Haku zabuza relationship with god

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haku zabuza relationship with god

But they I pondered, could we be God's weapons, tools for fighting evil? Of course upon Obviously Haku had blind faith in Zabuza. He didn't. Explore Tiffany Hansard's board "zabuza and haku" on Pinterest. Zabuza and Haku Kakashi, Naruto Uzumaki, Naruhina, Boruto, Sasunaru, Otaku .. Not in the sense of loosing someone and regretting that lost relationship, but the Bible Study TipsReading ChallengeBible QuotesBible VersesWord Of GodProverbs Bible. I'm not sure about this Haku and Zabuza by TheDoomKat on kinenbicounter.info However, I do appreciate the art and the fact that the artist doesn't think Naruto is for.

Tonight, I cast aside the Land of Water. One day, I will return and seize this land and hold it in my hands. Many things must me done before that day comes, and you will help me to do them.

But I warn you: I do not need these things, nor should you expect them from me. I am yours, Zabuza. I am only an instrument of your will. Think of me as a weapon to be held at your side and used as you see fit.

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Obviously Haku had blind faith in Zabuza. He seamed numb to those facts, forgetting about them because he was so overcome with thankfulness for Zabuza for giving him a purpose… he forgot the value of his own life. He gave up his life to be seen as a weapon. But did he love Zabuza, or did he love what Zabuza meant to him? He sounds like a pretty bad guy for someone who was so pure to follow. Can that faith save him? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

haku zabuza relationship with god

Yes, he had many works he dedicated to his master, but they were pointless. His dedication meant nothing since it just resulted in evil acts. Yukine became a Hafuri Vessel for Yato, similar to how Haku risked his life for Zabuza taking a fatal blow for him. Haku would have been a Blessed Regalia if he lived in the same world as Yukine. Zabuza certainly teaches Haku, and Haku certainly devotes his life to Zabuza.

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But Zabuza seemed reluctant to dote upon Haku, to treat him as a real person. And then outside of some of Haku's comments of deeply admiring Zabuza's If anything, it seemed like Zabuza kept his affections, whether romantic or platonic, a secret from Haku.

haku zabuza relationship with god

Is it possible Haku and Zabuza had feelings for one another? No, not at all.

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Haku wasn't even aware Zabuza saw him as anything but a tool until Kakashi slipped it in the War arc. Not to mention, as said before, Kishi's editor "suggested" read: That pretty much confirms they weren't together.

haku zabuza relationship with god

On the subject of Haku and any transness. If Haku WAS trans, he would be a trans man- that is, a person with parts that are traditionally thought of as female in Western culture, but who identifies as male. This is because he constantly says he is a man. Crossdressing and transness are not really comparable, nor is androgyny and transness.

Holy ****. How gay were Haku and Zabuza?

And that's another thing. And, we don't know if Naruto and Sasuke are supposed to be straight, that's just an assumption. A likely safe assumption, but an assumption Well dont they get married and have kids? Also naruto blushed throughout the whole series whenever hes just meeting a good looking girl.

haku zabuza relationship with god

He even blushed when he met haku until he found out it was a guy. Plus naruto clearly likes sakura in the first series. How is it a assumption?

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You never see naruto getting nervous and blushing around any guys. Sasuke on the other hand seems asexual throughout the whole show.