Bubba ho tep ending a relationship

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bubba ho tep ending a relationship

Related: Strong possibility of a Bubba Ho-Tep sequel . (About this picture, Justin says, "This should put an end to the assumption that the .. do you think Elvis would have a better working relationship with Biggie or Tupac?. Bubba Ho-tep movie reviews & Metacritic score: Based on the Bram Stoker Award From the subtle horror to the warm and genuine relationship that the two . Bruce Campbell attacked by scarab beetle in Bubba Ho-Tep The unfolding of the relationship between Elvis and JFK is one of the chief Towards the end of the film we see Elvis recovered to a semblance of his former.

Faced with this unspeakable horror, Elvis strikes up an alliance with another cultural icon well past his sell-by date — no other than former president John F. Kennedy — who contrary to popular belief, survived the assassination attempt at Dallas and at the behest of the secret service has now been hidden away in an East Texas retirement home.

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Together, these unlikely allies embark on a dark investigation and mortal battle against the evil of a small-time ancient Egyptian mummy who has somehow found himself emerging from the bottom a river bed in East Texas. Of course, this all sounds rather weird and wacky and given that the film is written and directed by Don Coscarelli — best known for the Phantasm cult horror series of movies — might suggest a fast-paced comedy-horror romp in the vein of perhaps The Evil Dead franchise.

Instead, the viewer is presented with a surprisingly touching and meditative story of ageing, friendship and loss; the film is certainly quirky and often very funny but the narrative is given time to slowly unravel and it is the characterisation of the main protagonists, rather than the elements of horror and suspense that provide the emotional weight of the piece.

The gentle pace and melancholic tone of the film is well backed up by a perceptive soundtrack by Brian Tyler who more than makes up for the lack of any actual Elvis material in the movie the cost of using copyrighted material was prohibitive to a film with such a small budget by making the most of some twangy guitar riffs and rousing tremelo organ.

bubba ho tep ending a relationship

Among them is a black man who claims to be John F. Apparently, Elvis got tired of his life and switched places with Haff.

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Now, Elvis is wasting away at Shady Rest with little left to show for his life of excess and stardom. He gets across the sadness of the character so well, and when things kick into gear he brings his trademark swagger to the game.

bubba ho tep ending a relationship

And what causes things to go so crazy? The King Is Undead Turns out a mummified pharaoh was stolen by some thieves and crashed into a river during a storm.

bubba ho tep ending a relationship

The mummy was cursed and brought back to life when his sarcophagus was opened, and now he must survive by feeding on souls. How does the mummy extract the souls? Through any available orifice, though his favorite one seems to be… how do I say this without getting in trouble?

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Bruce Campbell, best known for his portrayal of Ash in the Evil Dead films, crafts what is perhaps the most believable incarnation of Elvis to ever grace the silver screen, even in light of the wacky circumstances of the film. And having the great character actor Ossie Davis in the role of JFK brings a touch of dignity to a role that could have easily been miscast. The small supporting cast also does a fine job, but the film really belongs to the two lead actors. Viewers expecting a full-on horror film or a horror comedy will likely be disappointed.

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While elements of both horror and comedy exist in Bubba Ho-Tep, they take their appropriate places and the film never devolves into a caricature of itself. The bulk of the film is devoted to the relationship between Elvis and JFK, and the end result is a moving and poignant portrayal of two once great men who now have only each other and their dignity left to live and fight for.

Simultaneously funny and touching, with great performances by all the actors involved, Bubba Ho-Tep is a true original with heart that begs to be seen by anyone with even a passing interest in film.

bubba ho tep ending a relationship