Alice in wonderland madness returns ending a relationship

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alice in wonderland madness returns ending a relationship

The Queen of Hearts is a fictional character from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by . In the sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, the Queen of Hearts is sought by Alice for assistance in stopping an Infernal . into attacking her own reflection, turning her into a pack of cards (mirroring the ending of the original story). With her reality fused with Wonderland, Cheshire Cat remarked that her memory was safe for the time being. After leaving Houndsditch, Alice found a job at the London Royal Opera .. Alice Madness Returns - Cinematic Story Trailer ( Opening) .. Alice then reflected on her relationship with Bumby, saying that "not all men. You know what Alice in Wonderland is about, right? forcing you to repeat some long, irksome jumping puzzle, leaving you with the cold, sweaty fear of failing the fight a . I built a quite intense love hate relationship with it.

Meanwhile, we had been working on the foundation and prep-work for the sequel to the game for quite some time. Personally, I was disappointed with the way in which that film came off.

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The biggest failing, I thought, was that they didn't focus enough on Alice as a character — it became this ensemble thing, with mainly Johnny Depp as the lead, although he was not that much fun to watch.

He's only half-joking when he says: George Bush had also just won his second election, and I had told all my friends that if he was elected again, I was going to leave, so those two things coincided. Although I knew the production in Hong Kong was a flawed one before I ever moved, I saw it as a good opportunity to get out to the region and get some experience in China.

I literally sold everything I owned — my car, my house and my possessions — and all I was left with were two suitcases and a cat.

Alice Liddell

That's a very powerful experience, especially when we've been brought up in a culture that assigns so much value to possessions. It was very cathartic, though. Moving into China, of course there are challenges, but you get past them. Alive vs Teapot Surprisingly, McGee argues that developing games in China isn't necessarily cheaper, since he still has to adhere to international pay-scales, but what he likes most is the prevailing attitude: There's a lot of innovation going on, a lot of change happening and a very blue-sky mentality, especially among the creative industries, because they are now, for the first time, inventing all-new markets, in all-new technologies, and all-new ways of accessing consumers, so that means you have a very young, dynamic creative and consumer culture there, which feeds directly into the culture inside the studio.

It's a nice place to be making games. Origins[ edit ] The Queen is believed by some[ who? The reference is explicit in Jonathan Miller 's television version where she and the King of Hearts are portrayed without any attempt at fantasy, or disguise as to their true natures or personality. During the War of the Rosesa red rose was the symbol of the House Lancaster. Their rivals, the House of Yorkhad a white rose for their symbol. The gardeners' painting the white roses red may be a reference to these two houses.

After unsuccessfully attempting to illustrate Alice's Adventures in Wonderland himself, Lewis Carroll was persuaded to engage a professional artist to provide the illustrations. He turned to cartoonist John Tennielwho was known for his regular contributions to the satirical magazine Punch published —, — The original wood blocks are now in the collection of the Bodleian Library in OxfordEngland. They are not usually on public display, but were exhibited in Confusion with the Red Queen[ edit ] She is commonly mistaken for the Red Queen in the story's sequel, Through the Looking-Glassbut in reality shares none of her characteristics other than being a queen.

Indeed, Carroll, in his lifetime, made the distinction of the two Queens by saying: The Red Queen I pictured as a Fury, but of another type; her passion must be cold and calm — she must be formal and strict, yet not unkindly; pedantic to the 10th degree, the concentrated essence of all governesses!

In the film, the Queen of Hearts delivers several of the Red Queen's statements, the most notable being based on her "all the ways about here belong to me". Both characters say this to suggest importance and possible arrogance, but in the Red Queen's case it has a double meaning since her status as a Chess-queen means that she can move in any direction she desires.

In the American McGee's Alice adaptation of the books, the characters are also conflated, leading to further popular misconception. Disney[ edit ] Disney's adaptation of the Queen of Hearts.

In the Disney animated feature Alice in Wonderlandthe Queen of Hearts appears, as Alice puts it in a moment of temper, as "a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant". The character was voiced by Verna Felton. She is portrayed as a haughty sadistwho enjoys decapitating anyone who merely annoys her.

Her presence is all the more striking because of how tiny her husband the King is he barely comes up to her knee. Similar to the book, Alice meets three cards painting the roses red, since they planted white roses by mistake. When the Queen arrives, she orders those three cards beheaded, then turns her attention to Alice. Refusing to answer her questions with presumption that only she can ask them, she quickly ropes her into a game of croquet.

The game ends with the Queen tripping herself over, due to the Cheshire Cat 's mischievous antics. The Queen angrily blames Alice for it, but before she can give the order, the King suggests holding a trial for Alice. The Queen, grudgingly, but reasonably, agrees. The Queen calls the March Harethe Dormouseand the Mad Hatter to witness, who hold an unbirthday party for her and cheer her up considerably.

During the party, the Cheshire Cat reappears and upsets the Dormouse. The frightened Dormouse runs all over, and in an attempt to crush the Dormouse, the King of Hearts accidentally hits the Queen on the head with the gavelwhich is hastily passed into the March Hare's hands, then the Hatter's, and finally Alice's. The Queen, of course, blames Alice for it, and is going to have her beheaded.

But Alice eats mushrooms she had procured earlier, which make her grow bigger. Unfortunately, she subsequently shrinks down to her normal size, but flees and is able to escape. When pleased, she can be quite pleasant, but is still bossy and often impatient, and can almost at once change to enraged. As she is considered to be one of the members of the Disney Villains group of characters, the Queen of Hearts exacted her revenge upon Alice in the game Disney's Villains' Revenge where she stole the ending page of the story and changed the ending, so Alice lost her head.

Her nanny, unwilling to talk about the fire that killed the Liddells, escorted Alice to Wilton J. Radcliffethe Liddell family lawyer so she could ask him questions and collect her rabbit doll, but after Radcliffe voiced his suspicions regarding Alice's role in the fire, she had a psychotic break. Alice arrived in Wonderland in the abandoned house of Radcliffe.

She exited the house and into the twisted and corrupted Vale of Tears now called the Vale of Doom. After traversing the disjointed Vale of Doom, Alice came to a small pool with a tiny mountain reaching out from the middle of it. Caterpillar surrounded her in smoke, shrinking her into Oriental Grovethe Caterpillar's domain.

While going through the area and dispatching the vicious Wasps, she recovered a repressed memory: Upon reaching Caterpillar's temple, Caterpillar led her to the bottom of the temple where he was encased in a cocoon.

Alice was distressed about saving the world, doubting her ability when she cannot save herself. Caterpillar answered that by saving Wonderland meant she would also help herself.

Alice: Madness Returns - Part 28 - ENDING

He also mentioned that the train was Alice's creation, and that she must seek out the Queen of Heartswhom Caterpillar described as "someone she once knew and loved. Alice was exposed to the blinding sunlight which beckoned her back to reality. She saw the fluttering silhouette of a butterfly on a window. Alice waking up in the gaol. Alice woke up again, this time in gaolwhere the police brought her in after she had a hysterical fit in the middle of the street.

Upon leaving gaol, Alice quickly fell into another fit and entered Cardbridgea land high in the sky of Wonderland consisting of numerous platforms made of playing cards which moved randomly.

alice in wonderland madness returns ending a relationship

After leaving Cardbridge, she descended from the sky to the rotting remains of Queensland. Cheshire Cat conversed with Alice about her triumph over the Queen and urged her to proceed forward. She reached the entrance to the palace to find it blocked by the defeated White King.

He informed her that after she left, the Queen took over and imprisoned him there. He also mentioned that destroying him will allow her to move forward. Before Alice killed him, the White King warned her of an "out-sized killer," revealed to be the Executionerpatrolling Queensland and discouraged Alice from fighting him.

Soon after, Alice met the "out-sized killer" himself and escaped with her life. Cheshire appeared saying the Executioner did not normally chase after those who escape him but Alice was his only exception. Through her trek through Queensland, the Executioner found Alice and either tried to kill her or send her to different parts of Queensland.

The Queen of Hearts ready to consume Alice. However, while Alice made her way through the Red Queen's courtyardshe was pursued by the Executioner and found a cake labelled "Eat Me. While looking for the Queen, Alice deduced that her older sister, who was found dead but unburnt, had not been killed by the fire, but had been killed by the real arsonist. However, she still did not know who the arsonist was. When she reached the center of the castlethe Queen angrily chastised Alice for allowing the train to run amok and not seeing what was around her.

The Queen wrapped Alice in her tentacles and consumed her, sending her into a nightmare. Alice's return to Rutledge Asylum. After seeing a vision of Dr. Wilsonand Nurse CratchetAlice went on a surreal walk through Rutledge and had been incarcerated there.

However, it turned out to just be another hallucination mixed with her memories of her time in the asylum. Radcliffe rumbled about Alice's resistance to forget from their point of view, declaring that she either conformed and forget or go back to Rutledge forever. Alice soon broke free of the hallucination and found herself in Hyde Park. Alice talking to the dying girl in Hyde Park. She encountered a mortally wounded Insane Child bleeding to death on the ground.

She had been bisected, and the lower part of her body was unseen. With her dying breath, she implored Alice to help the other children. Alice stated that she did not think the children were in danger anymore as the Queen of Hearts had been defeated, which symbolized her failure to recognize and act upon the abuse happening to the orphans she lived with at Houndstitch.

alice in wonderland madness returns ending a relationship

The little girl then told her that though their enemies come and go, a new evil reigns, worse than the conquered Queen. The child then died, leaving Alice to find a burning premonition of her home.

Alice then proceeded into the Dollhouse. Alice meeting the Dollmaker. Within the wasteland of abandoned toys, Alice met the Insane Children. Their leader asked for her help and offered a very cryptic explanation for what was going on, saying that "parts" of the children were being taken from them by the mastermind behind the Infernal Train and the Ruin monsters, the Dollmaker. However, the Insane Children were forced into hiding before they could explain further.

After traveling through the Dollhouse, Alice came to realize that the person on the night of the fire, started said fire, and as a result, was responsible for the eradication of the Liddells was none other than Dr.

It was confirmed when she met the Dollmaker, who greatly resembled Bumby, and he essentially bragged about what he did. The Dollmaker captured Alice and made her into a doll. She was able to break free from his hold moments later. Alice confronting Bumby at Moorgate Station about his murder and abuse. Almost immediately after this confrontation, Alice, in reality, confronted Bumby at Moorgate Station.