students. For some extent, the glares made me really angry. I'm not hanging out with the school idol already. Why still glare at me? One afternoon, we met at her mansion after classes. I wondered how long I was going to take all of this crap.

Sometimes, I even wondered how I was able to handle myself in public with all the rumors spreading. I never had so much attention before. Before I was almost invisible to everyone but now, even if I'm just a tiny ant in one of the trees at the school yard, they will still be able to notice me.

That afternoon, I complained to Rin about another rumor about the two of us. And this time, I'm really pissed. Those guys really don't stop glaring at me! I don't know but I think I'm gonna explode someday with this uneasiness I get from them", I complained to Rin. By the looks of it, she was worried of him. We had executed our plan to eliminate the rumors spreading. However, it was not working at all. In spite limiting only their interaction at school as a simple nod if they pass each other anytime inside school, the rumors didn't die down as planned.

Seriously, people our age get really insane about gossip. They create different versions of the story about us every day. No one even bothered to know the truth. And this time, the rumor is that I impregnated you accidentally", I said angrily. Is that what I look to them? It's her plan and she's not listening to me", I thought as I looked at her.

She was really deep in thought. Then, I stared at her for a long time just to admire her beauty. And for some reason, she didn't notice at all. Then I remembered what I'm complaining about. Are you listening to me? In the mean time, she didn't listen to every word I said about the rumors. I only sleep four hours at night when that wild rumor had spread at the entire school.

This time, the male students gave me glares that look deadly. Do they really want to kill me? But then my condition started to worsen. She and her plan were the reasons behind it. And somehow I liked it. I'm really tired that time because I'm not getting enough sleep. But something took my attention. Outside my classroom, people were looking at one direction. I soon learned that they were looking at Tohsaka who was now entering my classroom. I was surprised at first because this was not part of the plan.

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I looked at her again and she's really red. Everyone in the room held their breath as they waited for the deed to be done. I simply froze because I didn't know what to do.

Then, I saw her eyes closed and her lips were an inch away from mine. What am I to do? She pecked my lips without tongue.

But in that moment I was in heaven.

will shirou and saber meet again someday

As she separated our lips, she was in shorter breaths this time and totally red. I looked at her questioningly, "What are you planning this time Tohsaka? But she can't complete what she's saying. I'm still in the dark of what her plan were. She then fell silent for a few moments and after, something interesting came out of her mouth.

What does that mean? It's not like it's the first time we kissed", she quickly regained composure. Well, it is not our first time we kissed.