Guilty crown episode 22 ending relationship

Tenchi's Thoughts: Guilty Crown episode 22 FINAL EPISODE!

guilty crown episode 22 ending relationship

So I just watched the finale to Guilty Crown. I fell so behind I doubt I'll be able to properly catch up just yet, since Persona 4 is getting close and I. Guilty Crown is a sci-fi anime series that aired on Fuji TV's noitaminA program block. The second opening theme song from episode 13 to 22 is "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by Egoist with vocals by Chelly and the second ending song from episode 13 to 21 is Kokuhaku (告白, lit. "Confession") by Supercell with . During episode 22 after Shu defeats Gai and both he and Mana crystalize, Shu then uses both his original King power and Gai's power to.

Ayase has to do some scrambling to protect herself. Tsugumi is pissed she is unable to dance her away into their security systems. Turns out Kenji is the one behind all of the amazing. Haruka is like are you for real and tries to shoot him.

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Shu gets injured but sees a tiny flower on the ground that represents all that is left of Inori. She appears to Shu and he is able to take out her Void…. Voiding the Flower Inori stops Mana which means Antibodies no longer has the upper hand. Shu and pretend Inori eventually stab Gai which causes Mana to break down in screams. Don't worry the world got better! There Gai explains that he did everything so Mana would stop being reincarnated.

He had to allow Mana to start the 4th Apocalypse so Shu could come and finally stop her once and for all. Then he and Mana die. Shu comes outside in the real world to see Inori basically one giant crystal and a face. Shu hugs Inori and starts taking in all the cancers from people all over the world in attempt to save everyone. During this Funeral Parlor manages to take over. Kenji is killed, Arisa is shot, and Daryl is saved when Rowan dies for him.

Just as Shu is about to die Inori via the crystal world takes in all the cancer and pain he just gathered up into herself. She dies and the world is saved. Everyone looks on wondering if Shu got out okay. The mains minus Arisa are having a birthday party for Hare and waiting for one more person to show up. Finally Shu arrives with a fake arm and blind. That is me laughing at the people who think this was a good show. I mean…we are all allowed to have our likes and dislikes in life. If everyone liked the same things the world would be a pretty boring place.

But there is a difference between liking a show and saying it is GOOD. We were all fooled! Starting off Arisa did not die. That happened like in the last minute of the show so I am not sure why I am starting off with that fact. Maybe because I am pissed.

Arisa started off as a calm and rational person. Even when crap hit the fans Arisa kept on trucking. She supported and probably came up with the Void Ranking idea with Yahiro. Then she started going pretty dang crazy.

For no damn reason. People are saying she did have a reason to lose it and that deep down she was just a scared girl who needed a second chance. Arisa just assumed Shu was using them…more than she thought. And Inori stabbed her hand a little. Arisa responded by skanking herself out for useless information, working with a dead person, planning to help with the Shu arm removal process, and helped Gai 2.

Because she knew nothing. She was just listening to Gai 2. In conclusion Arisa sucked. I really thought she was going to be a strong character but she was truly selfish. She had the potential to have some angst from all the family pressure and emerge as her own person.

She was way more guilty than Shu in regards to death and betrayal yet she gets to life. And I am pissed off. Silly people wanting to live and such.

It is time to move on since Arisa was barely important anyway. Mana was pretty dang crazy. Clearly she was gone. When Gai and Mana died the first time Mana had a second of clarity, where she was happy to be with Gai and to die as herself. But this time around she was just pure crystal Mana. Although I did expect Mana to sit back and watch Gai 2. Human evolution decided this was the best way to turn itself into crystal dust. I mean…at this point it is probably not going to make sense on why the floor turning into a map of the world would then DESTROY said world but we are dealing with crystals from space.

It is just the way the end of the world came about people. Like lalala byebye New York City.


Spin Spin Spin peace out Hong Kong. He had a perfectly good reason for hurting and destroying so many people. He was trying to bring Mana out of the cycle of reincarnation. If he allowed her to have a mini Apocalypse then she would have fulfilled her duty and would stay dead this time.

It all makes sense folks. Maybe if Gai 2. Inori believed in Gai and Gai 2. She thought she was a monster. She might have allowed Mana to take over to save more lives and Shu. Maybe it was inevitable that some lives were going to be lost but had Gai 2.

He did this for everyone! Maybe Guilty Crown is actually about Gai 2. I guess everyone is forgetting that Gai 2. I was just kidding with that stupid theory but the will of the human race was apparently to live on as crystals together. That is obviously the next stage of human evolution. Deep down that is what everyone really is wishing for.

I think Shu will pass on the tang.

guilty crown episode 22 ending relationship

Can I just express how upsetting it is that there is no Daath Alien race up there in the sky responsible for all of this. I mean…yes that would have been pretty stupid too.

Only because it would not have had enough time to get properly explained.

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But at least it was something. We had an eyebrow kid, rock from space, and a weird disease that was out of this world. But…Daath is the will of the people. The natural evolution of the human race. Nothing to make this show make sense. All the other fighting going outside was so rushed and mushed together it was hard to keep up. Daryl wants to be famous for being a murderer, Ayase and Tsugumi have to bounce around a little to show the audience they have boobies, Arisa was using her own Void, and Momma Haruka is facing off with her brother.

The UN is still hanging on and any minor character has to look on in horror. So much squished in a tiny bit of time. Kenji died off screen so he is another picture of insane Daryl. Can I just say it was totally unnecessary to kill Kenji? Before such ending could happen, we see Shu and Inory together in, again, what seems to be a "spiritual lobby", which is somewhat similar to the one in Shu and Jun's meeting in terms of concept. That, is in fact, her very own string of life.

And she is giving it to him. Now lets review our knowledge of those red strings of life. You CUT them, you destroy a persons soul life and basically kill them. So, what happens if, instead of cutting them, you TAKE them? An extra life to live, like in Mario? You are taking the SOUL of the person. At this point, it is tempting to think that she gave him his rights to live, as he was going to die. But at that point, both were alive, and what she was giving to him was not a life he can use to throw at the virus like a bone it can chew on instead of his own.

The virus needed a BODY sacrifice got the reference now? The crystals were forming on the BODY of the person, not his soul, and thus are not related. So what DID Inory do? She decided to give Shu her SOUL, and use her already dying body as a sacrifice the virus needed as a vessel to get trapped in.

To save humanity and Shu. What hints this, aside from what I have stated earlier? The Opening Theme Song! WHAT makes Inory "whole"? The thing that she values the MOST. It is her SOUL. What she has developed thanks to Shu. The strings represent both her life and her soul, thus by giving it to him, she basically transferred herself into his body.

Shu's body now has two souls - Shu's and Inory's, together.

guilty crown episode 22 ending relationship

Hell, the opening theme song even symbolizes her sacrifice by having her tied to a crystal cross like Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed on a cross for the sins of humanity, thus becoming its savior, according to the Christian bible. Now that sounds just bizarre. Can two souls even live in one body? Best example you can get is Mana's soul that was in Inory's body!

They were sharing the same body, and were able to communicate with each other and control the body to an extent. How did the soul transfer between Inory and Shu even take place?

Going back to the white wedding, gentlemen! They are Mana's life strings! Or technically, forcibly stuffing her own soul into Inory's body, making it have two souls. You get the idea. So what conclusions we have so far? The red strings of life DO represent the soul and consciousness of a person.

Giving it to someone else means transferring the soul to that someone's body. And that's exactly what Inory did to Shu in the last moment! So they don't have to stop existing! Because, you know, if they would just leave it at that, they would both die, and stay like that Basically, Inory saved us from a really crappy, down to earth ending!

Sadly, not many people will applaud this. The fact is so subtle that I cannot blame anyone for thinking it was what they thought it was - a non-rewarding, realistic, dull ending.

guilty crown episode 22 ending relationship

Where's your proof ya back-pokin' snake! The have I do proof, officer. Shu is listening to Inory's music. A scene shows up where Shu is hugging Inory Check it out, it even has the same blue-white clouds that were also present when Shu was talking to Jun in the spiritual lobby. You might argue that that is just his imagination according to the song, or it is his memories, BUT here is why I find that quite unlikely.

First, it cannot be his memories, as this is the first time he is hugging her in that brown jacket of his leland in that spiritual lobby space thingy. Second, why can't it be imagination?! The blue-white clouds give it away! Shu seems to be present in the same place as when he was when talking to Jun. You think that he just imagined the whole conversation with Jun? Oh boy, that would not be any good.

It would basically mean that Shu only thought in his head that Jun wanted to die, while Jun was actually begging for mercy. To talk, and stuff Iii mean - NO!! One more, less solid but never the less stable proof that I have is Shu's mentality.

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What have we learned about Shu throughout the whole anime? He is VERY emotional. He has social problems. He is always in his head and thinks too deep about useless things.

guilty crown episode 22 ending relationship

He gets hurt easily, and his personality can change on a whim! Just remember when Hare died. From a good hearted wimp to an iron-fist dictator in just a moment's flash! Remember the Lost Christmas? He was so devastated that he forgot the whole event! Even the fact that he had a sister! And some crazy blonde hair dude that fate decided to kick right into what he tried to escape!

Hah, talk about life and its lemons! So what conclusion can we extract from this? Let's run a simulation for that! Imagine, Shu, with all those mental problems that he has, has: The kid would SNAP!

Indeed, certain arguments exist against my conclusion - that he has matured greatly from that time, and that a few years have passed over Inory's apparent "death" so he could have gotten over it. He was listening to her music!

Because Inory didn't "die"! Two souls together, not letting go, just as the theme song says in the end. I don't know about you, but judging Shu's personality, he would never allow himself to be in peace if Inory would be gone forever.

That, OR he would have forgotten her existence due to trauma - which is clearly shown not to be true. Gimme a round of applauds! Followed by a round of flying tomatoes! And maybe even watermelons, just for the variety! Now, the ending I have proposed may seem waaaaay too subtle.

It might indeed be simpler to say that the writers simply became unimaginative towards the end and finished off the anime quickly, and the obvious ending is the true ending. But in my opinion, the writers are far from that. There is a fair number of subtle messages in this anime. For instance, the shape that Inory and Mana present to Shu in the beginning of the anime using strings is called Jacob's Ladder.

It represents the staircase to heaven according to the book of Genesis. By asking Shu to take it, they imply that he should accept the guilty crown and be the king of the new world. Ascension to Godhood perhaps, but that's just my interpretation. In the end however, Inory, using the life strings, gives him a shape of an open eye or Cat's Eye, from a string game called Cat's Cradle.

As he takes it, the eye shape "closes" Fish in a Dish string figure. Aside from being a foreshadowing of the rest of his life, a closed eye also means he is relieved from his unwanted duty of being the king.

Closed eye which also means blind also means innocence.